Raising Geek Generation 2.0: Roll for Parenting Ability

Warren Spector says gaming must go mainstream to survive. As a girl gamer, I agree.

“The geeks have inherited the earth, now what are we going to do with it?” he asked a cheering audience at the annual Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle.

Spector, who has been developing role-playing tabletop games… Continue Reading


Writings of a Wanderer: Chico Gal Finds Beauty in Bellevue

Worn tennis shoes pound the pavement as I march uphill, a crooked smile on my face as I admire skyscrapers reflecting cotton clouds and dwarfing neighboring trees. Cars zip past buildings labeled Microsoft or Expedia. My newly-wed husband works in… Continue Reading


Writings of a Wanderer: Bidwell Mansion Houses Chico History

Bidwell Mansion, a 26-room Victorian house sporting pink-tinted plaster, nestles in a small park next to Chico State University’s new Gateway Science Museum. The manor-turned-museum built in 1868 stands as a memorial to Chico’s founder, John Bidwell, and his wife… Continue Reading


Writings of a Wanderer: Spring Blankets Table Mountain

In between the late winter rains and the early summer heat, Table Mountain is the perfect place to visit. This flat volcanic land blanketed in whimsical wildflowers lies just north of Oroville in Butte County. This local gem bursts with… Continue Reading