Ostensible Medical Marijuana Grow Lands Redding Man in Jail

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Jarrett Case Westler

On October 9, 2011 at about 10:02 A.M. officers from the Redding Police Department responded to a report that Jarrett Case Westler, 21 years of age, of Redding, was illegally cultivating marijuana at a residence on Dee Court in Redding.

Westler was found to be on probation and to have an outstanding Shasta County Superior Court warrant for his arrest for failure to complete work days. A probation compliance search was conducted. During this search, the following items were located and seized; approximately one and one half to two pounds of processed marijuana, a shotgun that had been reported stolen from a victim in Redding in December 2010, and $1,001.00 in U.S. currency.

During the course of the investigation, officers located what were believed to be “pay and owe” sheets from the illegal sales of marijuana. Westler admitted to cultivating marijuana and selling it while possessing a medical marijuana recommendation that belonged to a third party. Westler obtained the recommendation from the third party so Westler could cultivate marijuana under the guise of being a “caretaker” for the third party.

Westler was arrested for the outstanding warrant, possession of stolen property, and possession of marijuana for sales and booked into the Shasta County Jail.

-from press release
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4 Responses

  1. Avatar Polly Baker says:

    Right next to Lassen View Elementary School… Nice job RPD!

    • Avatar Duncan20903 says:

      California drug free school zones don't apply inside of people's homes. Why should they? It's not like the kiddies go in and out of people's homes.

      What are you going to say when the charges get dismissed? I'm always amazed when clueless people say "great job" for police actions that do nothing but perpetuate the epic failure of public policy which we call the war on (some) drugs. When do these people take their hands down from in front of their eyes and try to figure out that utter failure is not deserving of congratulations? Shame on you for your unwillingness to face reality Polly. The failed war on (some) drugs does nothing but continue to denigrate our society, and you cheer. Shame on you.

      • Avatar Polly Baker says:

        You might want to pick a better perp for your cause: 4 arrests in the last year (10/10, 4/11, and 7/11) and possession of stolen property — including a shotgun — make it unlikely that Westler is just an innocent victim of overzealous drug policy.

  2. Avatar Insanity Prevails says:

    Great job, gov's Swarz and Brown for this ongoing INSANITY that could only have been drempt up by those who would want chaos and enslavement on the populace. Let's see… they have legal morphine for hospice purposes under control why not medical mary jane? I think someone wants the problems for issues' sake or someone is so stupid they voted for this. Hmmm…