Aero Union Closes, 2 Weeks After Canceled Forest Contract

Aero Union Tanker 22 dropping retardant in Malibu (Photo aerounion.com)

Chico employees of Aero Union who were commuting to Sacramento were told Friday their jobs are gone and the air tanker business is being closed.

They were told they could pick up their final checks on Monday, according to an employee’s wife, who contacted the Enterprise-Record.

Employees were told that the entire company was closing, according to the email.

Aero Union, which relocated from Chico to McClellan Field in Sacramento, converted military aircraft to aerial firefighters, and operated some of the planes under contract with the federal government …

Click here to read the rest of this Enterprise Record story. Click here to read about the U.S. Forest Service’s decision to cancel its contract with Aero Union.

-from the Chico Enterprise Record

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