Phillustration – “The Grift That Just Stopped Giving”

Phil Fountain is a pseudonym for ANC’s prodigal cartoonist, Philbert Phountain, who has recently returned from a working hiatus where he served as the lead fact-checker for George Santos.

He lives in Shasta County with his long-suffering wife, Christine, as well as a variety of layabouts and urchins who claim to be his progeny … including three grandchildren.

He busies himself with his crayons and obsessing over the fate of his favorite baseball team while a small dog sleeps under his desk. He’s actually not such a bad guy as evidenced by the fact the dog rarely bites him anymore.

Look for his crudely rendered drawings in future posts on A News Café.


If you appreciate Phil Fountain’s artwork and cartoons, please consider a contribution to A News Cafe. Thank you.

Phil Fountain

Phil Fountain is a North State artist and cartoonist.

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