Meet Democrat Jim Reed, Candidate for New Congress District 1

Jim Reed, Democrat from Shasta County, announces his candidacy for New Congressional District 1, which comprises: Butte, Shasta, Nevada, Siskiyou, Tehama, Lassen, Plumas, Modoc, Sierra, and parts of Placer & Glenn counties. Reed’s campaign shares this message: Jim Reed understands… Continue Reading


Incumbent Herger: Congress’ Reckless Spending Must Stop

President Obama and an out-of-touch Congress have overseen an unprecedented growth in government that is hurting our economy, killing jobs, has driven us further into debt, and has put our future prosperity and our freedoms at risk. Today, forty one… Continue Reading


Congressional Candidate Reed: Herger’s Not Working for You

I am Jim Reed, running against 24-year Republican incumbent Wally Herger for Congress in the California 2nd District. I am an attorney and small business owner with 10 employees. I live on a ranch in Fall River Mills (eastern Shasta… Continue Reading


Phillips: Supreme Court Digs Big-Biz Political Donations

We all remember that on January 21, 2010 the Supreme Court overturned a restriction that¬†dated back to 1907, when our Republican President Theodore Roosevelt called on Congress to forbid the all-powerful corporations, railroads and national banks from using their money… Continue Reading


Jim Reed, candidate for Shasta County Superior Court Judge

(Candidates’ statements are unaltered and published exactly as submitted.)

I have lived in Fall River Mills (Eastern Shasta County) for the past 15 years; my father and grandfather also lived there until their deaths. I have a general law practic in town and my wife, who is also and attorney, works with me. Our Fall River Mills office has one other attorney as well as a paralegal. Our daughter recently graduated from Hastings Law School and will join our practice as soon as she passes the bar exam. Continue Reading