Twining through Spring into Summer: Clematis in the North State Garden

My clematis are blooming nicely, elegantly draping themselves over trellises, fences and my shrub roses. I attended a meeting this past week for which my friend Jeanne had created two amazing arrangements for the table from her collection of now… Continue Reading


Planting Time: An Overview of How to Decide What to Plant When

Mother’s Day is almost here and in our culture it’s a traditional day for planting out heat-loving summer fruit, vegetables and herbs – your tomatoes, peppers, and basil, for instance. Likewise your heat-loving summer annuals, including the non-hardy begonias, impatience,… Continue Reading

May In the Garden – Everything’s Coming up Roses (And So Much More)

May is upon us and everything’s coming up Roses (and poppies and strawberries and peonies and clematis and alliums and more) – even with the windy weather of late we are on the brink of summer and all that it… Continue Reading

The Electricity of April & Calendar of North State Gardening Events

April in the garden is so electric with life, renewed growth and colorful bloom that for me it swings back and forth between intoxicating and over-stimulating – for my eyes, my ears, my head. Our cups – as they say… Continue Reading


Darkness & Light: March in the Garden & North State Calendar of Gardening Events

“There is a certain slant of light/ on winter afternoons/ that oppresses…” wrote the poet Emily Dickinson. But Emily, an avid gardener herself, knew just as surely that this same slant of light – made slightly higher and longer with… Continue Reading


Happy Birthday, 5 Years Old & Calendar of North State Gardening Events

On January 26th, 2008, Northstate Public Radio aired its first segment of In a North State Garden, a locally-conceived and produced, 4-minute, often interview-based program celebrating home gardening in the North State Region; a region 10 counties strong, just about… Continue Reading