“Iron – The 26th Element” Fundraiser

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What: “Iron – The 26th Element”

Why: 100 percent of all money raised from ticket sales will benefit the Westside Performing Arts Company.

When: Sept. 12, 6:30 p.m.

Where: At the private home/art gallery of Gary Desmond & Armando

Cost: $25 per person. Tickets go on sale Aug. 1 at Backyard Destinations, 530-223-2802, 2948 Bechelli Lane. Tickets need to be purchased in advance.

More: Other tickets can be purchased for a chance to win an Armando custom-framed, signed and numbered giclee print – $1a ticket or 11 for $10. Drawing will be held at the event. (Need not be present to win.)

About the artist: Armando started this art concept about a year ago, inspired by his 13 years of welding experience.  “Iron – The 26th Element” is the first time the public can see Armando’s iron sculptures – a fusion of abstract works of art; something new for art lovers.

More info: Contact Armando at (530) 242-8804, or click here.

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