Sunday Funny: Redding’s New Public Tea-Vee Station!


Welcome to Redding’s New Public Tea-Vee Station — Now to the Right of Your Dial! For more on this cartoon, check out this A News Cafe piece by Dugan Barr: I Fear for the Future of KIXE.

phil_laughingPhil Fountain is a cartoonist, writer and occasional bed-wetter based in the far reaches of Northern Californey.

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Phil Fountain is a cartoonist and writer based in the far reaches of Northern Californey.
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11 Responses

  1. Avatar Ed Heffelfinger says:

    I too share Dugan's concerns about KIXE. I've been gone from Redding for seven years now and I truly miss KIXE. As a long time Redding Videographer, I miss the friends and fellow videits I met during the times I volunteered for crews and pledge drives, etc, etc. We had some fun times back in the old days of KIXE and those early days of RCAC.

    But I gotta tell you, the biggest reason I miss KIXE is the diversity of the people and the programming. DIVERSITY…love it…miss it!

    As some of you know, my son, Chris and I moved to China in 2004. I've been teaching American Culture in a Central China university and Chris will be 21 next month and is in his third year at an American/Chinese university here on full scholarship. I've just started up my video business again and I'm working on a new project called CHINALAND. China is an incredible adventure and life is good. I've got a terrific gig…

    But there are the drawbacks to living in a Communist country (huge understatement…but things are changing fast and it's not nearly as bad as Fox News says). The biggest bummer to me is the lack of diversity on TV and in the media. Watch TV, watch the news here and you only get one side of the story (well duh ED). Diversity in the media is part of democracy.

    I don't care for Fox News but God Bless em they have a right to their view point and millions of folks love them and that's great…that's democracy. The left has their view points and outlets and the moderates do too. Diversity of view points and information and we are FREE to watch or listen…or not.

    America is the only nation I know of that has truly public television. I started in public television in Austin as well in 1984. It's a concept I hold dear to my heart. Public television must remain diverse because the PUBLIC is so diverse. Democracy Now is liberal programming…so what? Balance it…if you are so angry that there's an opposing voice to yours…underwrite some balanced programming. Speak with your checkbook and pay for your voice to be heard. Somebody was paying the underwriting for DN. If you believe your voice isn't being heard on KIXE, make it heard…that's what public television is all about, or it's supposed to be.

    I've been reading about this at the RS website and here and it just makes me sad. And geez…someone gives Dugan hell because of his political contributions??? Giving $$$ to a political candidate to run for office is how we do things in the good ole USA. It's called FREE elections and democracy. All sides do it and it seems to work (most of the time).

    All of this political sewage is bad for KIXE. Hey, I almost never post comments but I had to say something about the direction the new management seems to be taking KIXE. I'm afraid too, Dugan.

    All the best,

    Ed Heffelfinger

  2. Avatar c Humphrey says:

    If the content and programing of KIXE changes , my viewing will change to the NPR at the on line site , and that's where any financial support will follow . KIXE is a reasonable voice in the area , so far , and Public radio from Chico and Ashland will remain my major ,local , information source !

  3. Avatar pk5000 says:

    Mr Smith, Welcome to Redding! I for one will not jump on the bandwagon of hysteria that has surrounded your decision. This community is not just a bunch of Progressive whackos that will assinate your character because you cancel one program. They should all be ashamed of themselves. I look forward to some quality local programming. By the way, has anyone noticed that Hank FM changed from country to a simulcast of KQMS? OK…..let's all get up in arms and tar and feather the management there too. Folks, it's a programming decision, and has nothing to do with politics. If Polka music drew ratings, that is what we would be listening to. Face it, Conservative programming sells, and liberal junk doesn't.

  4. Barbara Rice Barbara Rice says:

    Another perfect cartoon, Phil.

  5. Avatar Walnut says:

    Are folks aware we now have THREE awesome PBS stations? KIXE, KIXE Create, and KIXE World. Who needs Dish or Cable? Let's have a newscafe story on this new development to get the word out and support this effort.

  6. Avatar Bill Banes says:

    It’s sad that that “anewscafe” is not news at all, but rather just another political weapon to be brandished by those who know that their spin is unfair and untrue, and appear to have no interest in the lack of integrity in their propaganda; kind of like "Democracy Now".

    These prevaricators want all to believe that the “P” in PBS stands for “Progressive” or “Political”, when in fact it stands for “Public”; a station run in the best interests of all of the citizens of Redding.

    The writers and editors of this blog know that changing one program doesn’t mean that KIXE is becoming Fox News. That’s just plain ridiculous. Let’s call this misrepresentation for what it is; a lie; verbal terrorism designed to cause as much damage as possible to obtain a desired political end.

    It has been said that “truth is the first casualty of war”. It appears that this is also true in the Amy Goodman peace army.

  7. Avatar jon567 says:

    this is because of taking off one show – that wasn't even pbs? I don't get it either.


  8. Avatar Joanne Lobeski Snyde says:

    Phil is a cartoonist. He gets to produce any cartoon he wants and it can be published. Newspapers publish lots of cartoons that aren't representative of what the editors believe or know to be true. I think Phil's merits and insights should be judged on their own.

    • Avatar Bill Banes says:

      You're correct that Phil can produce any cartoon he wants and it can be published.

      The 1st amendment doesn't stipulate that a cartoon's producer have any intellectual integrity or that the cartoon contain even a shred of truth.

      Hopefully, you can tell the difference between a parody (usually contains a modicum of truth) and a propaganda driven lie.

      If you can't tell the difference, then you've definitely come to the right website!

      Free speech is alive and well…..and continually abused on; or should the website be called…..

      • Avatar Philbert says:

        Well, I may be a tool but I'm not aprogressivepropagandatool! No Siree, I'm just a good old-fashioned, All-American tool! None of that crazy stuff for me.

        To be honest, I thought PBS was what made women so darn cranky at "that time of the month." I sure couldn't understand why folks would want to watch THAT. Shoot, I hide out in the garage and make hammering noises between the 16th and 22nd of every month until the missus loses that "Lon Chaney Jr. in the Moonlight" look in her eyes. I may be a tool, but I figure some stuff out… eventually.

        Thank you for reading, Mr. Bane, and if you ever need a tool, well… I sure hope you'll remember me.

  9. Avatar Sara says:

    🙂 l love laughing! Keep up the good work!