Assessor Morgan: I’m the Taxpayer’s Advocate


Candidate statement from Leslie Morgan, Shasta County Assessor-Recorder

It’s critical that the Assessor-Recorder’s office is managed by someone who is educated, experienced, and committed to ensure professionalism and integrity.  I’m your best choice for Shasta County Assessor-Recorder.  I’m the only candidate with experience within the office, education specific to the laws which govern the office, and who can give the citizens a long-term commitment.

I have a Bachelor of Science from Chico State majoring in Business Administration, Accounting; and over 400 certified State Board training hours within my Advanced Appraiser Certificate.  This education provides a foundation for better budget practices and staff management; and is balanced by my understanding the impact of those decisions on the requirements of the departments.

My 14 years experience began as an Auditor Appraiser in 1995.  In 2006, I was elected Assessor-Recorder.  I’ve applied my experience to the examination of training procedures, internal workflow practices, mapping procedures, production analysis, and customer service policies.  My expertise is relied upon to make the policy calls required that will advocate for the citizens while adhering to the laws, rules, and regulations.

Professionalism and integrity are essential.  I believe the office should act as a taxpayer advocate when looking for ways to ensure accuracy in assessments and recordings.  I’ve led a reduced staff in a proactive approach to value reductions, resulting in over $16.5 million in tax dollar savings for Shasta County citizens.

I personally designed and programmed the data extracts and reports used to provide the most comprehensive approach to value reviews. I utilize both technology and appraiser opinion of value to ensure the assessments enrolled are the lowest values evidenced within the market and allowed by law.  When performing over 50,000 sales reviews during a 10 week period, it’s critical that I have a well defined process.

I review our process with other counties to compare date ranges, overall trends, and the lag from larger counties into Shasta County.  These past three years are only the beginning for property reviews.  Many taxpayers in Shasta County will qualify for value reductions for years to come.  I will be here to ensure the accuracy of your assessments now and in the future.

It’s my commitment that I will take the duties of the Assessor-Recorder seriously and the responsibility personally.  I will not pass the decision making down in such a way that I’m no longer running the department.  When you elect me to be the Assessor-Recorder I will be the person performing those duties.  I will represent Shasta County in state organizations such as the County Recorder’s Association of California, and the California Assessor’s Association, by applying my expertise at a state level and bringing back the information to the department.

To be a leader in these departments requires experience, education, and commitment.  Thank you for electing me as your Assessor-Recorder.  I look forward to continuing to serve you.; (530) 605-1550

A partial list of over 350 endorsements include:

Hon. James T. Hull – Prior Assessor; Hon. Marjorie A. Kivley – Prior Recorder; Hon. Douglas W. Wacker – Lake County Assessor-Recorder; Hon. Mike Mallory – Siskiyou County Assessor-Recorder; Hon. Jerry ‘Abe’ Hatheway; Hon. Charles H. Moss; Hon. Jacque C. Williams; Hon. Carol M. Whitmer EdD; Hon. Gracious A. Palmer; Hon. Dan Gover; Hon. Dick Dickerson; Sheriff Tom Bosenko; Hon. Roy. ‘Pete’ Peters; Appt. Paul Walther; Hon. Glenn E. Hawes; and Hon. K. Maurice Johannessen; Robert H. Shaw, MAI; George Serna, CPA; Linda Batten; Ken D. Brown; Denise Butcher; Ted Carr; Manny Chavaz; Bill Fratus; Brad Garbutt; Dan Gilliland; Sandra Hess; Lynn Leistinger; Jerry Malley; Frederika Martin; Wayne Martin; Bob Mitchell; Charles J. Murrell; William J. Quinn; Emilie Reedy; Esther Auerbach; Scott Swendimen; David VanGerpen; Marie Whitacre; Dawn Wichael; Bill Wright; Jeff & Tom Aboud; Bob & Betty Axner; Bradd & Peggy McDannold; Rich & Maxine Morgan; Jim & Sharlet Seale; Dr. Don Rhodes, OD; Dr. Editha C. Orlino-Oliva, MD; Dr. Darrin D Oilar DC; George & Christine McArthur; John & Shirley McArthur.


United Public Employees of California Local 792; California School Employees Association Chapter 642; Five Counties Central Labor Council; Operating Engineers Local Union No. 3; Teamsters Local 137; Redding Rancheria; and Shasta County Deputy Sheriff’s Association.

Candidate Bio: Leslie Morgan

Age: 40

Occupation: Shasta County Assessor-Recorder

I was born and raised in Shasta County. My father Darrell Baker graduated from Enterprise High School, and my mother Dolores (Martinez) Baker from Anderson High School. I have two brothers and numerous relatives here in Shasta County. I grew up in Bella Vista and graduated from Enterprise High School in 1988.

My husband, John Morgan, is a Certified Fitter in Orthotics. John was raised in Happy Valley, where we currently reside. John and I have an eleven-year-old daughter and a nine-year-old son.

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17 Responses

  1. Avatar Glen Barnes says:

    "Taxpayer Advocate"

    I admire the fact that our current Assessor-Recorder has continued to stress the point that she is the only candidate with experience. However, experience can be defined in many ways.

    Although technology and understanding of data is extremely important, our elected public servants are voted by the people to be a Leader and communicate with other community agencies, public officials the economic impacts of property assessments as it related to tax revenue. The decline in market values has been unprecedented and I here the frustrations of many local county residents every day. The office of Assessor-Recorder deserves someone with the perspective of running a business in both good times and declines.

    The true Taxpayer Advocate appears to be the challenging candidate, Ron Largent. A man who has dedicated his entire career to helping people in the community by defending their property owner rights, experienced leadership and a knowledge far beyond the daily tasks of government officials. This is an election that is important to the people of Shasta County and I sincerely hope that people will take a serious look at both candidates. We are tired of the same redundant rhetoric and need a voice that can speak for all citizens.

    I'm voting for Ron Largent:. "The Real Taxpayer Advocate"

    Glen Barnes

    • Avatar Joe Dirt says:

      You are a Great American. Any relation to Terry Barnes(Ron's campaign manager). It's always nice to see what Ron's Pawn's have to say about someone who has a alot of respect in this town.

      Leslie, you are doing s great job. We are looking foward to another 4 years of professional experience.

    • Avatar Lorraine Willburn says:

      Leadership is leading people forward in a commendable manner. Largent does not represent true leadership. Ask yourself, really, if the many people he has worked with and dealt with cannot support him why would other citizens trust him. Having so few supporters along with contributors shows a lack of leadership. One of Largent’s contributors, Reverge Anselmo, has made it known that he will donate to a candidate if a candidate will agree with a contract that Anselmo presents to them. As it turns out according to the financial reports Largent has received a $5000 donation from Anselmo. Leadership should be ethical without deceptions and misrepresentations. Concerns have mounted as to why Largent has received money from Reverge Anselmo and a link to a contract agreement between only Largent’s and Anselmo’s interest. Having personal and unethical agreements on the side doesn’t represent leadership for all citizens. Leadership should not be tainted by a conflict of interest.

  2. Avatar Grammy says:

    She sure was quick to address our problem. I read what her competition is saying, he doesn't know what he is talking about. Super quick response. Can't ask for more. Oh and she is a really nice person.

  3. Avatar crose says:

    Candidate for Assessor-Recorder, Ron Largent, enjoys playing fast and loose with statistical data. While he claims that only 17% of the 96,000 parcels listed on the secured assessment roll have been given a Prop 8 value reduction, he fails to mention that only 25,262 were eligible for review on January 1, 2009. The remaining properties were government owned land, restricted values under Williamson Act/Timber Protection Zones, assessed by the State on the Utility Roll, untaxed with values under $2000, and properties held in the same ownership for many years and protected by Prop. 13. Of the 25,262 parcels reviewed, 16,400 were granted a value reduction.

    Another point to consider is the fact that the property taxes that you paid last December and last month were based on your property’s value as of the January 1, 2009 lien date. The tax bill that you will be receiving on November 1, 2010 will be based on the January 1, 2010 lien date.

    Assessor-Recorder Leslie Morgan and her staff have been diligently reviewing values back to 1/1/2001 and will be enrolling reductions accordingly. Those who believe that further reductions are warranted are encouraged to contact the Assessor and request a review.

    Ask yourself who is best prepared to take on the challenges of this economic downturn:

    Ron Largent, a 70-year-old (71 in Nov.) real estate salesman with absolutely no assessment experience, a degree in music, and a campaign based on faulty statistical data.


    Leslie Morgan, 40, with 14 years assessment experience, the past 3 1/2 as the Assessor/Recorder, and a B.S. in Business Administration/Accounting with an Advanced Appraisal Certificate from the State Board of Equalization.

    Ms. Morgan has restored an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation among her staff and to the public; which was sorely lacking in the prior administration. Her leadership, education, integrity, experience, and commitment to the people of Shasta County make her by far the most qualified candidate for Assessor-Recorder.

    • Avatar Glen Barnes says:

      It's obvious from your remarks that you support our current Assessor-Recorder and that's what freedom of speech is all about. You have the right to defend the candidate that you feel is the most qualified for the position.

      The people of Shasta County deserve a choice. Not only is your "Age Factor" unacceptable in a political race, it demonstrates an ignorance and disrespect to mature adults who have gone through decades of real life experienes. Some of the most intelligent and capable community officials of similar age have served our country extremely well in all places of government and private sectors.

      Mr. Largent is well known as a leader in our county, He is not simply a Real Estate salesperson, in fact, he has owned and managed large firms for many years. His experience in sales, marketing, management , community service organizations, where he serves on many boards, make him even a stronger candidate with the ability to communicate with the public and make good fiscal decisions. Unlike the incumbent, he offers our citizens a new and refreshing approach to one of the most challenging economic conditions in history.

      His platform is NOT all about statistics, It's about being fair, timely and equitable in property assessments. While many have been satisfied with the current status of the office, many are just plain MAD and are demanding change. May I suggest you refer to Mr. Largent's website or simply have a cup of coffee with him to really have a full appreciation of his talents, vision and energy.

      I encourageeveryone to VOTE for Ron Largent on June 8th..

      • Avatar crose says:

        According to the State Dept. of Real Estate, Ron Largent is currently a licensed Real Estate Salesperson (License #00442096) and employee of Red Hall Inc.

        As for his age, I am also over 60 and retired after spending many years in the workforce. While I don’t consider myself useless, I fully realize that I am no longer as energetic as I used to me. It’s not easy for a person nearing 71 to put in the 40+ hours per week required of this job, plus all of the out of town travel to attend conferences, training, and workshops. If Mr. Largent intends to seek a position with the California Assessors’ Assn., as Ms. Morgan currently holds, more meetings are involved. Just hope he realizes that this isn’t just some 9-5 job with lots of spare time.

  4. Avatar Dorothy Nethery says:

    Leslie, Seems to me, from what I have read about you and Ron Largent, you are the most qualified. Keep up the good work. You have my vote.

  5. Avatar TjSpenc says:

    I Believe that the most qualified individual should be the Shasta County Assessor-Recorder. I highly doubt that an individual with a High School Diploma is more qualified than an Individual who was an Officer in the United States Air Force.

    • Avatar TjSpenc says:

      ….excuse me, my mistake, an individual with a Bachelors in Business and no Realty market experience is more qualified than a retired United Sates Air Force Officer who knows the property Assessment market, trends and characteristics.
      It's a science folks, and to have an in depth knowledge of how it reacts to Fiscal and economical trends, you need to have hands on experience.

      In response to your statistic quote "..Prop 8 value reduction, he fails to mention that only 25,262 were eligible for review on January 1, …" of those 25,262 houses that should have been, but were never re assessed, did ANY of those property values fluctuate? Do YOU think the people living in those homes would have wanted to be NOTIFIED that they COULD save money under Proposition 8?

      You also mention "Assessor-Recorder Leslie Morgan and her staff have been diligently reviewing values back to 1/1/2001 and will be enrolling reductions accordingly." you mention 'WILL BE enrolling reductions accordingly' insinuating that it hasn't been done; so now that this issue has been brought to the public's attention you are saying that her office will fix the problem…However, if she had more knowledge of property trends & fluctuations, she might have been better prepared for the recent fluctuation of the market.

    • Avatar DonneMairi says:

      A Bachelor's in business has a lot more relevance to the position than being in the Air Force. Leslie is very aware of the trends and fluctuations. Back in 2007, Ron Largent was still saying that everything was going to be okay and not to worry about the slump in real estate. That was when Leslie had her staff started working on the lowered values that would become effective on the January 1, 2008 lien date, the earliest they could be by law. Her having the staff go back to 2003 so far, equals the drop in values that shows on Ron's graph. The planned reviews going back to 2001 for this coming year exceed Ron's projections of the decreases. Additionally, each property now under Prop 8 will be reviewed each year and reflect any additional changes in value until the values eventually return to their peak.

      What can Ron do that is not already being done? Specifically, not just promises.

      If everything is being done that is possible and permissible under the law, then keep Leslie Morgan in office.

      P.S. What is this Anselmo contract that has been referred to more and more lately that Ron and one other candidate supposedly signed in return for his $5000 campaign contributions?

      • Avatar tjspenc says:

        DonneMairi, You seem to refer to her staff as well as internal operations quite a bit…do you currently work for Leslie? Ron is a very creative and intelligent business owner and Family man who enjoys talking to and meeting people. Leslie does not like to talk in front of groups of people let alone meet new people and yet she holds a public voted position. From what I see, Mr. Largent enjoys talking to people, groups, associations and always has a smile on his face, he is a very positive person.

        In reference to your "promises" question – Right now, all Mr. Largent can do is promise and show models of what could be implemented, because of the obvious – currently he is a candidate for the position.

        Personally, I don't believe everything is being done that could be done, nor do I believe that Leslie is being as diligent as she could be. I think she could be more innovative in engaging public and could implement a better motivational approach to her office staff. I think a person with a Bachelors in Business should be able to do a hell of a lot more for the general pubic and the people of Shasta County in the Assessor-Recorder position.

        As far as campaign contributions, I'm not sure what you are talking about, however, it is my understanding that every candidate's campaign committee regardless of which office or position they are campaigning for, County & State , is running under a non-profit type of organization and can receive donations and contributions towards their campaign.

        PS. What is this rumor I hear around town about Mrs. Morgan receiving money from local Unions? Or about her Father-in-law cussing like a sailor at Mr. Largent in a department store?

  6. Avatar Citizen says:

    Well, Ron Largent & bunch still working on:

    If, you can't razzle dazzle with knowledge, baffle with bull s_ _ _.

  7. Avatar Carol & Rex says:

    We saw "this young lady" riding a +bicycle+ in Burney, to deliver flyers for her re-election! With dedication, hope, enthusiasm, desire to serve the citizens, ect., who could ask for more? We do not know her, and don't need to. She has our votes, and i hope she has yours! P.S. IT WAS HOT IN BURNEY THAT DAY, believe it or not!

    • Avatar Joe Dirt says:

      She was riding her bike at my friends house in Shingletown a few weeks ago. There are no flat roads out there. I think she got everyones vote considering she was the only candidate to do so.

  8. Avatar pmarshall says:

    Leslie. I have already voted for you. As far as I am concerned, you are doing a great job. There is no doubt in my mind that you are qualified, and you don't seek to go on to another office. I really don't believe all the other "hot air".

  9. Avatar Mike says:

    Leslie Morgan is the REAL DEAL.

    She's not a politician.

    She's a hard working public servant who doesn't need to play games and dance with monied bed-fellows who lay out $5000 to get signatories for nefarious secret contracts.

    Geez, of all of the clues, this would be the big one.

    Vote Morgan.