Chico Man Killed During Theft of Solar Lights, Owner in Jail

A man shot and killed Saturday night as he and a group of friends fled from an armed Plumas County resident was born and raised in Chico.

The Plumas County Sheriff’s Office said Rory McGuire, 20, was the driver of a blue sedan carrying five other young men and fleeing from Gregory Wallin-Reed, 36, who chased them on Janesville Grade Road in his pickup about 11:30 p.m.

Wallin-Reed said the men had just stolen solar lights from his home in Janesville.

McGuire moved from Chico about five years ago to attend school in Lassen County.

Wallin-Reed got into his pickup and chased the suspects. He told sheriff’s officials he believed someone in the sedan fired at him, prompting him to return fire.

Armed with a .223-caliber deer rifle and a handgun, Wallin-Reed reportedly fired several times at the fleeing car, said investigator Sgt. Steve Peay.

Peay said the young men in the car, all either 19 or 20, were found in possession of the solar lights, but there is no evidence any of them was armed.

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-from Contra Costa Times

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12 Responses

  1. Avatar rmv says:

    Just have to say it: will this be another IF THE GLOVE DOESN'T FIT, OR SHE


  2. Avatar Karen C says:

    What a stupid thing to do. I hope he wasn't a CCW….it would serve to prove what a premium-grade Jack A .. he is and did not attention in class. A death happens over solar lights!

    By the way, who is editing the articles for the Record Searchlight? No one, I suspect.

    • Avatar rmv says:

      oh yes, THE RECORD SEARCHLIGHT! another story 🙁 wish the would do an article on it? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Avatar mike says:

      No not a CCW he is a nevada resident who wanted a place in the woods . He suffered from PTSD after comming home from Iraq where he served as an Army Ranger. These were 6 men some who study MMA had harrassed Wallen-Reed Just the night before.

  3. Avatar Naz says:

    Aww, what a stupid thing to do! Stealing another man's solar lights is not cool. It's definitely not worth it!

  4. Avatar jr says:

    Wallin reed…..a true american hero!!!!!

    • Avatar JeffG says:

      Not sure if your comment is dripping with sarcasm, but according to the Plumas News the man was a former Army Ranger with a history of instability:

      It would be doubly a shame if he became the way he is as a result of his service to this county.

      • Avatar mike says:

        Not Instability, PTSD! He served his nation well. The man was home when for the second night he had intruders. His wife and 2 kids were home. A person has the right to make a citizens arrest in Ca. When he percieves a threat he has the right of self defense. Much like a cop. This he will have to convince the jury of. He is a war hero and innocent until proven guilty.

  5. Avatar toby says:

    they should give him a medal he did what he had to do protected his family

  6. Avatar evil says:

    This man should spend the rest of his damn life behind bars!!!! He took the life of a young man who's life was taken way to early!!! Love you rory. R..I.P.

  7. Avatar Lynn says:

    I tended to agree with Mike above wholeheartedly until I watched the full episode of dateline.

    Now am torn. BUT, How the heck was chad supposed to know it was non-threatening punks shining bright lights into his home/property 2 nights in a row in pitch dark, middle of nowhere, no cell service? With his wife and children? Maybe those 6 men in the car should have thought better before they vandalized someone's property who had definite warning signs posted. I mean, life in prison? Really? WWYD? Be honest and put yourself in Chads shoes. I live in northern CA and have been to the area where this happened. Close your eyes tonite and imagine feeling safe and cozy in your home when all of a sudden someone/thing makes a loud raucous and scares the crap out of you. Now imagine, you cannot pick up your phone and call 911 or a neighbor….WWYD?