North State Symphony: American Portrait Concerts

Ansel Adams: America

Few words can enhance the experience of seeing over 100 photos of the American landscape by the master. Watching them on a big screen, while also listening to the rich orchestral flavors of music by Chris and Dave Brubeck, will be truly memorable. To watch a video of Chris Brubeck and Kyle Pickett discussing “Ansel Adams: America,” see the North State Symphony website.

Our Town

In “Our Town,” we will see see a film set to music, weaving together historic photos and images taken by North State children. Filmmaker Roald Simonson has been sorting through 200+ photos submitted by area young people, shooting his own live footage and incorporating historical photos.

Roald has a number of strong impressions from his own experience creating the film. “Immersing myself in the Chico/Redding region for the Our Town film has been eye-opening. There’s so much local history, railroads, gold mining, agriculture — these are the things I read about as a kid! The area still feels directly connected with its history.

“These rice fields you have here are beautiful! Bright yellow gold, at least the time of year I saw them. The line “for amber waves of grain” in “America the Beautiful” could be changed to “for golden fields of rice.” Who knew there was a mid-19th century Chinese Temple, built with money from the Emperor and Empress of China, in Oroville, California?! It’s an amazing place to visit.

“Making a movie, even a short one, is really time-consuming. The great thing about the process of putting this one together is I get to listen to Aaron Copland’s ‘Our Town’ over and over again. It’s kind of perfect. A perfect piece of music, perfectly doing what it sets out to do — filling you with all the best thoughts and feelings you want to have when you think ‘Our Town.’ ”

Gershwin, a Talented Young Soloist, and More…

The American Portrait concerts will include a tribute to WWII veterans, Richard Rodgers’ Victory at Sea. You will also hear young flutist Greg Manuel on the piccolo, playing a work by one of today’s best young composeres, Lowell Liebermann.nd — to cap it all off — AMERICAN IN PARIS — the funnest piece a symphony can play.

And to cap it all off … American In Paris – the funnest piece a symphony can play!

For program notes, see the North State Symphony website.

Saturday, Nov 12, 7:30 pm – Cascade Theatre, Redding. Tickets: 243-8877 or online
Sunday, Nov 13, 2:00 pm – Laxson Auditorium, Chico. Tickets: 898-6333 or online
Sunday, Nov 13, 7:30 pm – State Theatre, Oroville. Tickets: 538-2542

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