Shasta College Community Teaching Garden Spring/Summer Workshops

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Secrets of Successful Transplanting

Sunday, May 6/ 10:00 a.m. to noon

Community Teaching Garden, Shasta College Main Campus

Learn the secrets of successful transplanting from a master. Nurseyman Wayne Kessler, known locally for the quality of his seedlings, will show you how to ensure success “setting-out” and transplanting your vegetable starts.  Learn simple and efficient methods using inexpensive, simple tools, avoiding common mistakes to ensure your plants the best chance of success.  Wayne is an advisor to the Teaching Garden, owner with his wife Laurie of Shambani Organics in Manton, and a local food security advocate and gardening consultant.

Presenter:  Wayne Kessler

Fee:  $15.00

Backyard Chickens and You

Saturday, May 19 / 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Shasta College Farm, Shasta College Main Campus

Want a flock of your own?  Does sustainability play an important role in your life?  Find out what it takes in this introductory class to raise backyard chickens for egg production.  Topics covered:  Housing, feeding and caring for your new flock;  How many chickens do I need?  What care do hens need?;  and Integrating chickens into garden strategies.  Answers to these questions and more at the “Backyard Chickens and You” workshop.  Leave with the knowledge you need to start raising chickens now!

Presenters:  Casey Schurig and Nancy de Halas

Fee:  $15.00

Gardening as a Spiritual Practice

Sunday, May 20/ 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Community Teaching Garden, Shasta College Main Campus

Have some fun discovering the garden as a place to grow far more than food and flowers! Gardening can also be sacred space, a temple for personal nurturance and expanded awareness.  Learn how to use your garden—or any place where diversity of life abounds—as a place to clear emotional heaviness, re-energize yourself, and connect with the elemental intelligence of nature to find healing, empowerment, balance and wisdom.  Teaching Garden co-founder and manager Dr. Jim Collins, is an ecopsychologist and Native American ceremonial leader—initiate of both Lakota and Q’ero medicine lineages—and trains others in the “Medicine Ways.”

Presenter: Jim Collins

Fee: $15.00

Garden Yoga and Meditation

Saturday, June 2/ 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Community Teaching Garden, Shasta College Main Campus

Please join us for a silent meditation in the Zen style of stillness followed by Hatha

Yoga—slow, invigorating, flowing vinyasa practice.  This is a practice that will develop your awareness “in the living moment,” to promote a more sane life of peace and equanimity, living from the center of the mystery. . .all that is. . .Your life!  No experience needed. Please bring a yoga mat(s), a blanket, an eye pillow, a towel, hat and sunscreen, as we will be practicing on the lawn and it may be a bit damp.  Please arrive by 8:15 a.m. Marcia McGetrick West is Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. She is the owner of InBalance Healthways, Redding.  Marcia is a Certified Yoga Teacher, giving private and group classes at the House of Conscious Living Yoga, Redding.

Presenter:  Marcia McGetrick West, NCTMB

Fee:  $15.00

My Garden is Planted, Now What? Caring, Tending and Watering

Sunday, June 24/ 9:00 a.m. to 11:00

Community Teaching Garden, Shasta College Main Campus

Getting the soil prepared and the plants planted is the first step to a successful garden.  Congratulations but you are not done yet.  Now you need to tend the garden as it grows to ensure that your harvest matches your hopes. How much do you water and how often? How do you create an efficient irrigation system? What to do about weeds? What kind of supports do you need for tomatoes, cucumbers and beans? What do you mulch with and how thick? How about extra nutrients for your heavy feeders?  How can you improve pollination and fruit development? When are your melons ripe?

This workshop will help you avoid common mistakes and develop your skills for tending your vegetable garden through to the harvest.  You will learn how to get the most from your crops and lengthen your harvest, and quite possibly pick up some tips for greater success where you might be having problems.  For beginners to experienced gardeners.  Bring your questions.

Presenter:  TBA

Fee: $15.00

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