Sunday Funny: Rapture Postponed? Aw, Hell!

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Read more about the Right (well, maybe not this time) Rev. Harold Camping and his end-of-world predictions here.

phil_laughingPhil Fountain is a cartoonist, writer and occasional bed-wetter based in the far reaches of Northern Californey.

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Phil Fountain is a cartoonist and writer based in the far reaches of Northern Californey.
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10 Responses

  1. Avatar Charlie Price says:

    Philbert, The least they coulda done is beamed you up … or do cartooneys go to warmer climes?

  2. Avatar Sheila Barnes says:

    Oh my God, no pun intended, Phil, you have absolutely made my day. I knew I was not going to be chosen, I forgot to register on the website which would have sent me an e-mail letting me know when to untie my shoelaces so my shoes would be left behind, but I wouldn't. I will be better organized next time.

  3. Avatar J. Springer says:

    Has anyone checked Redding's Adult Baby Stanley's crib today? A very large blue unoccupied Onesie® under a blankie as in the excellent "Left Behind" starring Kurt Cameron?

    As a self professed bed wetter you should be on Redding's Adult Baby like "white on rice".

    (Note that the general consensus on the www is that the phrase "like white on rice" in and of itself (depending on context) does not carry any racist connotations)

    As posted on your Library flap 'toon:

    Living off the government teat Redding's Adult Baby Cartoon?

    Lady Liberty breast feeding Redding's Adult Baby.

    Republican Senator Tom Coburn "urging an investigation of the adult baby's disability benefits".

    Stanley was seen in Roaring Gulch Friday morning in his High Chair enjoying the flapjacks – syrup dripping down his bib. Cute as a button.

    Chita was there with a camera crew but was too busy chatting up some Marines and snubbed me when I tried to alert her to the OP.

  4. Avatar J. Springer says:

    How embarrassing. "starring Kurt Cameron?" Kirk Cameron

    "In November 2009, Cameron and others distributed free copies of an altered version of Darwin's On the Origin of Species on college campus in the United States. … and with an added introduction by Ray Comfort"

    It included "a banana bookmark, in reference to Comfort's argument that the structure of the banana is evidence for Intelligent Design, or God."

  5. Avatar Biker Dude says:

    It is written!!!

    Coincidence? Think not.

    Just got a tentative OK for a Left Behind trilogy marathon next week at The Tropics.

    Themed Drink specials and Bible trivia contest.

    Stay tuned…

  6. Avatar Budd Hodges says:

    Oops…Wrong again Rev. Give it few years and try again, if you're still around. The signs were all there too. We got Binny Laden, peace in the middle east. Soaring gas prices and Arnie went to bed with his hired help.

    Funny toon Mr. Philbert!

  7. Avatar Gamerjohn says:

    Of course most Christians don't believe in the Rapture. It is based on some dream that Scottish girl had in 1830 and is not Bible based.

  8. Avatar pmarshall says:

    Well a lot of us know the Rev. Harold can't predict the "end", only God knows that. No one knows, but the time is probably near. Good cartoon, though.

  9. Avatar Andy says:

    Seems like about every few years there coming out with a new Armageddon date. I'm sure 2012 will be the next one. Check out this article that has funny rapture pictures

  10. Avatar Carroll B. Merriman says:

    Thanks for the heads up!