Fourth of July Safety

As we approach the July Fourth holiday, more people in the Redding area will be enjoying the outdoors and summer activities. Unfortunately, sun, heat and holiday/outdoor activities can present their share of significant fire and health hazards. To help ensure everyone in the community enjoys a safe Fourth of July and other summer activities, the members of the Redding Fire Department offer the following safety tips:

As you enjoy the festivities of the Fourth of July, please remember that it is unlawfui for any person to possess, transport, discharge or ignite “ANY” firecrackers, sky rockets, snap caps, sparklers or any fireworks within the boundary of Shasta County, as well as the City of Redding. Fireworks include those fireworks that are registered as “Safe and Sane” with the California State Fire Marshal’s Office, which are sold in neighboring counties. The use of “illegal” fireworks is punishable by any means available to the enforcing agency. These means could include the use a simple citation for an infraction of a City Ordinance to a felony criminal charge for violation of the California Health and Safety Code.

Summer heat brings with it the threat of summer vegetation fires. It is essential that a 100­foot fire break be maintained between all structures and fuels adjacent to the structure such as brush and extremely tall grasses. Please use extreme caution while creating and maintaining these fire breaks. Don’t use a blade-type cutting device (lawn mower) in an area with rocks or other debris that could cause a spark resulting in a fire. Utilize string trimmers (Weedeaters) that are appropriately outfitted with a spark arresting device. Perform all vegetation management projects in the early morning hours, prior to 10 a.m, while the temperature is low and the Relative Humidity (RH) is high.

Summer activities have always seemed to share a very close association with outdoor grilling. Prior to conducting any grilling operations, always make sure that the grill equipment is in proper working order regardless of the type of fuel used. Whether charcoal, wood chips or propane, assure there are no leaks or defects that could lead to a hazardous situation or condition. Always maintain a 10 foot clearance between the grill and combustible materials. If grilling over a camp fire, the same rules apply, and you should have an extinguishing source readily available should it be needed. In addition, assure that lighter fluid, as well as lighters and matches, are kept out of the hands of children.

North state temperatures can quickly result in overheating which can cause muscle cramps, chills, nausea and dizziness, among other symptoms. At its worst, it can lead to heat stroke, a medical emergency. Drink plenty of water before and during prolonged exposure in the heat. You’ll need to drink more water than your thirst indicates. Take frequent small drinks which are more effective than gulping down large amounts at once.

While swimming in our local lakes, rivers and even pools, always swim with a buddy, never alone. Never leave children unattended while they are in or near the water, even if they can swim. Know your limits; don’t get overly tired while swimming. Don’t swim if you’re chilled, overheated or any time the water doesn’t provide a sate swimming environment. Alcohol and swimming activities do not mix. Always enter the water feet-first if you do not know the depth. Always check for submerged obstacles and hazards. Surround your pool on all sides with a sturdy five-foot fence and make sure that young children can’t reach the gate latch. Always use or make available appropriate rescue equipment, such as a life preserver, while rafting and boating. In addition, be aware that even on the hottest day of the year, the cold temperatures associated with the water of the Sacramento River can lead to the rapid onset of hypothermia.

Protect yourself from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. Overexposure to UV rays can lead to eye problems, sunburn and even skin cancer. Use UV protective sunscreens with a protection factor of at least 15 whenever you are in the sun. Even on cloudy days UV rays can get through and burn skin. Minimize your exposure when the sun’s rays are the most intense, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Wear Wide-brimrned hats in the sun-baseball caps do not provide good protection from the sun.

-from press release

-from press release
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