Dugan Barr: I fear for the future of KIXE

I fear for the future of KIXE. Until now, it has been the only antidote to the right-wing storm we get from the Glenn Becks and Bill O’Reillys of the world. Now, the new Channel 9 management has cancelled broadcasts of “Democracy Now!” hosted by Amy Goodman. The reasoning of the new general manager allegedly is that it purports to be a news program, but really is a left-leaning commentary program.

So I looked at a recent broadcast, August 27, 2010, on www.democracynow.org. Here is what I found:

  1. A report that approximately 1 million people have been displaced by the flooding in Pakistan.
  2. A report that the Washington Post claims that many officials of the Afghan Government are on the CIA’s payroll.
  3. A report that the UN Security Counsel is seeking ways to prevent the mass rape which occurred recently in the Congo.
  4. A report that a U.S. citizen had been released by North Korea after President Jimmy Carter went there to negotiate for him.
  5. A report that Governor Bill Richardson claimed to be making progress in his efforts to convince the Cuban government to release a U.S. contractor.
  6. A report that South African workers who are on strike are threatening an even wider strike. The leaders are claiming that they can bring economic action in South Africa to a halt by getting approximately 2 million workers to walk off the job.
  7. A report that a nonviolent Palestinian activist has been convicted by a court in Israel for nonviolent protest of Israel’s actions in Palestine. There was a further report that the European Union had put out a statement condemning Israel for that action.
  8. A Muslim, who was stabbed in Queens because he admitted that he was Muslim and for no other reason, spoke out against his attackers. Others spoke out as well.
  9. Reports of other anti-Muslim actions, such as a man who entered a mosque and shouted anti-Muslim slogans as he urinated on prayer rugs.
  10. A report that the Obama Administration Justice Department is opposing a lawsuit brought by eight states and the City of New York to force the reduction of greenhouse gas at power plants.
  11. Two people who were protesting mining in West Virginia were arrested for blocking the entrance to the building housing the agency, which was supposed to oversee mining, because they did not think the agency was doing its job.

This series of reports were straightforward, factual and took up the first 10 minutes of a 60-minute show. The closest anyone came to rendering an opinion was when, in discussing the stabbing of the Muslim man in Queens, Ms. Goodman remarked that the controversy over the so-called Ground Zero Mosque was “hysteria.”)

Amy Goodwin then spent most of the rest of the program on the story of a Syrian man who had emigrated to the U.S. and was living in New Orleans when Katrina struck. He got his American-born wife and their children out of New Orleans, but stayed himself, utilizing a canoe to get around the city, helping others until he was arrested as a terrorist and held for eight months in jail, during most of which time he was prevented from even speaking to his family. This was done as straightforward interviews with the man, his wife, and the author who has written a book about the subject. The book won the National Book Award.

If there was any editorializing in any of this (except possibly in the comment about hysteria), it was lost on me. Frankly, she did about as much editorializing as that icon of television news, Walter Cronkite, used to do.

I have been involved with KIXE on and off for over 30 years as a volunteer, auctioneer, donor, underwriter, you name it. Most of the people I have come into contact with there tend to be pretty progressive (dare I say liberal) in their views. The political right has all but declared war on Public Radio and Public Television. I do not know what the new management of KIXE thinks it is doing, but it is going to find itself rapidly losing its support base if it continues in this direction. If they think the “tea party” is going to fill the gap, they are very mistaken.


Dugan Barr has practiced law in Redding since 1967. He has tried more than 200 civil jury cases to verdict. He is married and has five children. The offices of Barr and Mudford, LLP, are at 1824 Court St. in Redding and can be reached at 243-8008.

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Dugan Barr
Dugan Barr has practiced law in Redding since 1967, primarily in the areas of personal injury and wrongful death. He has tried more than 200 civil jury cases to verdict. He is married and has five children. He can be reached at Barr & Mudford, 1824 Court St., Redding, 243-8008, or dugan@ca-lawyer.com.
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  1. Barbara Rice Barbara Rice says:

    I am in agreement with you. I'm also dismayed that management now apparently wants to switch from national programming to coverage of local football games and parades. If I wanted to see high school football, I'd go to the games. What I can't see locally – like The Gershwin Prize Awards and Frontline- is on the chopping block.

    I can't see donating to this kind of programming or to someone who arbitrarily just decides to end broadcasting of a show because he thinks it isn't packaged correctly. How can I trust this guy with my money?

    • Avatar Bill Banes says:

      The article didn't say that KIXE was replacing all national programming. Just adding some local stuff about Redding.

      Is that really so bad?

      Also, Did Dugan actually compare Amy Goodman to Walter Conkrite?


      • Barbara Rice Barbara Rice says:

        If they add local programming, some national programming will have to be shoved aside to make room for it. Is that bad? Yes, if viewers sent in money in support of, say, "Nature," and the GM decides to shove that aside in favor of the rodeo parade – that's squandering viewer money.

        • Avatar Bill Banes says:

          I've seen a lot of repeated programs and they now have 3 channels. Seems to me that it would be better to see something extra about Redding, than a repeat of the same program.

          I'll bet you've seen some repeats, too!

          What do you think?

    • Avatar Philip Smith says:


      I can’t understand how we got from my desire to air the Redding Christmas Parade to the conclusion that I’m putting national programming on the “chopping block"?

      PBS has a bad track record for repeating programming and I thought it might be nice to add an occasional local program, focusing on North State to round out the schedule. Are you honestly concerned that I’m planning to replace “Gershwin” with parades?

      Is your "shoving aside" concern based on "Nature" and "The Gershwin Prize Awards" or DM?

      My family loves "Nature" and many of the great programs on PBS. "DM" isn't a PBS program. It was aired by a handful of local stations out of 365 PBS stations in the US.

      The issues are not connected to PBS programming.


      • Barbara Rice Barbara Rice says:

        My concern is that there are only so many hours in a programming day. It stands to reason that when you add a new program – rodeo parade, football game, or whatever – something will have to be pushed aside to make room for it. And, yes, I'm concerned that you will make a unilateral decision to replace a great program such as "American Experience" with something like a high school debate.

        It would appear that these answers are only in response to these columns; pro-active news and information about proposed changes doesn't seem readily available, other than that "Cat in the Hat" will be added to the KIXE lineup.

  2. Avatar Sheila Barnes says:

    I also agree. I so much enjoyed watching and listening to the Met last night. Carmen is one of my favorite operas. If this type of programming is discontinued, along with Frontline, one of my favorite new shows, I will discontinue my financial and verbal support of this station. I also, have been a member if KIXE for over 30 years and have helped with the auction in years past. It would be a shame to lose "Our Station". Unfortunately, I am thinking of this station less and less in this way. I think the new station manager's ideas of what we want for our station are far from true – instead he is pushing his own agenda.

    • Avatar Philip Smith says:

      Hi, Sheila,

      "Carmen" is in no danger and neither is "Frontline"

      The concept that KIXE is "Our Station" could be enhanced and really be about the community (the "Our") if we make the commitment to add some local programming to the schedule; perhaps our Christmas Parade and a local music special; a few hours a month. The only agenda being pushed by me is one to make a better, more valuable station and avoid the politics of personal destruction and division.

      I hope you'll continue your support of KIXE as the station needs it more than ever. We are continuing to be assaulted by misinformation and in some cases dishonest, and wild accusations by folks upset by one programming decision I made regarding DM.

      If you have any doubts about my dedication to "Our Station" please call or email me at KIXE.

      Thanks so much for the years of loyal support!!!



  3. Avatar Kathy says:

    Interesting article and well thought out. We also agree and feel we've been put in a difficult position. We've been donating to PBS our entire adult lives and even put the continued donations in our will but we are now definitely forced to make changes. I'll continue to watch Democracy Now on LINK and switch our donations to them. There programming is eye opening and interesting but doesn't have the varied programming our family has come to enjoy from PBS. Shame on the new management for changing something that was working so well for so many. I've seen the No State's politics changing. This may have been a good choice years ago for the local political climate but 'the times they are a changing'..

    • Avatar Philip Smith says:


      As you've noted, "Democracy Now" is available on many other media outlets. I am trying to focus KIXE programming on the things that bring our community together, not cause division.

      You've expressed an appreciation for the "varied programming" your family has come to enjoy from PBS.

      With the exception of this one programming change (a program you can watch on other more politically oriented stations) KIXE still has the variety you appreciate; actually with the addition of PBS "Create" and "World" you have three times as much programming as you had a year ago. 72 hours per day.

      The financial issues at KIXE are caused by dwindling support from our community over the past several years not the past month since I arrived.

      I hope that you'll be able to disconnect your displeasure with a single programming decision with your support of the other 71 hours of daily services we will continue to provide…as long as we are able.

      Please call or email me at KIXE if you'd like to know more about what we're planning and thanks for the many years of steadfast support.


  4. Avatar Dan Carter says:

    It is indeed a shame that the management of KIXE has chosen to terminate Democracy Now! broadcasts. Please note that Amy Goodman can be heard weekday mornings on KZFR, 90.1 FM, either off air or streamed. Please visit the KZFR website for specific details. Democracy Now! devotees may find other news and information programs to appreciate on KZFR as well.

  5. Avatar Adrienne jacoby says:

    AMEN!!! My continued support is now a question mark. Myron, come back!!!

  6. Avatar Doug says:

    I have to agree with all of the above. I will not be supporting KIXE. Thank goodness for NPR.

  7. Avatar david kerr says:

    I suggest Donni Greenberg put up the link to the democracy now podcast. In the same vein, Duggan Barr should donate to democracy now, a smarter investment than his donation to the John Edwards campaign.

    • Dugan Barr Dugan Barr says:

      1. How would you know I don't, since most of any donations I make are anonymous.
      2. Dugan is spelled with only 1 g.

      • Avatar gamerjohn says:

        Yeah, but the last four digits of your office number are 8008 which I noticed look like BOOB when I called your office last week.

  8. Avatar Todd says:

    Bring back Myron!!!!!!!!!

  9. Avatar TheyPlantedItInMyTru says:

    Golly, Dugan, aren't you aware that only conservatives are good Americans?

    That's what neocon pundits would like us to believe.

  10. Avatar Stephanie Luke says:

    Thank goodness for a voice in the (right wing wacko) wilderness. I was beginning to feel very alone.

  11. Avatar LR Watson says:

    This seems like the best place to answer a question that has long been on my mind.

    Politically I am a little bit right wing and left wing. Does this make me Bi-Wingual?

    I'm just wondering.

    • Avatar Joanne Lobeski Snyde says:

      I believe it does. And come to think of it, you're probably able to soar, while mono-wingual persons just thrash around in circles on the ground.

  12. Avatar Jim Dyar says:

    KIXE is currently in financial trouble as indicated by the recent layoffs of three employees. Phil Smith's background has been mostly in commercial television, and though he claims he got into public TV "to be involved in something his kids would be proud of," one has to wonder how much he values PBS' primary programing.

    You'd think KIXE's board of directors would be comprised of a different demographic, but their Tea Party flags are flying in full view. Smith is doing their bidding so it was goodbye "Democracy Now," which they hated. What other PBS mainstays do they detest? The bold and well-reported "Frontline"? Ken Burns documentaries on National Parks? Some pinko band singing protest songs on "Austin City Limits"?

    You'd think that putting lighted parades and football games would be the job of Redding community access television, but that's been a giant void for years. KIXE also fired a production manager, but now they're going to launch into tons of local programing? They're going to shoot, edit, produce and present local content on no budget? Boy, I can't wait to see how great that looks. I guess this means they'll be leaning on people to do a bunch of free work for them with the carrot that they'll get their video shown.

    Provided that video fits within (or doesn't rock) the Tea Party agenda, I guess it will probably air.

    It's the changing face of local public television.

    No thank you.

  13. Avatar Sara says:

    I lean a little to the right of center. I loved Democracy Now! So don't paint all conservatives with the same Pailin colored brush. We all just need to put our money elsewhere.

  14. Avatar Devon Hastings says:

    WHACK – overcome by a sudden tsunamic wave of irony – totalitarian KIXE general manager Phil Smith axes “Democracy Now “.

  15. Avatar sue says:

    Dish Network has a second PBS station on channel 249. They don't offer al lot, but the New Hour, Washington Week, Tavis Smiley and Charlie Rose are there. They are two hours ahead of us because it's a Chicago station.

    When we first moved to Redding, Dish let us carry the Bay Area stations for two years and we got KQED. Myron (bless him) said he put an end to that. Wowzer! The argument has something to do with marketing. If I can get the Chronicle in Redding please explain why I can't get the KQED. KIXE might lose viewers….ya think?

    Meanwhile, I too am reconsidering my pledge.


  16. Avatar Bob Quinlan says:

    There's some very short sighted dialogue here in regards to withholding support and/or pledges from KIXE. You're forgetting that local public television, viewer supported media will fold without our continued support. It's like not supporting the Record Searchlight. Love it. Hate it. Can't stand it. The Searchlight like KIXE is the only public television game in town. What would Redding be without a local newspaper or without a public television station?

    Withholding pledges is a passive/agressive form of protest and not at all proactive. Productive change can only be found through KIXE's Board. Attend meetings. Telephone board members. Become a board member. Apply pressure. Be part of the solution and not the problem by withholding your support just because the game is not going in your direction and you take you ball and go home.

    Be a team player.

    • Barbara Rice Barbara Rice says:

      As a matter of fact, I did write the board a letter (they have never replied) and also engaged in an futile email conversation with Mr. Smith (it took several emails before he finally admitted that he alone made the decision to pull DN, after first implying it was a decision that "had to be made").

      In my experience, that "team player" stuff is thrown around by the Captains of the Team to get people to do what they want; when the team asks for the same respect back from the Captain, they're told they're poor sports and have a bad atrtitude.

      In the end… money talks.

  17. Avatar Virginia says:

    Maybe you don't like Beck, O'Reilly, FoxNews, but you have CNN, MSNBC, NY Times, and broadcast TV. Maybe the others who watch NPR & Ch 9, get very tired of the liberal & progressive talk that is paid for by all the people. As the last person states, instead of personal attacks, you can change things you don't like. Be proactive, and do something that many in town do like to view such as Antique Roadshow and some of the good musical programs. No one ever said that life was perfect, but we still do need newspapers and public TV.

  18. Avatar pk5000 says:

    Nowhere and I repeat nowhere has it been stated that Mr Smith is thinking of doing away with any PBS programming. Good grief, why all the hysteria over one cancelled program? Have any of you ever even seen Democracy Now? At least up until the Record Searchlite wrote it's hit piece a few weeks ago? There is a reason it aired at 5am for crying out loud. It Sucked! I'd be willing to bet none of you even knew it was there until Smith cancelled it. And I would be willing to bet none of you (except Dugan) even financially support Public TV. Quit assaniting Smiths character. Besides, with all of the corporate TV and Radio out there (on both sides of the isle) what's wrong with some local programming?

  19. Dugan Barr Dugan Barr says:

    I do not advocate with holding support for KIXE. Frankly, my support has been on again, off again over the years, based largely on my own convenience. Mr. Smith is the new guy in town and deserves an opportunity to show us what he can do with the station. I think canceling Democracy Now was a huge error, and told him so in clear, concise language. At the same time, I like the idea of more local programming and can think of a lot of things besides parades and football games.

    Lets give this guy a chance to get his feet on the ground.

  20. Avatar Carl Bott says:

    Dugan Barr is correct in continuing support to KIXE. Stopping support is not the answer. Go to the KIXE website and look at the programing for September. Do you really want to stop supporting PBS Business Hour. Van Cliburn Piano Competition, BBC News, Julia Child, Lawrence Welk (okay, I was surprised with this), Music Without Borders, Mr Rogers, Curious George, Cat in the Hat, etc, etc, etc. I think you get my drift. By the way, all of the above were in the first 5 days of September.
    This is alternative programing to Fox and MSNBC. I may not watch/agree with all the programing but will not stop volunteering or donating to KIXE. We need this station as a community.
    And there is a room for local programing. There is time for local music (how would you like to see great local bands perform?), theater, politics (all sides) and yes, even a parade now and then.
    Its easy to complain and threaten. Its much more difficult to step up and make the station a success. Instead of hammering Smith give him constructive ideas that will enable KIXE to grow and thrive. That makes more sense.

  21. Avatar Jon Lewis says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with Dugan and Carl. KIXE needs our support more than ever, and I say this as one of the three full-timers who was unceremoniously shown the door last week. It's true that Phil Smith is not familiar with KIXE's product or its customers, but hopefully he'll learn. And hopefully he'll gain the confidence to manage the station without feeling the need to acquiesce to the vocal minority of the board of directors.

    I believe he does have the station's interests at heart; he's just having some first-inning difficulties with the execution. Trust me, he is not about to cancel any of the hundreds of wonderful and diverse programs KIXE has been sending out over the air to viewers in parts of 10 north state counties.

    I ask that any of you who have supported the station in the past continue to do so and remember that we are extremely fortunate to have a locally owned and operated PBS affiliate serving such a small market.

    It's said so often it feels like it's lost its meaning but it's still true: you are the public in public television. Please continue to be a part of it.

  22. Avatar Ruth Smith says:

    As Phil Smith's wife, I am saddened by the personal attacks, misquotes and overreactions to someone who is carefully making tough decisions every day to help this PBS station become financially stable and hopefully thrive for the families of this region. Phil has much experience and enthusiasm to give. Please be thoughtful as you write and talk to influence others. Consider the outcome you really want. Thank you to those of you have been supportive, understanding and encouraging. That is when you will get full advantage of all Phil has to offer.

    Is there any TV station that has an entire schedule of programs you love? Do you ring their GM's neck when they make a programming change that you don't like or don't understand? This station is not about politics. There are other outlets for that. KIXE has the best options for wholesome family TV. Don't you ever cringe when some stations have inappropriate scenes or commercials when you have children in the room?

    Let's show our appreciation for KIXE, the Board of Directors, the staff & volunteers, the donors & underwriters, and, yes, the new GM, for caring enough to work every day to make this possible. This station and its family-friendly programming make a difference in the future for the children who will be the leaders of our communities.

    To help this station be all it can be, I recommend supporting KIXE (in funds and words) and appreciating Phil's dedication to PBS, education, nature, the arts, history & science, community outreach, and potentially some local programs to showcase some of the region's events, artists, performers, athletes, scholars, etc. This market is fortunate to have such a great station with such a devoted and hard working general manager on board.

    Thank you for your consideration and supportive words, for when we are supportive of each other, the possibilities are endless.

    • Avatar Jim Dyar says:


      I do wish you and your husband and family the best here. I'm sorry if my comment above seemed like an attack.

      Public TV and Phil Smith do deserve support and Jon was very gracious with his words.

      Times are very tough and when I see times get a whole lot tougher for a close friend, I have to wonder why he wasn't given more of a chance to display his talents under new management.

      However, KIXE and its programs are truly valuable and about the only thing I watch on TV. The reporting and information from "Democracy Now!" needs to air, but I can concede the program, provided it's not a broader trend mandated by the board.

      Thanks for your comment, Ruth. Best to you and your family.

  23. Avatar david kerr says:

    In less than a minute, a google search of "dugan barr campaign contributions" gives this: http://www.campaignmoney.com/political/contributi

    The year he and greg winters, frequent letter writer to the R-S and past to donni greenberg's contributions to John Edwards would take me a few minutes more.

    Again, instead of complaining, why not put up the link to the podcast?

  24. Avatar david kerr says:

    When you consider the decline of the financially troubled Record Searchlight, it should come as no surprise that PBS and NPR should be cutting too. The R-S has almost no paid advertising, has replaced many reporters with poorly paid stringers, and appears to have declining subscribers. The five year stock charts of Scripps and McClatchy are ugly.

  25. Avatar Doug Bennett says:

    So many good comments and thoughts here. I would just like to add some others. First, it is good to see that Phil has his wife's support; her words tell us a little about his decision making. When she makes the statement, "This station is not about politics. There are other outlets for that. KIXE has the best options for wholesome family TV." She is reflecting her and Phil's ideology.
    What she and Phil may not understand is that removing an important, ADULT voice from the air waves that has brought attention to issues that are not fully or unbiasedly presented in network "news" shows, that is a political act. If the existing board is as overrun by political interests as some here (Jim Dyar and others) have indicated, then that board is needs to be replaced. Media outlets are the sources of information that allow citizens to make informed opinions. NOT HAVING A PUBLIC STATION PROVIDE NEWS is a political position that chooses to dumb America down. The BBC is government funded, but it is protected from special interests for the most part. We have few corporate news stations that are not affected by special interests, even the ones considered to be "unbiased". PBS is the perfect spot for news, NOT ELIMINATING IT! Bill Moyers and Amy Goodman are perfect examples of this. Hundreds of PBS and NPR donors made this clear several years running. To unilaterally make a biased decision and remove Democracy Now! was a mistake. A more community attuned manager would have known that to start with. A man willing to acknowledge his mistakes and rectify them is a man the community can embrace.
    Phil has proposed putting Democracy Now! back on with some "balancing" programming. Personally, I think he needs to put it back on soon, with whatever balancing program he chooses. Phil, the ball is in your court.

    • Barbara Rice Barbara Rice says:

      Thank you for saying this.

      I cringed a little bit when I read the phrase "wholesome family TV" … to me, that means bland kiddie TV that'll make the adults snooze. With that philosophy, great shows with adult themes and scenes like "Mystery!," "The Civil War," and "Tales of the City" would never have made it to KIXE.

  26. Avatar Sheila Barnes says:

    My addition to this conversation is that it seems prudent to hold an OPEN KIXE board meeting to allow public comment referring to the various concerns and statements related to decisions about KIXE's current and future broadcasting. If this is TRULY OUR station, then, please, Mr. Smith, provide an OPEN forum to share your vision for the future of our local public television station as well as answer concerns about recent programming decisions. KIXE is OUR station – please show us that you intend to continue with this mission.

    • Avatar Philip Smith says:


      KIXE board meetings are opened to the public and have been for decades. This fact has been advertised on our air for years.

      If you or any others would like additional information regarding the time and place, please call the station.


  27. Avatar Pam Baugh says:

    Talk is cheap. When I worked for KIXE and was recording secretary for the Board of Directors, we had annual meetings each year to which the membership and public were invited…in all those years we had maybe three people show up. We practically begged people to attend and we made it clear that all board meetings are open meetings…

    We tried town hall type meetings, taking the 'show' to various communties around the north state. Believe me, after several of those, with one, two or no attendees, you kinda do feel you are an entity unto yourself.

    If all this conversation really does lead to participation then your voices will be heard. Amazing things can happen in a face to face two way conversation!

    We ARE the public television AND public television is a business, so there is a need for both member input and management skills.

    Be involved, be curious, be passionate and be pro-active.

  28. Avatar JimG says:

    Very interesting article and ongoing comments – just wonder if KIXE management should be invited to respond with an article of their own. I recall last Spring there was an introduction of the new director (New KIXE Director Proud to be in Public TV), and I'd like to hear what his first 90 days have been like, along with plans for the coming year.

  29. Avatar LynD says:

    Excuse me, but not everyone who watches KIXE lives in Redding. Will "local" programming include the BalloonFest in Alturas? We contribute support to the station as well, but I am always amazed at how few people in Redding actually know where Alturas is.

    • Avatar Philip Smith says:


      We're starting a series of vignettes showcasing North State events and this one sounds perfect. It looks like it was just held on Sept 19th so we've missed it for this year. I'd sure like to cover it next year! My wife and kids would love to see the Balloons as well.

      Let me know if there are any other events in your area you'd like to see covered.

      You can email me at psmith@kixe.org or you can call me at the station at (530) 243-5493.

      Thanks for your support and positive ideas!


  30. Avatar Sue Maxey says:


    I work at KIXE as an Engineer and certainly know where Alturas is. I was just there a week ago and will be making a return trip this week to service the two translators that serve both Alutras and Canby. Local events of all of the ten counties that KIXE serves is certainly a goal of KIXE. To achieve these goals it is going to take time and money. The KIXE staff is eager to try new things and make our station even more of an asset to our communities. I just hope that the viewers will help us achieve our goals.

    Did you know that with a newer TV or converter box and antenna you could be getting 3 channels from KIXE free?

  31. Avatar Terry says:

    I for one was involved in the long fight to get Democracy Now! added to the KIXE broadcast. First at an obscenely late hour when the news was already a day late and then at an hour when few are awake in Redding. I was also present when a group of progressive-minded folks brought Amy Goodman to Redding to speak to a packed house at the Shasta Learning Center. Anyone that has had the privilege to listen to her unbiased reporting of events that most of the media ignores or under reports recognizes the value of her work.
    Sure she reports on controversial topics that embarrass or should embarrass all of us, but isn't that what journalists are supposed to do — find newsworthy events and report them objectively without editorializing — and yes Walter Kronkite and Edward R. Murrow would be proud of her. Too bad Phil Smith doesn't or won't recognize the value. Just can't buy the "tough decisions" argument.

  32. Avatar Joanne Lobeski Snyde says:

    I appreciate that this forum, at this website, allows for a civilized and respectful exploration of an issue. I've learned so much from reading more informed people's comments and discussion. Thank you anewscafe.

    • Doni Greenberg Doni Greenberg says:

      I second your comment, Joanne. It's one of the many things I love about this "we site". Of couse, it's readers like you who make such such civilized communication possible.Thank you, dear readers! 🙂