Kimberly Nicole: Boutique for the mind, body and soul


As a schoolteacher-turned-boutique-owner, 29-year-old Kimberly Nicole Woods doesn’t just bring inventory into her downtown Redding store, she studies it. She bonds with it. She gets to know everything about each piece.

Then the educator/retailer shares what she’s learned with her customers. Sometimes Woods even names handbags, shoes and clothing. That’s how a flowy white cotton dress with curvy black embroidery and a fitted bodice earned the name Inner Peace.

She generally characterizes her merchandise as exotic, new and vintage pieces from around the world. But she also likes to describe it as “something old, something new, something jewelry, something blue (jeans).”


Kimberly Nicole Woods reflects her shop, and her namesake retail boutique, Kimberly Nicole, reflects her. Even the wall’s paint name, Delicate Bliss, resonates with her.

It’s circle of fulfillment for Woods. The store brings her joy, and she passes it on to her customers.

Kimberly Nicole’s doors opened July 1, so Woods hasn’t yet implemented even a fraction of her plans, such as in-store book clubs, gift registries, personal shopping services, bridal showers and birthday parties. She also plans a monthly photographic feature of “real women” of the Redding area, a celebration and recognition of how local women improve our community.


But much is ready, including the inviting “man chair” near a corner lamp, especially situation so guys could  relax while they wait.

But women are her primary focus.

“I want all women to feel comfortable here. I want professional women who have a little more money to spend on themselves, I want students, and women who work at McDonald’s, and mothers and teenagers, to find something here.”

My brief stop by Woods’ shop last week seemed to confirm exactly that. A diverse mix of women came and went.

Customers included physician Lauren Strickland, a breast surgeon who just moved to Redding from the Bay Area. She’s already a regular at Woods’ boutique, where Strickland browsed while her little daughter made herself at home on the colorful slipper chairs and inside the dressing rooms, whose sides are massive antique bedposts.

Meanwhile, some women in medical uniforms stopped by. And a bit later, a young woman came in search of something for a bridal party. She took a quick glance around and said, “Aw, man! I knew if I came in I’d spend money!”

For Woods, part of her own comfort with her shop is its location, a place she insists chose her after a previously arranged Dana Drive location fell through.

She loves her spot, with its California Street entrance, a few doors north of Westside Java. The alley is her doorstep, where passers-by do a doubletake at the window displays of pretty dresses, trendy shoes and statement jewelry in the space that held Up to Date Shoe Shop, a west Redding fixture for nearly as long as even old-timers can remember.

“I’m trying to do something different here,” she said.

“The idea for this place has been in my heart for a long time. I want people to feel rejuvenated here.”

Kimberly Nicole, Clothing for The Mind, Body & Soul • In the Downtown Mall at 1510 Market St., Redding • Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. – Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. – closed Sunday • For more information call Kimberly Nicole Woods at 241-3400.
Doni Chamberlain
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11 Responses

  1. Avatar Henny Lefebvre says:

    Kimberly Nicole is such a terrific lady and a very dear friend (more of an adopted daughter). She's like a breath of fresh air with her flair for clothing. When I first met Kim (really not that long ago) you couldn't help but love her. She can look at you, take a beautiful garmet off the rack, begin telling you what a wonderful flow this will give. She'll explain each item as if it were a treasure she just found. Her heart and soul flows all around you the moment you enter her boutique. She radiate's such a feel for life & beauty to every woman who comes in contact with Kimberly. As for me, I'll be at her Boutique alot.

  2. Andrea Andrea says:

    The best of luck to Kimberly Nicole. Her special shop sounds fantastic!

  3. Avatar Karen Calanchini says:

    Thanks for the "head's up", I had no idea this shop was downtown.

  4. Avatar Quinn says:

    LOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEE it!!!!!! This is perfectly written… It captures just about everything that you are trying to do with your store!!!!

  5. Avatar Moober says:

    When Doni Greenberg speaks…everyone listens.

    Doni has spoken and we are all listening. Thank you Doni, for capturing the core and essence of The Kimberly Nicole Boutique. What an incredible article!

    With the Downtown Mall having such an phenomenal resurgence, this sweet boutique is the perfect addition to all the unique and delightful businesses in this area including The Post Office; The California Decor Store; Westside Java; Dreamweavers Dance Theater; Deja Vu; The School of Cosmetology; Headlines;Wavelengths; The Village Schoolhouse; Fasolini's Pizza Parlor; Need 2 Speed; Shasta College…and the list just keeps growing and growing.

    Families have a choice here in the Downtown Mall. The Downtown Mall family of business owners here have formed a warm and cohesive group and support each other in providing choices of innumerable fun, trendy and ecclectic things to do at the "Old-New" Downtown Redding Mall. There is something here for everyone!

    Redding is literally and figuratively blowing the roof off the Downtown Mall and creating a lot of excitement in the process.

    Kudos and thanks to Doni Greenberg for supporting new entrepeneurs like Kimberly Woods and her sweet and rejuvenating boutique. We also thank you, Doni, for your unwavering support of our community.

    Gas prices are high..but maybe there is a silver lining behing that cloud. Instead of vacations we are taking "stay-cations" (a term coined by Delilah on K-Shasta-104.3) and enjoying staying at "home".

    We are home here in Redding and home is where the heart is.

    Doni Greenberg's "Food For Thought" always touches our heart and hits home. Food For Thought also feeds our Mind, Body and Soul. Daily, not once or twice, but whenever I get "hungry" for information, I log on to ""…and I always get wonderfully "filled" with all the amazing things our community has to offer. You are brilliant, very low in calories and very nourishing to our spirits.

    Doni, your passion for your community is remakable and admirable and you have the penchant for finding the good in our community and reporting about it with honesty and integrity. Don't ever change. We love logging on to and reading about all the new and exciting local information as well as being able to have a direct connection to other local, national and international informational sites.

    Good Food..Good Thoughts..Good Doni Greenberg.

    And yes dear Doni, you are absolutely right in that "it is going to be good"…all very good!

  6. Avatar Eileen & Bob says:

    Dearest Kimberly – Congratulations on your Dream Fulfilled – a Prayer Come True! Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow!

    You have always been a lovely young woman – and always will be. You truly Serve And Love Each Soul in doing what you love. How fortunate are those who have the opportunity to visit you and your Boutique.

    Like Mother, Like Daughter. You are so appreciated!

    Love, Eileen & Bob

  7. Avatar Lynn Gore says:

    The store, and Kimberly Nicole, sound unique. Just wish she was opening here in Vancouver, WA. I will have to stop by when visiting my sis-in-law Darcy there in Redding. Thank you for the info.

  8. Avatar Lionking says:

    Wow! What an experience! Did I, a man that hates shopping with anybody, for any reason, just say that!

    I love the Man-chair – what a great idea – I can actually "sit down" somewhere in a store and catch up on my reading, while the "better half" takes her time, and nobody is any rush. No sales pitch – just pleasant discussions; warm, personal service from Kimberly Nicole herself, a lovely, talented young lady with a gift for knowing exactly what the customer needs, and how to make her look outstanding!

    Kimberly Nicole brings to this unique store a feeling of peace and tranquility, in a rather exotic setting, where you feel more like you are in an upscale living room, than a storefront- but with a choice of quality ladies clothing from around the world, at a price that I can afford.


    The Lion

  9. Avatar Rachel Cobb says:

    I am so excited about the opening of this store! Kim is truly a talent and can make any woman look and feel their best (within their price range, too) for any ocassion.

    But besides her undeniably good taste in apparel, she is one of the kindess, most honest and warm people that I have ever met. Her joy for life (and shoes!) shines through in everything that she does. While the clothes in the store will beautifully dress your body, Kim herself will care for your soul.

    Congrats Kim!

  10. Avatar Aimee Hood says:

    The Kimberly Nicole Boutique is F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! I am saving up for a big shopping spree after I have my baby this December! When you shop at KNB, you will leave feeling pampered, and your spirits lifted! Kimberly has a way with customers to make you feel like you've known her forever! Perfect clothes for any occasion! I recommend KNB to all my brides for their upcoming engagements sessions.

  11. Avatar Sharron Scott (Selah says:

    Kimberly's wonderful Mom came to see me in my shop in Weaverville (Selah) and said she HAD to bring Kimberly in. We spoke at length about following your dream, and (if you have a choice) NOT waiting until you are 50 years old to do it. I encouraged her to open her boutique, and make it her own. She is incredibly beautiful and anointed by the Holy Spirit. I miss seeing her and her Mother, and hope they come in to see me again soon! I am so proud of you, Kimberly! I saw a HUGE picture of you in the Redding Searchlight and cut it out and held on to it for fond memories. I have just started a new ministry called "Let Go and Soar Ministries"…. check us out on the web. God bless you and remember Jeremiah 29:11-13!