Shasta Forward Urges Recall Signatures Be Examined Carefully, Remains Hopeful Will Not Qualify for Ballot

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Shasta Forward is urging signatures recently submitted by Recall Shasta for the recall of District 2 Supervisor Leonard Moty be examined with the strictest scrutiny given that their effort is currently under investigation by elections officials and the recall campaign’s clear attempt to undermine the will of local voters who just elected Supervisor Moty.

Shasta Forward fully trusts local officials to do the legally required due diligence to ensure signatures are valid.

“Recall Shasta has prosecuted a campaign based on deception, distortion and lies. They remain under investigation by both the FPPC and the California Secretary of State for alleged signature fraud and campaign money laundering,” said Shasta Forward spokesman Eric Eisenhammer.

“While it is deeply unfortunate that Shasta County may face a recall election costing taxpayers $420,000, I look forward to highlighting the truth, bringing our communities together, and moving forward as a County from this divisive campaign,” Supervisor Moty stated.

To qualify for the ballot, a minimum of 4,308 signatures submitted by Recall Shasta must be verified to come from community members registered to vote in District 2 and their signatures must match those kept on file by elections officials.

Supervisor Moty was just elected last year, gaining a majority in the primary, illustrating the depth of his support in Shasta County. Moty is a 31 year veteran of local law enforcement and has been a a tireless advocate for our community. From advocating for state and federal resources, to prioritizing natural resources & water rights,  transportation and public safety, Moty has championed Shasta County interests at the state-level and intervened on behalf of local residents.

People are invited to learn more about Shasta Forward by visiting ShastaForward.org.

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