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I am a lifelong resident of Shasta County. I graduated from Shasta High School and, thereafter from the University of San Francisco with a degree in public administration and political science. I was honored to have served as Mayor of the City of Redding and as Chairman of the Shasta County Board of Supervisors, representing District One.

During my time in elected office, we were confronted with many challenges; budget constraints, planning issues, public safety and fire protection considerations – in a word, quality of life factors that affected all community residents. Throughout that time there was one enduring constant embraced by those elected to serve – the unflagging quest to achieve the public good, the public benefit.

In the last election for District 1 Supervisor I voted for Kevin Crye because his words and promises paralleled my philosophy and practice of government: Namely, to be an independent thinker possessing courage and conscience, to exercise sound fiscal judgment, to apply sound analytical skills to the decision-making process and, of critical importance, to promote collegiality and respect among Board members and County staff.

Sadly, by his deportment in office, Supervisor Crye has not only abandoned his promises, but he’s also betrayed my trust, my confidence, in his legislative ability.

Crye has delivered one questionable vote after another. He dismantled our voting system without any idea how to replace it. Crye reached out to a man who knows nothing about elections for election advice, spending the county’s dime to travel out-of-state for a meeting he never reported on. Very poor judgment to say the least. Now the State of California will have to intervene and set us straight.

Crye says voters should tell Gavin Newsom that he doesn’t get to hand pick our politicians. Aside from the fact that Newsom has left several vacancies open for counties to locally elect replacements, this opposition is hypocritical. Where is the objection to all the other outside influence? Why no objection to Reverge Anselmo, a non-resident, nonvoter paying a million dollars since 2020 to elect Shasta County supervisors he can control. That same outsider funneled another $100,000 to back Kevin Crye. Crye and his cronies don’t object to that. Quite a double standard when it comes to outside influence.

Crye says he’s directly involved in county departments, that he shows up in offices to talk with county department heads and staff. Is it only a coincidence that as Crye becomes more involved we are losing county employees in droves? Department heads have left, experienced, seasoned employees have left. We have more than 220 vacancies in county government. If people think we can continue to operate our public safety and public health services on such a reduced staff, just wait. We can’t.

This is not a difference of opinion. This is betrayal. Ask yourselves, who is behind Kevin Crye? Why are they spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to make sure this man and two of his fellow supervisors stay in office? The board majority has made it clear, they don’t want to simply reduce government, they want to eliminate most of it and run it themselves. That would mean that the huge percentage of Shasta County’s money which comes from the state and the federal governments will dry up.

In all my years as a student of government and as an elected representative, I never thought that I would endorse a recall effort. Egregious behavior in public office must not be tolerated. I believe Kevin Crye has created substantial chaos in County government. The march to ruin must end – Recall Kevin Crye.

David Kehoe
Redding, California

Guest Speaker

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