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8 Responses

  1. Avatar Erin Friedman says:

    I would replace our badly abused carpeting with Italian sandstone flooring – and add a couple of Persian rugs to absorb sound. Then I'd hire a a maid to keep the dog hair swept up…and oh, well…nevermind.

  2. Avatar Chris Bennor says:

    Built in bookshelves. Not sure 100% where they'd go, but my dream is to have more bookshelves than I ever need!

  3. Avatar lee riggs says:

    A kitchen revamp with two comercial stoves, a hobart mixer and plenty of work space

  4. Avatar Barbara Stone says:

    A great soaking tub with the faucets in the middle of the lengthwise side.

  5. Avatar Ann Webber says:

    Ditto to Lee and I would include a big outdoor kitchen with a wood oven and smoker.

  6. I'm with Lee Riggs about the commercial Hobart mixer, and a steam-ejecting bread oven.

  7. Avatar Paula says:

    Oh, boy, so many ideas! Since there area three of us, we would each have an addition.

    For my husband, a swimming pool with jacuzzi, preferably indoors, or at least a covered space with roll-down sides for privacy. This would allow us to swim or soak in a state of nakedness that no one else wants to see. He would also add a full outdoor kitchen/dining/relaxation area, which would include a built-in barbecue made from a 55 gallon drum, a reuseable pit barbecue, a smoker, all other kitchen amenities in the utdoors setting, plus a complete wet bar. No cook or bartender needed, he is quite proficient at those tasks.

    I would have a studio in which to do my various artwork. Perfect ventilation, a sense of fresh air moving, perfect cooling/heating would be necessary as the room would be sealed off and soundproofed. This is required to both blot out my ocasional shrieking at a good-project-gone-bad, and so that I may wallow in my own music at a volume of my own preference. My love of music is intense, my tastes include too many genre to list, thus my playlists can be a bit disconcerting to the uninitiated. They even disturb my DH of 20 years, and I am often interrupted with "where did you find THAT awful thing?" when an interesting song rolls by.

    For my son, a combination physical/cyber library/total media center, allowing him constant light-speed access to online sources pertaining to his studies in art history and Egyptology, as well as to use for Big Computer Fun.

    Finally, for the two of my guys, I would add a fully-outfitted musical recording studio, with both analog and electronic equipment, plus some major production talent hired on as staff. Since between them they play drums, flute, bass guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, harmonica, digeredoo (sp?), etc. and since I want to learn to play the Concertina, we need all the recording/mixing help we can get.

    Ah, dreams.


  8. Avatar Kimmer says:

    Exterior Paint