Hey, Honey, Arnold Schwarzenegger Is on the Phone


It’s finally Election Day, and that means an end to the robo-calls and campaign phone banks. I know, most people find those calls annoying. But the phone keeps ringing, so the technique must translate into votes.

I actually find the calls quite entertaining. Just the other day, I got a call from Lt. Brian Moriguchi of the Professional Peace Officers Association urging me to “join every major law enforcement group and every major newspaper in supporting Steve Cooley for attorney general.”

I got a kick out of that one because Lt. Moriguchi neglected to mention he’s actually with the Los Angeles County Professional Peace Officers Association, whose members apparently don’t read newspapers published north of the Grapevine. Otherwise, they would know that the San Francisco Chronicle endorsed Kamela Harris for attorney general six weeks ago.

Better yet was a live call I got from a young man staffing a phone bank for Carly Fiorina. Unfortunately, he had to leave a message. If I had been around to answer the phone, I would have gladly helped the caller pronounce “FEE-or-ee-nuh.” Poor kid could barely get past the “ffff” part. I hope someone steered him straight before he dialed the 1,000 numbers on his list.

Anyway, if you haven’t voted yet and are registered to do so, go cast your ballot before 8 p.m. If you don’t vote, you forfeit your right to gripe about the rascals who get elected.


• I recently listed the Shasta County public health department’s vaccine clinics. The agency has since added one more clinic, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, November 6, at the Shasta District Fairgrounds in Anderson. Best of all, the flu, pneumonia and whooping cough vaccines will be free for this one day only. Ordinarily, they cost $10 per shot unless you have Medicare Part B or Medi-Cal. All you have to do on Saturday is fill out a brief, anonymous survey about vaccinations.

• Did you notice that some stores shoved aside the Halloween candy to make room for the Christmas decorations before October ended? Seriously, Christmas starts earlier every year. And that includes the holiday craft sales, which I’m not knocking. I vote for buying locally made gifts over cheap crap manufactured in China every time. Anyway … where was I … Simpson University’s fourth annual Craft & Fair Trade Bazaar is scheduled for 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. this Saturday, November 6, in the Student Life Center. The proceeds go to the school’s student missions program and the scholarship fund – and not to Bentonville.

• Congratulations to Michael Rubin, of Shingletown, for his winning entry (shown below) in the Lassen Volcanic National Park annual pass photo contest. Rubin’s image, which he calls “Newly Fallen Snow,” will appear on the park’s annual pass for 2011. Keep the camera handy when you’re in the park, as the annual photo contest will resume in May.


• Maybe you’re not a photographer. The California Department of Fish and Game is seeking paintings for the 2011-12 upland game bird stamp. These wildlife stamps are often just gorgeous and are the subject of limited edition prints. The 2011-12 stamp must depict a pair (male and female) of wild turkeys. Revenue from stamp sales goes toward conservation programs and hunting programs and education. The deadline to submit entries is November 19. The DFG website has details.

• Speaking of birds, Shasta College is offering its popular “Birds and Their Habitats” class over two evenings – tonight, November 2, and November 9 – and one field trip. Bird identification, habitat ecology and local conservation programs are among the subjects. I recognize this is late notice, but I’ll bet you can still get in if you call the college’s Economic and Workforce Development Division, (530) 225-4835.

shigley-mugshotPaul Shigley is senior editor of California Planning & Development Report, a frequent contributor to Planning magazine and can’t remember if he voted for George Deukmejian or Tom Bradley. Paul Shigley may be reached at pauls.anewscafe@gmail.com.

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