One-day Homeless Count Begins; Special Emphasis on Veterans’ Needs

On January 30, 2013, the City of Redding/Shasta County Homeless Continuum of Care Council (CoC) will participate in a Nation-Wide annual “Point In Time Count” of homeless individuals and families throughout Shasta County. In addition, we will host a Veteran’s Housing Resource Fair at the Redding Vets Hall from 10am to 3pm. The one-day census on homelessness offers Congress information about homelessness in our area, which justifies our federal funding needs.

Numerous agencies and service providers will administer surveys in their programs, on the streets and in homeless camps. Participation will occur in all corners of the county including Burney, Shingletown, Redding, Anderson and Cottonwood. Additionally the CoC will facilitate a focused effort to identify our homeless Veterans in Shasta County. This will include improvements to methods used in identifying Veterans, and a downtown Redding Veteran’s Housing Resource Fair that will draw in Veteran’s experiencing housing challenges.

Due to the number of variables that affect the One-Day Point-In-Time count from year to year, local providers also rely on a “Year Round” homeless census voluntarily administered by People of Progress. The Year-Round totals vary at a relatively steady pace each year, as opposed to the spikes and drops of the Point In Time count. The Year-Round survey, although it’s not federally recognized, appears to offer us a much more accurate reflection of our local homeless condition.

-from press release

-from press release
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4 Responses

  1. Avatar August says:


  2. Avatar pmarshall says:

    No veteran should be homeless, and, of course jobs are a must! Immesiate action should be on the list.

  3. Avatar Lfrere says:

    I don't understand the complaints about the VA "prisons". VA does a great job or helping Vets all around the country. As a 20 vet I think they get a bad rap. Not saying they have always been top notch but they are now. There are so many programs out there, I don't understand why all the hostility…there are too many homeless but, many are homeless by their choice.

  4. Raindog Raindog says:

    When the Vets came home from Vietnam they where NOT welcomed home. They were kept out of jobs and left on the streets. 60,000 Americans gave their lives for liberty. When the Vietnam Veterans came home they were treated so poorly by the American people and government that 175,000 took their own lives. It is nice to say Veterans should get homes and jobs. However, if the American people are not willing to pay the price (tax) for wars they created; the economy will fall and homeless Vets. Will beg on the streets of every town and city. If you go to war all must pay the cost or your freedom, your culture, and all you have built will fall to dust before your eyes. Today and every day Veterans you sent to war are ending their own lives. Who will pay that price today?