For Shasta-Area Low-Income Home Buyers, HAP Brings Happiness – But Hurry

The big news in this era of economic austerity is that the government Housing Assistance Program has $1.2 million to give away locally to low income home buyers to purchase foreclosed homes in certain neighborhoods. Of course there are a few strings attached, and perhaps the biggest one you need to know is that they have to give it all away by June 30, 2010, or the money reverts to the state (plus – see the kicker below).

Called the C4-HAP program, the money is available as loans up to $65,000 that are 100 percent forgivable after five years. It’s true! Stay in the house for five years, paying no interest on that loan, and then that Housing Assistance portion of the loan is completely forgiven. You can add gap financing of up to $65,000 to your regular home loan, in order to buy a house up to $190,000.


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Here are some neighborhoods approved for this program:

In Anderson, all of tract 121 and Anderson Heights

Redding census tracts: City of Redding – 101, 103, 107.01, 113, 114, 106, 108.01, 108.02, 110 and 118.

All of Shasta Lake City, census tracts 117, & 116 Block Group 1.

See all the Shasta MLS bank-owned and government owned homes here:


You can determine the census tract number by typing individual addresses of properties at this www.factfinder.census.gov address search link:


And here’s the kicker: $750,000 of this $1.2 million grant has to be in contract by March 31, or it returns to the state!

So let’s hurry up and take advantage of this unique opportunity. If you are not able to take advantage of this, perhaps you know somebody who is, and can pass this information along.

If you are interested in this program, you can go to the Shasta County Department of Housing and Community Action Programs Office located at 1450 Court Street, Suite 108, in Redding between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m., Monday through Friday to complete a waiting list application. You can always get more information from an informed Shasta Association Realtor.


From left, Jessaca Lugo, Jody White and Torri Glasgow at the Shasta Association of Realtors

City of Redding – Jodi White (530) 225-4173 jwhite@ci.redding.ca.us

City of Shasta Lake – Jessaca Lugo (530) 275-7464 jessaca.lugo@ci.shasta-lake.ca.us or

Loree Byzick (530) 275-7463 loree.byzick@ci.shasta-lake.ca.us

City of Anderson – Torri Glasgow (530) 245-6431 tglasgow@co.shasta.ca.us

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skipmurphySkip Murphy and his daughter, Erin, are Redding area Realtors with Coldwell Banker. Skip’s blog is at ReallyRedding.com

Skip Murphy

and his daughter, Erin, are Redding-area Realtors with Coldwell Banker. Murphy’s blog is at ReallyRedding.com

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