Joanna Francescut, Clint Curtis, Dan Sloan Among 9 ROV Job Applicants. Public Interviews Begin Tuesday.

Shasta County is set to conduct public interviews for the role of County Clerk/Registrar of Voters following the retirement of Cathy Darling Allen on May 4, 2024. This recruitment process, designed to identify the most qualified candidate to serve the remainder of the term until January 3, 2027, has now progressed to the interview stage.

Out of the initial 39 applications received, 15 candidates were selected to proceed following a thorough screening process. All 15 candidates have either confirmed their participation or withdrawn from consideration, leaving a total of 9 candidates to be interviewed publicly.

The final list of candidates to be interviewed is as follows:

  1. Debbie Burkett
  2. Clint Curtis
  3. Joanna Francescut
  4. John Gaglione
  5. Kristen Kelley
  6. Kenneth Michaud
  7. Daniel Sloan
  8. Thomas Toller
  9. Jennifer Waltman

The interviews will be conducted on June 18-19, 2024, in the Board Chambers and will be open to the public, underscoring the County’s commitment to transparency.

Interview Process Details:

  • The Board of Supervisors has outlined the interview process, which was approved by a 4-1 vote, with District 3 Supervisor Mary Rickert dissenting.
  • A total of 10 questions have been prepared and will be released to the public in advance.
  • Initial interviews will consist of 5 of these pre-determined questions with each Supervisor choosing one question to ask, and the order of questioning rotating among them.
  • Upon completion of the initial Day 1 interviews, the Board will collectively vote to select one candidate to proceed to the next round of interviews scheduled for the following day, and each Board member may individually select one additional candidate to advance.
  • Background and reference checks will be deferred until after the selection of a candidate by the Board.

The Shasta County community is encouraged to attend the public interviews, providing an opportunity to observe the candidates and gain insight into their qualifications and vision for the role. A Public comment period will be held following the completion of both rounds of interviews.

Attachments: ROV Applications – Redacted.

David Maung, Public Information Officer

Shasta County

Press Release

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