Super Bowl Mardi Gras

What an exciting Super Bowl! The New Orleans Saints finished their stellar season by upsetting the Indianapolis Colts, 31-17, in a come-from-behind win.

Drew Brees tied the Super Bowl record for completed passes (32), but the biggest play came on defense: A 74-yard interception return for a touchdown by Tracy Porter. Coach Sean Payton again proves a cool gambler, pulling off a surprise onside kick.  And New Orleans finally gets an NFL title and the big party it deserves.

Full game coverage here.

The halftime show featured the two surviving members of The Who and an assortment of anonymous backup players who could’ve been called The Who Dat. Pete Townshend had wardrobe malfunctions (his shirttail and coat kept getting in the way of his guitar-playing), and Roger Daltrey seemed to be gasping for breath the whole time, but the old boys did themselves right proud, and the light show was terrific.

The vaunted Super Bowl commercials? Yawn.

  • The Redding Police Department warns that someone is trying a telephone scam, calling people and telling them to send a money order to share in lottery winnings. No legitimate contest or sweepstakes ever asks a winner to pay anything, police say, and you should never give personal financial information to strangers over the phone. For more info, call Investigator Eric Little at 225-4214.
  • Insomnia Report: I’m now on the Dr Pepper Sleep Plan: Go to bed at 10, wake up at 2, get up at 4.
  • DVD I Watched on the Dreadmill: “Murder by Contract,” a 1958 hitman movie starring a very young Vince Edwards. Great “B” movie, with commentary by Martin Scorsese.
  • Rules for Successful Living #35: You can’t roller-skate in a buffalo herd.

sb-07-09A journalist since 1975, Steve Brewer is the author of 16 books, most recently the thriller “Cutthroat.” He moved to Redding from New Mexico in 2003.

Steve Brewer

is the author of CUTTHROAT and 17 other books. Read more of his columns at http://stevebrewer.blogspot.com/, or follow him on Facebook.

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