Day Two Candidates for Shasta County Clerk/Registrar of Voters Interviews

Shasta County has completed the first day of public interviews for the role of County Clerk/Registrar of Voters. Following interviewing eight candidates for the position, the Board of Supervisors has narrowed the list down to 4 candidates to advance to the second interview stage, tomorrow, June 19, 2024, at 9 AM.

The candidates chosen to advance by each Board member are as follows:

– Thomas Toller – Chosen by Board Chair Kevin Crye

– Joanna Francescut – Chosen by Supervisors Mary Rickert/Tim Garman

– John Gaglione – Chosen by Supervisor Chris Kelstrom

– Clint Curtis – Chosen by Supervisor Patrick Jones

The candidate chosen to fill the position of Shasta County Clerk/Registrar of Voters will serve the remainder of the current term, ending January 3, 2027.

Out of the initial 39 applications received, 15 candidates were selected to proceed following a thorough screening process. Nine of those candidates confirmed their participation and attendance for the first round of public interviews, one candidate withdrew from the process prior to the Board convening.

The Shasta County community is once again encouraged to attend the public interviews in the Shasta County Board Chambers, providing an opportunity to observe the candidates and gain insight into their qualifications and vision for the role. A Public comment period will be held following the completion of each round of interviews.

David Maung

Public Information Officer

County of Shasta

Press Release

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