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9 Responses

  1. Avatar Mrs. Beans says:

    Having a family and keeping a smile on my face so my children knew everything was okay even though we only had popcorn and milk for dinner that night.

  2. Avatar Erin Friedman says:

    Birthing my babies at home – very empowering.

  3. Avatar Kelly Brewer says:

    Enjoying my kids for who they are, not who I thought they should be.

  4. Avatar Grammalyn says:

    Acting on stage for the very first time.

  5. Avatar Kate says:

    Continuing to believe in and walk with the Lord even when facing the worst tragedy of my life.

  6. Avatar Anita says:

    Helping my Dad through his last days.

  7. Avatar Troy Hawkins says:

    Bravery comes in many forms. Some are obvious while others are harder to identify and convince others that the act was brave.
    Saving a child from a burning house or defending a friend or family member against an attack are easily defined at brave.

    I see bravery as anything that involves stepping out of your normal comfort zone, taking a chance and expanding your own self view.

    With that said. I think my bravest act is looking inside my self, retrieving experiences, memories and reliving moments of my past in order to create art. In order to create real art you must be honest, somethings painfully honest. Artists must use this honesty as energy and that energy is used to fuel the emotion that they feel while painting.

    I know most of you are going to huff at this act being considered brave. But please allow me to explain. Jack Pollock said "Every good painter paints what he is." If you opened yourself up for criticism, as all artists do by exhibiting, could you handle to critique, ridicule and the review that happens to such an intimate act? Artists express great emotion through the work that they produce. They also endure great honesty by those viewing what the share. I think that is true bravery.

  8. Avatar Carla Foreman-Maslin says:

    Standing up & speaking out against injustice & corruption within your community. When you have been threatened with abuse & lies because the truth is told. When many have turned their back on you & you still stand up in the face of injustice because it is what you believe in. No one can take away the truth, but people can believe in lies if they choose to & join in with corrupt Tribal Leaders at. Redding Rancheria. Not only have they stolen the Foreman family rights, they have stolen the Foreman family identity, historical heritage, & cultural rights. To deny our rights to who we are even when they have DNA evidence that proved the blood link, which they required, is an injustice that is an outrage to all human beings. Human & Civil rights are for all people!