Incumbent Herger: Congress’ Reckless Spending Must Stop

President Obama and an out-of-touch Congress have overseen an unprecedented growth in government that is hurting our economy, killing jobs, has driven us further into debt, and has put our future prosperity and our freedoms at risk.

wally-hergerToday, forty one cents out of every dollar spent at the federal level is borrowed money – borrowed on the backs of our children and grandchildren. With a projected 10-year debt that has doubled in just two years, we are on the verge of being the first generation of Americans to leave the next generation worse off.

Northern Californians have told me they’re scared — scared about our and their children’s future if we do not stop the endless deficit spending and return to the limited government, free market principles that have made our nation the greatest in the world. With the support of Northern Californians, I will be fighting hard to do just that.

We must get our economy growing again and put people back to work, and the first and most pressing step we need to take is to avert the massive $4 trillion tax increase that will hit every family and small business in January and is creating so much uncertainty and preventing businesses from investing and growing.

We must also cut federal spending and live within our means. We must return power to the states and to individuals. Last, we must work to repeal ObamaCare and its job-killing mandates and tax hikes.

Though times are difficult, the good news is our citizens are more active and engaged than ever before. It is an incredible privilege representing Northern California in Congress, and I look forward to the opportunity to continue fighting on their behalf to limit the size and scope of government, grow our economy, and ensure we leave our children a brighter, more prosperous future.

Read the statement from Herger’s opponent, Jim Reed, here.

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