Obama Wins Re-election; Click Below for Other 2012 General Election Outcomes

President Barack Obama tweeted his intial response after learning he’d been re-elected. “Four more years.”

Click here for Reuters story about Obama’s win.

Click here for Shasta County Clerk Election updates.

Click here for North State Election coverage by KRCR.

Click here for Butte County Election results.

Click here for Trinity County Election results.

Click here for Tehama County Election results.






Doni Chamberlain
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11 Responses

  1. Avatar rdmj says:

    Now the real test of Obama's presidency begins. I feel our contry is i the best hands to keep us continually moving to recovery.

    • Avatar RMV says:

      let's see broken promises, wife that was not proud of America (God Bless It), dead ambassador, (real) 14% unemployment, ect, ect. Yes, i know we are moving in a direction, just ask james wright, eric holder, ect, ect. 🙁 🙁

  2. Avatar Budd Hodges says:

    Hooray for Barry Obama and Joe Biden! What a great fit for America. Despite Shasta County's right wing vote, and now lots of sad faces and loads of sour grapes being unloaded in these parts, the best man prevailed for the job. A big thank you to all Shasta County Democrats, even though now outnumbered, for their votes and support.

    • Avatar RMV says:

      you & obama got your 4 more years Bud. Good Luck! 🙁

      • Avatar Budd Hodges says:

        I and Millions of informed voters got our president reelected RMV. I don't believe we have to presuppose what is going to happen in four years. We knew he was the right choice for the job and we have confidence that he'll be our leader of our country.

        Do yourself a favor and join in making President Obama your President too.

        • Avatar RMV says:

          It's not about myself Budd Hodges, it IS about OUR country! Who will he Blame for the next four years? INFORMED? Yes i am, and i will be waiting to see him start keeping any of his previous promises!

  3. I am thrilled that Obama won. Romney made me nervous. He kept switching what he said too many times. I felt he was saying things just to get votes, not that he really believed he would actually do what he said. Yeah!!!!!

  4. Avatar RMV says:

    Doni, PLEASE REPRINT this in 4 (four) years so we can ALL see where we went wrong??

    • Avatar RMV says:

      p.s. IF we are still the U.S.A.!! God Bless America and the PEOPLE who have lost lives, limbs, and more, protecting people who seem determined to destroy it ALL!

  5. Avatar RMV says:

    Yes, We now have a BLAME everybody else president.

    Let Petraeus testify!