Sunday Funny: So, What Do YOU Do All Day?


Phil Fountain is a cartoonist and writer based in the far reaches of Northern Californey.
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16 Responses

  1. Barbara Rice Barbara Rice says:


  2. Avatar Lis Solberg says:

    Sad and true.

  3. Avatar Natalie says:

    I think he has too many teeth to really qualify.

  4. Avatar Uncle Duke says:

    now the comment poster on the rechid penlight website has a face,,,awesome

    • Avatar Phil "Philbert& says:

      I may have prettied him up too much…

      I have to admit, one of the things I appreciate most about A News Cafe is the overall intelligence and civility I see in our "comments." Even when we disagree, it seems respectful, and that, to me, is what America is all about. I almost always learn something from people that I disagree with, except Brewer. He just prattles on and on about how tough it is to work in your pajamas. For all I know, his alter-ego's screen name is "Comment Removed By Staff."

      Thanks for reading (and commenting) – you guys crack me up!

      • Avatar Uncle Duke says:

        although not civilized all the time the San Francisco Chronicles website has some good poster's. i think what makes the difference is the way the publication is presented. both a news cafe and the chronicle and even the chico er for example have a more professional stance on how articles are written and presented. the rechid flashlight is more or less mis-mashed and then recycled with a somewhat dramatic spin. after seeing tabloid paper's like the sun and the national enquirer are like i dont see the rechid flashlight being too far off.

        if the retch wants to remain a local paper that is trusted by the citizens of this community it need's to focus more on the community with a neutral stance on local happenings and not focus on ego's. and also not recycling news storys help's.

        also i sure hope i am wrong about my theory that the new's storys and feature's are not spawned off from the redding craigslist rant and rave section. it's just a theory.

  5. Avatar Ann Webber says:

    Pure genius, never expected less!

  6. Avatar D. Nethery says:

    Phil, Isn't it frightening to think these people walk among us!?!

  7. Avatar Don Cohen says:

    Hey Phil, almost perfect, I wear briefs not boxers.

  8. Avatar Terry Husa says:

    Hey Phil,

    Picture this!

    Tiger doesn't need to "SWEAT" those endorsments he might lose—

    I have a new idea!

    You know those "MIRRORS" the bicycle riders wear on their helments?

    This is a SLAM DUNK!

    He could even wear one in the next tourney–

    He might even top Letterman!

    JUST A Thought!

    I'm a weird guy—

    • Avatar Phil "Philbert& says:

      Yes, Terry, yes you are. Weird. But, funny. We love you anyway. Well, "love" might be pushing it but we're glad you're reading. I'll take the Tiger Woods thing under advisement. Thank you.

  9. Avatar pmarshall says:

    Watch football, Philbert, (on Sunday) no four letter words there????

  10. Avatar Budd Hodges says:

    Hey Philbert…you got this one right about the weird posters on

    But hey, they do make for entertaining reading. What a bunch of waks. Thinking outside the box with their strange ideas will find themselves open for display and ridicule hiding behind their lies and half truths.

    Loved your toon. Someone has to give them shit!


  11. Avatar Ken says:

    I look at internet porn and post comments on RS.