Redding, Reno, Eureka May Lose U.S. Mail Processing Facilities

The Redding postal processing facility (inside the Churn Creek Post Office)

Faced with a massive nationwide infrastructure that is no longer financially sustainable, the U.S. Postal Service today proposed sweeping changes designed to save the organization up to $3 billion a year by cutting its network of processing facilities by over half and adjusting service standards.

Proposals under consideration include studying nearly 250 processing facilities for possible consolidation or closure, reducing mail processing equipment by as much as 50 percent, dramatically decreasing the nationwide transportation network, adjusting the workforce size by as many as 35,000 positions, and revising service standards for First-Class Mail.

“We are forced to face a new reality today,” said Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe. “First-Class Mail supports the organization and drives network requirements. With the dramatic decline in mail volume and the resulting excess capacity, maintaining a vast national infrastructure is no longer realistic. Since 2006, we have closed 186 facilities, removed more than 1,500 pieces of mail processing equipment, decreased employee complement by more than 110,000 through attrition and reduced costs by $12 billion.”

Mail volume has declined by more than 43 billion pieces in the past 5 years and is continuing to decline. First-Class Mail has dropped 25 percent and single piece First-Class Mail — letters bearing postage stamps — has declined 36 percent in the same time frame, and nearly 50 percent in the past ten years. The decline has created substantial excess capacity within the postal processing network.

The mail processing network itself was constructed to process and deliver First-Class Mail within a 1–3 day window depending on where the mail is sent and delivered. With the proposed change, the new service standard would become 2–3 days, meaning that on average, customers would no longer receive mail the day after it was mailed. If implemented, the change in service standards would allow for significant infrastructure changes to be made across the nation.

“Our employees continue to do a terrific job for our customers and are among the most dedicated workforce anywhere. These are difficult times and our announcement today does not reflect on their commitment to service,” added Donahoe.

An Advance Notice of Rulemaking pertaining to the proposed overnight service standard changes was submitted to the Federal Register earlier today. A copy of the submission can be found at the URL below. The Postal Service intends to file with the Postal Regulatory Commission this fall.

The Postal Service receives no tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of postage, products and services to fund its operations.

List of Processing Facilities to Be Studied

  1. Anniston, AL CSMPC Anniston, AL
  2. Dothan, AL CSMPC Dothan, AL
  3. Huntsville, AL P&DF Huntsville, AL
  4. Mobile, AL Annex, MObile, AL
  5. Tuscaloosa, AL CSMPC Tuscaloosa, AL
  6. Fayetteville, AR P&DF Fayetteville, AR
  7. Harrison, AR CSMPC Harrison, AR
  8. Hot Springs Ntl Pk, AR CSMPC Hot Springs National, PArk, AR
  9. Jonesboro, AR CSMPC Jonesboro, AR
  10. Little Rock Lindsey Road, AR Annex Little Rock, AR
  11. East, VAlley, AZ DDC Gilbert, AZ
  12. North, VAlley, AZ DDC Phoenix, AZ
  13. Tucson, AZ P&DC Tucson, AZ
  14. Bakersfield, CA P&DC Bakersfield, CA
  15. Eureka, CA CSMPC Eureka, CA
  16. Herb Peck CA Annex Los Angeles, CA
  17. Industry, CA P&DC City Of, INdustry, CA
  18. Long Beach, CA P&DC Long Beach, CA
  19. Midway, CA P&DF San Diego, CA
  20. Modesto, CA CSMPC, MOdesto, CA
  21. North Bay CA DDC Petaluma, CA
  22. North Bay CA P&DC Petaluma, CA
  23. North Peninsula CA DDC Burlingame, CA
  24. Pasadena, CA P&DC, PAsadena, CA
  25. Redding, CA CSMPC Redding, CA
  26. San Bernardino, CA P&DC San Bernardino, CA
  27. Stockton, CA P&DC Stockton, CA
  28. Van Nuys, CA FSS Annex, VAn Nuys, CA
  29. Alamosa, CO CSMPC Alamosa, CO
  30. Colorado Springs, CO P&DC Colorado Springs, CO
  31. Durango, CO CSMPC Durango, CO
  32. Salida, CO CSMPC Salida, CO
  33. Southern Connecticut CT P&DC, WAllingford, CT
  34. Stamford, CT P&DC Stamford, CT
  35. Wilmington, DE P&DF, NEw Castle, DE
  36. Ft, LAuderdale, FL P&DC Fort, LAuderdale, FL
  37. Ft Myers, FL P&DC Fort Myers, FL
  38. Gainesville, FL P&DF Gainesville, FL
  39. Lakeland, FL P&DC, LAkeland, FL
  40. Manasota, FL P&DC Sarasota, FL
  41. Orlando, FL P&DC, ORlando, FL
  42. Panama City, FL P&DF, PAnama City, FL
  43. South Florida, FL P&DC Pembroke Pines, FL
  44. St Petersburg, FL P&DC Saint Petersburg, FL
  45. Acworth, GA CSMPC Acworth, GA
  46. Albany, GA CSMPC Albany, GA
  47. Athens, GA P&DF Athens, GA
  48. Augusta, GA P&DF Augusta, GA
  49. Cartersville, GA CSMPC Cartersville, GA
  50. Columbus, GA CSMPC Columbus, GA
  51. Douglasville, GA CSMPC Douglasville, GA
  52. Marietta, GA DDC, MArietta, GA
  53. Savanna PO CSMPC Savannah, GA
  54. Savannah, GA P&DF Savannah, GA
  55. Swainsboro, GA CSMPC Swainsboro, GA
  56. Valdosta, GA CSMPC, VAldosta, GA
  57. Waycross, GA CSMPC, WAycross, GA
  58. Carroll, IA CSMPC Carroll, IA
  59. Cedar Rapids, IA P&DF Cedar Rapids, IA
  60. Creston, IA CSMPC Creston, IA
  61. Waterloo, IA P&DF, WAterloo, IA
  62. Pocatello, ID CSMPC Pocatello, ID
  63. Bloomington, IL P&DF Bloomington, IL
  64. Carbondale, IL CSMPC Carbondale, IL
  65. Centralia, IL CSMPC Centralia, IL
  66. Effingham, IL CSMPC Effingham, IL
  67. Fox, VAlley, IL P&DC Fox, VAlley, IL
  68. Irving, PArk, IL P&DC Chicago, IL
  69. Quincy, IL P&DF Quincy, IL
  70. Rockford, IL P&DC Rockford, IL
  71. Springfield, IL P&DC Springfield, IL
  72. Bloomington, IN P&DF Bloomington, IN
  73. Columbus, IN CSMPC Columbus, IN
  74. Gary, IN P&DC Gary, IN
  75. Kokomo, IN P&DF Kokomo, IN
  76. Lafayette, IN P&DF, LAfayette, IN
  77. Muncie, IN P&DF Muncie, IN
  78. South Bend, IN P&DC South Bend, IN
  79. Terre Haute, IN P&DF Terre Haute, IN
  80. Colby, KS CSMPC Colby, KS
  81. Dodge City, KS CSMPC Dodge City, KS
  82. Hays, KS CSMPC Hays, KS
  83. Hutchinson, KS CSMPC Hutchinson, KS
  84. Liberal, KS CSMPC Liberal, KS
  85. Salina, KS CSMPC Salina, KS
  86. Topeka, KS P&DF Topeka, KS
  87. Bowling Green, KY P&DF Bowling Green, KY
  88. Campton, KY CSMPC Campton, KY
  89. Elizabethtown, KY CSMPC Elizabethtown, KY
  90. Hazard, KY CSMPC Hazard, KY
  91. Lexington, KY P&DC Lexington, KY
  92. London, KY P&DF London, KY
  93. Louisville, KY Annex Louisville, KY
  94. Paducah, KY P&DF, PAducah, KY
  95. Somerset, KY CSMPC Somerset, KY
  96. Lafayette, LA P&DF, LAfayette, LA
  97. New, ORleans, LA P&DC, NEw, ORleans, LA
  98. Boston, MA P&DC Boston, MA
  99. Brockton, MA P&DC Brockton, MA
  100. Central, MAss, MA P&DC Shrewsbury, MA
  101. Lowell, MA DDC Lowell, MA
  102. Middlesex Essex, MA P&DC North Reading, MA
  103. Northwest Boston, MA P&DF, WAltham, MA
  104. Wareham, MA CSMPC, WAreham, MA
  105. Cumberland, MD CSMPC Cumberland, MD
  106. Eastern Shore, MD P&DF Easton, MD
  107. Suburban, MD Annex Gaithersburg, MD
  108. Waldorf, MD CSMPC, WAldorf, MD
  109. Eastern, MAine, ME P&DF Hampden, ME
  110. Detroit, MI P&DC Detroit, MI
  111. Iron, MOuntain, MI P&DF Iron, MOuntain, MI
  112. Jackson, MI CSMPC Jackson, MI
  113. Kalamazoo, MI P&DC Kalamazoo, MI
  114. Lansing, MI P&DC, LAnsing, MI
  115. Saginaw, MI P&DC Saginaw, MI
  116. Wheeler Street, MI Annex Saginaw, MI
  117. Bemidji, MN CSMPC Bemidji, MN
  118. Duluth, MN P&DF Duluth, MN
  119. Rochester, MN P&DF Rochester, MN
  120. St Cloud, MN P&DF, WAite, PArk, MN
  121. Cape Girardeau, MO P&DF Cape Girardeau, MO
  122. Springfield, MO P&DF Springfield, MO
  123. Grenada, MS CSMPC Grenada, MS
  124. Gulfport, MS P&DF Gulfport, MS
  125. Hattiesburg, MS CSMPC Hattiesburg, MS
  126. Tupelo, MS CSMPC Tupelo, MS
  127. Helena, MT CSMPC Helena, MT
  128. Kalispell, MT CSMPC Kalispell, MT
  129. Missoula, MT CSMPC, MIssoula, MT
  130. Wolf Point, MT CSMPC Wolf Point, MT
  131. Asheville, NC P&DF Asheville, NC
  132. Fayetteville, NC Annex Fayetteville, NC
  133. Fayetteville, NC P&DC Fayetteville, NC
  134. Kinston, NC Annex Kinston, NC
  135. Kinston, NC P&DF Kinston, NC
  136. Rocky, MOunt, NC P&DF Rocky, MOunt, NC
  137. Devils, LAke, ND CSMPC Devils, LAke, ND
  138. Grand Forks, ND CSMPC Grand Forks, ND
  139. Minot, ND CSMPC, MInot, ND
  140. Alliance, NE CSMPC Alliance, NE
  141. Grand Island, NE P&DF Grand Island, NE
  142. Norfolk, NE P&DF Norfolk, NE
  143. North Platte, NE CSMPC North Platte, NE
  144. Omaha, NE, MAil Consolidation Center Annex Omaha, NE
  145. Manchester, NH P&DC, MAnchester, NH
  146. Nashua, NH L&DC Nashua, NH
  147. Jersey Shore DDC Pleasantville, NJ
  148. Kilmer, NJ P&DC Edison, NJ
  149. Monmouth, NJ P&DC Eatontown, NJ
  150. New Jersey, NJ L&DC Kearny, NJ
  151. Northern, NJ, MEtro P&DC Teterboro, NJ
  152. South Jersey, NJ P&DC Bellmawr, NJ
  153. Alamogordo, NM CSMPC Alamogordo, NM
  154. Albuquerque, NM ASF Annex Albuquerque, NM
  155. Clovis, NM CSMPC Clovis, NM
  156. Farmington, NM CSMPC Farmington, NM
  157. Roswell, NM CSMPC Roswell, NM
  158. Socorro, NM CSMPC Socorro, NM
  159. Truth, OR Cons, NM CSMPC Truth, OR Consequences, NM
  160. Tucumcari, NM CSMPC Tucumcari, NM
  161. Elko, NV CSMPC Elko, NV
  162. Reno, NV P&DC Reno, NV
  163. Amsterdam, NY CSMPC Amsterdam, NY
  164. Binghamton, NY CSMPC Binghamton, NY
  165. Binghamton, NY STC Binghamton, NY
  166. Brooklyn, NY P&DC Brooklyn, NY
  167. Buffalo, NY P&DC Buffalo, NY
  168. Glens Falls, NY CSMPC Glens Falls, NY
  169. Mid Hudson, NY P&DC, NEwburgh, NY
  170. Mid-Island, NY Annex, MElville, NY
  171. Monsey, NY DDC, MOnsey, NY
  172. New York, NY L&DC Bethpage, NY
  173. Plattsburgh, NY CSMPC Plattsburgh, NY
  174. Queens, NY P&DC Flushing, NY
  175. Western Nassau, NY P&DC Garden City, NY
  176. Akron, OH P&DC Akron, OH
  177. Athens, OH CSMPC Athens, OH
  178. Canton, OH P&DF Canton, OH
  179. Chillicothe, OH CSMPC Chillicothe, OH
  180. Cincinnati, OH P&DC Cincinnati, OH
  181. Dayton, OH P&DF Dayton, OH
  182. Ironton, OH CSMPC Ironton, OH
  183. Steubenville, OH CSMPC Steubenville, OH
  184. Toledo, OH P&DF Toledo, OH
  185. Youngstown, OH P&DF Youngstown, OH
  186. Mcalester, OK CSMPC Mcalester, OK
  187. Poteau, OK CSMPC Poteau, OK
  188. Tulsa, OK P&DC Tulsa, OK
  189. Woodward, OK CSMPC Woodward, OK
  190. Bend, OR CSMPC Bend, OR
  191. Eugene, OR P&DF Springfield, OR
  192. Mount Hood, OR DDC Portland, OR
  193. Pendleton, OR CSMPC Pendleton, OR
  194. Salem, OR P&DF Salem, OR
  195. Sunset, OR DDC Hillsboro, OR
  196. Altoona, PA P&DF Duncansville, PA
  197. Erie, PA P&DF Erie, PA
  198. Greensburg, PA DDC Greensburg, PA
  199. Horsham, PA DDC Horsham, PA
  200. Lancaster, PA P&DC, LAncaster, PA
  201. New Castle, PA P&DF, NEw Castle, PA
  202. Pittsburgh, PA Building II Annex Pittsburgh, PA
  203. Reading, PA P&DF Reading, PA
  204. Scranton, PA P&DF, SCranton, PA
  205. Southeastern, PA P&DC Southeastern, PA
  206. Williamsport, PA P&DF Williamsport, PA
  207. Catano DMDU, PR Annex Catano, PR
  208. Florence, SC P&DF Florence, SC
  209. Dakota Central, SD P&DF Huron, SD
  210. Rapid City, SD P&DF Rapid City, SD
  211. Chattanooga, TN P&DC Chattanooga, TN
  212. Clinton, TN STC Clinton, TN
  213. Jackson, TN P&DF Jackson, TN
  214. Jet Cove, TN Annex, MEmphis, TN
  215. Johnson City, TN CSMPC Johnson City, TN
  216. Abilene, TX CSMPC Abilene, TX
  217. Austin, TX Annex Austin, TX
  218. Beaumont, TX P&DF Beaumont, TX
  219. Bryan, TX CSMPC Bryan, TX
  220. Dallas, TX P&DC Dallas, TX
  221. East Texas, TX P&DC Tyler, TX
  222. Lufkin, TX CSMPC Lufkin, TX
  223. Mcallen, TX P&DF Mcallen, TX
  224. Waco, TX Annex, WAco, TX
  225. Waco, TX P&DF, WAco, TX
  226. Provo, UT CSMPC, PRovo, UT
  227. Lynchburg, VA P&DF Lynchburg, VA
  228. Norfolk, VA Annex Norfolk, VA
  229. Norfolk, VA P&DC Norfolk, VA
  230. Roanoke, VA P&DC Roanoke, VA
  231. Burlington, VT P&DF Essex Junction, VT
  232. White River Junction, VT P&DC White River Junction, VT
  233. Everett, WA P&DF Everett, WA
  234. Olympia, WA P&DF Tumwater, WA
  235. Pasco, WA P&DF, PAsco, WA
  236. Seattle, WA East DDC Redmond, WA
  237. South Sound, WA DDC Fife, WA
  238. South, WA DDC Kent, WA
  239. Tacoma, WA P&DC Tacoma, WA
  240. Wenatchee, WA CSMPC Wenatchee, WA
  241. Eau Claire WI P&DF Eau Claire WI
  242. Kenosha WI CSMPC Kenosha WI
  243. La Crosse WI P&DF, LA Crosse WI
  244. Portage WI CSMPC Portage WI
  245. Wausau WI P&DF Rothschild WI
  246. Bluefield, WV CSMPC Bluefield, WV
  247. Clarksburg, WV P&DF Clarksburg, WV
  248. Parkersburg, WV CSMPC, PArkersburg, WV
  249. Petersburg, WV CSMPC Petersburg, WV
  250. Rawlins, WY CSMPC Rawlins, WY
  251. Rock Springs, WY CSMPC Rock Springs, WY
  252. Wheatland, WY CSMPC Wheatland, WY

    -from press release

    A News Cafe, founded in Shasta County by Redding, CA journalist Doni Greenberg, is the place for people craving local Northern California news, commentary, food, arts and entertainment. Views and opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of anewscafe.com

-from press release
A News Cafe, founded in Shasta County by Redding, CA journalist Doni Greenberg, is the place for people craving local Northern California news, commentary, food, arts and entertainment. Views and opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of anewscafe.com

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