Sean Feucht, Former Bethel-Music Leader, is Mega-Rich from Redding-Grown MAGA Christian Empire

It has been less than 10 years since MAGA Christian preacher and musician Sean Feucht signed a music recording deal with Bethel Music, an internationally recognized multi-million-dollar nonprofit Christian music label located in downtown Redding. The label is affiliated with Bethel Church, a New Apostolic Reformation multi-million-dollar tax-exempt nonprofit religious powerhouse that heavily influences Redding’s politics.

The 40-year-old Feucht, whose real name is John Christopher Feucht, also started working as a volunteer worship leader with Bethel Church after signing the music deal. He has described Bill Johnson, Senior Bethel Church leader, as one of his “spiritual parents”.

Feucht came to Bethel as an independent self-published music artist who had already seen a fair bit of success in the Christian music industry.

One of Feucht’s most successful albums, “Wild,” was released on the Bethel label in 2018. It was recorded live at Bethel Church. One of the songs on the album, “There is a Name,” contains lyrics that speak of Jesus as a modest person who received only “humble fame.”

Feucht, on the other hand, is a full-fledged celebrity in the world of far-right Christianity, and a self-described Christian nationalist who openly supports the idea that Americans should be ruled by authoritarian far-right interpretations of biblical law.
Feucht is a fan and supporter of former President Donald Trump, with whom he’s rubbed shoulders at events, including at the White House Oval Office where Feucht was among evangelicals — several from Bethel Church — who converged upon Trump in prayer. In the photo, a smiling Feucht has right his hand on Trump’s arm.
Feucht is also a proponent of District 1 California Congressman Doug LaMalfa, as well as a host of MAGA American politicians and preachers.

Sean Feucht poses with President Trump (top left), Congressman Doug LaMalfa (top right), Michael Flynn (bottom left) and Representative Lauren Boebert (bottom right)

In just the last four years alone, Feucht has made millions of dollars in revenue with his Redding-based tax-exempt nonprofit organizations and grown a multi-million-dollar real estate empire.
Feucht’s antics have increasingly made the news over the last few years. In August of 2021, for instance, Feucht hired an armed right-wing paramilitary force to provide security at a Portland event shrouded in mayhem and attended by members of the Proud Boys and other extremist groups.
A large number of independent and mainstream news journalists have reported on Feucht’s controversial behavior since he first signed with Bethel Music eight short years ago.
The title for Feucht’s misinformation-packed documentary “Superspreader,” after all, came from a piece in the Rolling Stone whose author was critical of Feucht’s anti-Covid-19 safety mandates activism.
Straight Outta Montana
Feucht was born in Montana and he traveled around the world with his Christian missionary parents as a child.
Feucht attended Oral Robert University, a private evangelical university in Tulsa Oklahoma in the early 2000s. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business in 2005 and was ordained in Oklahoma shortly after leaving college.
The Bethel Dream
When Feucht moved to Redding in 2016, he was among the untold number of people who have moved to the town to work with Bethel Church or to attend the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry.
Feucht is perhaps the greatest success story to come out of the Bethel machine when it comes to, not only his rise to stardom, but also the way Feucht has transformed himself into a money-making machine.
Sean Feucht and his wife, Kate Feucht, purchased a 3,200-square-feet 5-bedroom and 4-bath home on a 13-acre piece of property in a rural area just outside of Redding in 2016 after he signed with Bethel Music.

Sean and Kate Feucht.

The Feuchts still own the residential property in Redding, even though, Sean Feucht and Kate Feucht, and their four children, relocated to a lavish residential property in gated community in the southern portion of Orange County.

As previously reported by A News Café, Sean Feucht purchased the Orange County home in 2022 for $1,650,000.

After moving to Southern California, Feucht made inroads with Orange County’s deeply rooted and wealthy far-right Christian community. He has also maintained close ties with Bethel Church in Redding.
Feucht Puts Redding Home on Rental Market
In early May, Feucht shared on Facebook he planned to put his Redding residential property that the family had not used as its primary residence for over two years, on the rental market.
“It’s a glorious have for those seeking God’s presence and peace!” said Feucht about the home.
The Feucht home in Redding would be an ideal place for the large number of BSSM students looking for places to rent in Redding, but there is no evidence that Feucht has offered the property to BSSM students in need a place to live.
The home was fully renovated after it was purchased for $460,000 in 2016. The home features a pool as well as a two-story outbuilding that once served as Feucht’s “man cave” that housed the tens of thousands of dollar worth of mounted animals Feucht killed around the world.
The Feucht home in Redding is now estimated to be worth $697,000.
The home is currently for rent at a price of $4,700/month, with a $4,700 deposit. Feucht is asking four times the average rent for a residential property in Redding. It is the second most expensive home for rent in greater Redding.

Sean Feucht’s Facebook post sharing his Redding property is for rent.

The only problem is that Feucht’s most lucrative Christian tax-exempt nonprofit cash cow, Sean Feucht Ministries, lists the Feucht residential property up for rent in Redding as its primary address.

Although the change of address has yet to show up on the most current publicly accessible nonprofit tax forms, a million-dollar Washington D.C. rowhouse located just steps from the Supreme Court purchased by Sean Feucht Ministries in May of 2022, is now listed as the primary address for Sean Feucht Ministries on Sean Feucht’s webpage.

Holy Ghost Jackpot!

As previously reported by A News Café, Feucht hit the jackpot with his “Let Us Worship” national tour in 2020 and 2021. “Let Us Worship” events mixed Feucht’s Christian music, far-right flavored preaching, and protests against Covid-19 safety mandates.

Feucht launched the “Let Us Worship” tour in Redding on the Sundial Bridge and in San Francisco on the Golden Gate Bridge after a failed carpetbagger run for Congress in California’s 3rd District in 2020.

Feucht embraces dominionistic conservative Christian values and regularly spoke out against LGBTQ+ equality during the national tour in 2020 and 2021.

As previously reported, Sean Feucht Ministries’ total revenue leaped from $218,476 in 2019 to a whopping $5,314,148 in 2020.

Meet the throat slasher

As a side note, Feucht is notorious for putting his children literally in the spotlight as he targets Gen Z to groom children born in the early 2000s into rightwing Christian nationalists.

A recently unearthed and disturbing live video of a 2021 “Let Us Worship” concert in Mobile, Ala., showed one of Feucht’s sons dancing on stage doing multiple throat-slash gestures while pointing at targeted audience members. Feucht continued to sing and play the guitar.

Sean Feucht’s son does a throat-slash gesture on stage in Mobile, Ala.

Feucht paused, looked at his son and appeared to tell the boy to stop the knife-slash-to-the- throat gesture.

Back to Big Sky Country

As previously reported by A News Café, in April of 2021 Feucht purchased a 1,632-square-foot, 4-bedroom, 2-bath, two-story cabin in Bigfork, Mont., near Flathead Lake. The property, which sits on 5 acres, is now estimated to be worth approximately $1 million.

Since its purchase, the Feucht’s Bigfork Cabin has been listed as an Airbnb vacation rental. According to a review written by a recent renter, the cabin’s interior is outdated, it lacks an air conditioning unit, the windows lack screens so they can’t be opened on hot days, and the house is “very stuff and uncomfortable.”

However, like their Redding home, the cabin is usually vacant, possibly because at $500 a night it is priced double the going rate compared with similar Bigfork properties. The cabin has two separate identical listings on Airbnb, and only has just 10 reviews after being on the rental market for three years.

The cabin can also be rented for $2150/month with a $2150 deposit, expensive for a property of that size in rural Montana.

While the inflated price to rent the Montana cabin could call into question whether the Feuchts are eager to rent the property or not, one thing is for certain: The Feuchts spend a lot of time at the Bigfork cabin.

Sean Feucht has shared several pictures on social of him and the family at the cabin.

The Feuchts’ Bigfork, Montana Airbnb rental property.

Piney Woods (aka Kate Feucht)

Kate Feucht, who serves as the primary contact for the Montana cabin, goes by the profile name Piney Woods on Airbnb. Kate Feucht’s Piney Woods profile describes her as someone who lives in California and travels the world with a nonprofit.

Kate Feucht’s “Piney Woods” Airbnb profile and the latest customer review for the property.

A News Café recently discovered that Kate Feucht is managing yet a second Airbnb vacation property in Bigfork. The newly discovered Airbnb property, which currently has no reviews, is a 3-bedroom, 2-bath new build in Bigfork, and costs more than $200 a night to rent.

The new vacation rental property in Montana being managed by Kate Feucht.

Montana property records do not indicate that the Feuchts own the second Airbnb rental property managed by Kate Feucht but it’s certainly possible that the Feuchts recently purchased the property, and that the records listing them as the owners are not yet available to the public.

Feucht nonprofit buys second Montana cabin for family

While it’s unclear whether the Feuchts own the second Airbnb listing, Montana property records do indicate that in 2023 Sean Feucht Ministries purchased a cabin in need of a renovation on a 40-acre piece of land in Kalispell, Montana.

The cabin on the new Sean Feucht Ministries property in Kalispell, Montana.

The price Feucht paid for the property has yet to be disclosed in public records, but it is estimated to be worth more than $1 million.

On Nov. 23, 2023, Kate Feucht shared a picture on her Instagram account of the Feucht family standing in front of their new cabin in Kalispell.

“This is a 160 year old forest service cabin our family is refurbishing,” wrote Kate Feucht under the picture.

“Happy Thanksgiving from the Feucht Family in Montana!!,” said Sean Feucht under Kate Feucht’s picture of their new cabin.

The cabin had new windows. A skull with horns was hanging just below the roof.

“It has been a wild year for our family, but marked with God’s faithfulness and goodness!” wrote Sean Feucht, adding a Bible passage.
“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”
Who really owns the Kalispell cabin?
The legal lines are blurry between residential properties Feucht allegedly purchased with his own private money, and those he allegedly purchased with Sean Feucht Ministries’ money.
On Dec. 3, 2023, Sean Feucht shared a picture on Facebook of him and Kate Feucht kissing in front of the Kalispell cabin to celebrate their 18th-year wedding anniversary.
“18 Years of adventure, wildness, risk, babies, trials, triumphs, laughter, tears, constant change, bewilderment and bliss. WHAT. A. RIDE. IT. HAS. BEEN. WITH. YOU. I would be happy forever with you living in this 160 year old forest service cabin (no electrical, no plumbing) in our Montana woods. Anything more in this life is just extra.”

Sean Feucht’s post on Facebook about the Kalispell, Montana cabin purchased by Sean Feucht Ministries.

The Feucht couple’s comments about the cabin begs some questions. Who owns the cabin? Why —  if it’s true that the Feuchts are publicly sharing on social media about refurbishing the cabin and living in it it — why was the cabin purchased with Sean Feucht’s tax-exempt nonprofit earnings?

Kate Feucht post on Instagram about the Kalispell, Montana cabin purchased by Sean Feucht Ministries.

Kate Feucht also posted a video of her standing with her children in front of the cabin on Nov. 20, 2023, recorded by Sean Feucht.
Kate Feucht and her children shout out in the video that it was “International Children’s Day”. They encouraged followers to join “Light a Candle” — Sean Feucht’s other tax-exempt non-profit organization, and sponsor children in India.
Light a Candle’s website says the nonprofit supports Christian missionary trips from the United States to other countries all around the world, and the sponsorship of children in Iraq and India.
Light a candle and make it rain  
A News Café recently discovered new information regarding Light A Candle’s earnings. Sean Feucht Ministries experienced a revenue boom in 2020. Light a Candle, on the other hand, brought in record revenue in 2021 and 2022.
Respectively, Light a Candle claimed a total revenue of $538,221 in 2020, $1,337,866 in 2021, and $1,183,630 in 2022, equaling a three-year total of $3,059,717.

Light a Candle 2022 Form 990 (Address, phone number and other details redacted

According to tax records, Feucht, the principle officer of Light a Candle, paid himself $48,000 in 2022 for an average of 10 hours of work each week. That’s $4,000 of income every month for 40 hours of work at an hourly wage of $100.
Similar to Feucht’s tax-exempt cash cow, Sean Feucht Ministries, Feucht’s Redding residential rental-income property is also listed as Light a Candle’s primary address.
Light a Candle’s webpage provides scant evidence regarding how the nonprofit spends its revenue, but it invites patrons to help provide food, medical services, an education, and a safe environment for a child in Iraq for a payment of $49 each month.

Light a Candle spending as listed on organization’s 2022 Form 990.

Feucht’s questionable financials
Light a Candle’s revenue and spending was first questioned by a journalist writing for a publication that profiles Christian nonprofit organizations in 2021 after Feucht claimed to have raised $200,00 for unspecified missionary work in Afghanistan.
The $48,000 salary Feucht pays himself for working for Light A Candle is in additional to the salary he makes with his other religious nonprofit organizations. For example, Feucht paid himself over $200,000 in 2020 as the principle officer of Sean Feucht Ministries.
Light a Candle’s nonprofit tax form also says the organization paid out $114,451 for “other salaries and wages” in 2022. The tax form however, lists only three unspecified individuals as employees of Light a Candle.
Feucht’s brand-new box truck spotted at Bethel
“Are there any prayer warriors in Redding, CA that would meet to pray over our truck and gear tomorrow morning as it rolls through town?” asked Feucht in a post on social media a few days before his brand-new cargo semi-truck passed through Redding on Mar. 28 on its way to meet up with Feucht for a show in the Pacific Northwest.
Feucht reportedly purchased the truck with financial donations from his followers. The truck carried brand-new sound equipment that Feucht planned to use to produce worship events across the country during his ongoing journey to perform music and preach at every state capitol across the U.S.
On June 8, Feucht will perform in Sacramento at the State Capitol, and will go on to perform at six other state capitol buildings throughout the American West by the end of July.
Although Feucht was not present, around two dozen Feucht devotees showed up to the Bethel Church parking lot in Redding to pray for Feucht’s  truck and gear. Several individuals were seen taking cell-phone selfies in front of the truck.

Sean Feucht’s new box truck parked in front of Bethel Church in Redding.

Sean Feucht is a jetsetter who is tough to keep track of. He’s constantly on the move from city to city and from church to church hustling to expand the reaches of his Christian nationalist empire. He posts content on social media on an almost nonstop basis to keep the attention of his online followers.
Feucht recently took a break from the live performances he is hosting at U.S. capitols to visit a few college campuses and lead counter-protests against students protesting to end the Israel-led genocide of the Palestinian people in Gaza in the false pretense he’s fighting against antisemitism.
He also authored a new children’s book, The Kingdom to the Capitol Adventures of the Glory Bus, set to be published on June 4.
Feucht has skillfully merged the education he received as a business major in college with Bethel Church’s radical brand militant Christianity.
As it turns out, working for God, in Sean Feucht’s world, means making a lot of cash and becoming a real estate tycoon.
But Feucht’s job comes with challenges, as Feucht reported today from an Atlanta airport, where he shared on social media the struggles he and his traveling team are experiencing in the form of spiritual warfare, evil, and even demonic spells cast upon them and their work. Specifically, Feucht offered the recent example of evil, demonic warfare that befell Feucht and his  team when their longtime bus driver recently “bailed” on them at the last minute. That kind of warfare. That kind of evil.
Never fear, 40-year-old John Christopher Feucht is no quitter. He will continue building his wealth, made possible through donations, myriad tax loopholes, and, of course, prayer.
In the name of Jesus.
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Shawn Schwaller

Opinion writer and reporter Shawn Schwaller grew up in Red Bluff, California. He is an assistant professor in the History Department at California State University, Chico and holds a Ph.D. in history and an M.A. in American studies. Schwaller specializes in North State stories about law-enforcement corruption and far-right politics. He can be reached at schwaller.anewscafe@yahoo.com and welcomes your story tips.

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