Sunday Funny: A Joke(?) Making the Rounds…

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phil_laughingPhil Fountain is a cartoonist, writer and occasional bed-wetter based in the far reaches of Northern Californey.

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Phil Fountain is a cartoonist and writer based in the far reaches of Northern Californey.
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5 Responses

  1. Avatar D. Nethery says:

    Phil, I have just sent this funny, but true cartoon, to the union side of my family in Wisconsin. They have been out in the cold protesting against Walker for the last two weekends. Our family has become divided in Wisconsin. Union family side feels totally betrayed and they said any union member who voted for Walker, is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders. I am sure today's cartoon will be making the rounds in Wisconsin. Thank you.

  2. Avatar Budd Hodges says:

    Philbert…congrats on another funny one. Is this like the old addage, You can't have your cookies and eat them too? No wait, maybe that's cake.

    Long live unions, AF of L,CIO,Retail Clerks,Culinary and Bartenders, Carpenters, United Auto Workers, AFTRA, Redding Peace Officers. Shasta County Deputy Sherriffs Assoc. etal, We need them all.

  3. Avatar Alan Ernesto Phillip says:

    Here, HERE!

    From the United Farm Workers:

    "¡Si se puede!"

    ¡Viva la causa y las Uniones!

    (Long live the cause and the Unions!)

    For your dear ones in Wisconsin, we are united…

    This just in from UFW president, Arturo S. Rodriguez:

    "Someone once said if you "stir up a hornet's nest, no tellin' who's gonna get stung."

    The expression comes to mind as our union sisters and brothers valiantly resist Republican Gov. Scott Walker's scheme to end collective bargaining rights for state employees in Wisconsin. Gov. Walker is using a state budget deficit–largely caused by tax cuts for the wealthy passed by the Republican-controlled Legislature–as an excuse to strip public workers of their union rights. The fight is spilling over into additional states as other Republican politicians try the same treachery. We in the farm worker movement have also been victims of plots to destroy the right to have a union of our own.

    Our obituaries have been written many times. But by nonviolently fighting for our lives, the farm workers forged renewed resolve to prevail as well as survive–and won fresh allies and enormous public support we had never previously enjoyed. These partisan attacks on the most basic of union rights in Wisconsin are both a serious challenge and a great opportunity for the U.S. labor movement. The anti-worker, anti-union GOP politicians and political extremists behind these assaults may one day come to regret the hornet's nest they have stirred up."

    Arturo S. Rodriguez, President

    United Farm Workers

  4. Avatar barbara harrison says:

    Good job as always. Thanks.

  5. Those grumbling bears sound so familiar.