Former Shasta County Executives Flocking to Private Industry

It appears Shasta County’s loss is private industry’s gain.

Former District 1 Supervisor Joe Chimenti and Jaclyn Disney, previously Director of Housing and Community Action Programs for the county, have each found employment with Emergent 3D, a cutting-edge construction company using three-dimensional printing techniques to lay down concrete walls.

As former Executive Director for the Shasta Builders Exchange Trade School in Redding, Chimenti understands well the need for a skilled workforce and the importance of a successful construction industry to create a thriving economy.

He chose to leave public service to work with Emergent 3D because of their mission to provide needed housing and innovative trade training, according to a press release issued Monday by Katherine King, a marketing specialist for the Redding-based company.

Chimenti grew up in a law enforcement family, Chimenti began his professional life as a police officer. After earning his Master of Business Administration degree in Organizational Leadership from the University of Phoenix in 1989, Joe left law enforcement to join the private sector where he spent 25 years working with entrepreneurial companies across North America and Europe. He is a husband and father of four.

Emergent 3D is pioneering resilient, energy efficient, environmentally responsible methods of construction. We are bringing advanced technologies to the industry to attract the next generation of workers,” Chimenti said of his latest venture.

Jaclyn Disney was recently named Director of Housing and Community Engagement at Emergent 3D.

Jaclyn Disney

An experienced public administrator with 21 years of public service, Disney demonstrated her abilities in the disciplines of affordable housing, community action, public utilities, and water conservation while working for the City of Redding and later while working for Shasta County.

She provided leadership for many regional cross-disciplinary projects while administering state and federally-funded programs to address a spectrum of housing needs for low- and moderate-income households living in rural and small metropolitan communities.

She has provided leadership for federal rental subsidy programs; initiated affordable housing and workforce housing development projects; directed Community Action Agency programs to mitigate poverty and provided assistance to individuals and families who were homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, King said.

Disney’s dedication to effective public service is commensurate with her educational achievements,” King added.

Disney holds a master’s degree in public administration from California State University, Chico, and a Bachelor of Science in psychology from the University of LaVerne.

Disney is committed to progressing the application of construction innovations, particularly technologies such as 3D printing, to provide essential opportunities for economic and workforce development of affordable and durable housing units,” King stated.

It is an honor to be a part of an innovative and caring team that is striving to meet our current and future housing sector needs through the deployment of emerging construction technologies,” Disney said.

Emergent 3D deploys cutting-edge construction robotics to create beautiful, dignifying, fire resistant and eco-friendly homes and commercial buildings, Disney noted.

Three-dimensional printing technology opens up greater design possibilities, is available on-demand, and is extremely efficient due to the design and three-dimensional printing of concrete material.

Earlier this month, A News Cafe announced that long-time county Counsel Rubin E. Cruse, Jr., will leave government service in April to join a private law firm. Cruse worked nearly 24 years in the Shasta County Counsel’s office and, since 2010, was lead attorney for the Shasta County Board of Supervisors.

Rubin Cruse

Cruse earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan and a law degree from the University of Southern California.

At the end of January, Pat Minturn, the county’s Public Works Director since 2001 and who served most recently for several months as the county’s acting Chief Executive Officer, recently hung up a shingle for his own Civil Engineering and Land Surveying Consultant Service.

Pat Minturn

Minturn earned his Bachelor of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Michigan State University in 1987, then launched a three-year course of study to earn a Master of Science in Civil Engineering from California State University, Los Angeles, in December 1991.

Editor’s note: Details for this story were gleaned from a February 2023 press release.

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George Winship

George Winship is a long-time Shasta County resident with a wide range of professional and community experience. After earning a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Oregon, he joined the Redding Record Searchlight as an award-winning reporter, and was the paper’s first business editor. He worked as a district field representative for Senator Maurice Johannessen, and later became editor of the Anderson Valley Post. Winship is a former Shasta County Grand Jury member. He owns and operates The Village Wordsmith, where he edits and rewrites clients’ book manuscripts, and works as a researcher and freelance feature writer. He can be reached at gwinship@shasta.com.

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