Largent for Assessor: You Deserve Timely, Fair Reviews

To the Proud Voters of Shasta County,

It is my privilege to have the opportunity to represent you as a candidate for Assessor-Recorder in the upcoming election on June 8th. This is an important decision to all of our local citizens that impacts our future and the rights of property owners in Shasta County … Continue Reading


Assessor Morgan: I’m the Taxpayer’s Advocate

It’s critical that the Assessor-Recorder’s office is managed by someone who is educated, experienced, and committed to ensure professionalism and integrity. I’m your best choice for Shasta County Assessor-Recorder. I’m the only candidate with experience within the office, education specific to the laws which govern the office, and who can give the citizens … Continue Reading


We Want (to hear from) You! Shasta County Primary Candidates

On 6-8-10, expect voting time again! And we want to hear from all Shasta County Primary Election candidates – both opposed and unopposed. Where are our manners? Allow us to extend a proper invitation. Dear Shasta County election hopefuls, You are cordially invited to submit a written statement for… Continue Reading