10 Bullshit Reasons Not to get the COVID-19 Vaccine

1. I’m not sure if it’s safe.

Bullshit. Hundreds of millions of people have received this vaccine. Vaccine adverse events show up in days to months. We’ve had very close monitoring of these vaccines for over 7 months since it was released in addition to longer for that in studies. You know what isn’t safe? Fucking COVID.

2. I don’t know the long-term risks

Long-term bullshit. We have a long history with knowing the risks and safety of vaccines and we know the pitfalls. This isn’t thalidomide. This doesn’t alter your DNA. You don’t become a magnetic X-man. Don’t let political or ideological fear mongering steer you away from what the scientists know best – science.

3. I heard it wasn’t safe.

Ignorant bullshit. A survey by the AMA last month demonstrated that 96% of practicing physicians have received the vaccine. Why? Because we are trained in interpreting medical information, critical thinking, and understanding the prevention and treatment of diseases.

4. The government is using this to control us and is lying about its safety. Or big pharma is lying to us.

Paranoid bullshit. Remember that part about physicians getting the vaccine. You know who most physicians don’t trust? The fucking government and fucking big pharma. The government doesn’t control our communication and we actively communicate with each other on social media and in person. So, if we were seeing bad shit, we’d fucking tell each other.

5. COVID-19 is just like the flu.

Also ignorant bullshit. We know better by now. Some people get a more mild illness. Some people get really sick and have permanent issues. Some people die. More importantly, this impacts our hospitals so that the care for others suffers because of staffing shortages, long wait times and limited resources. People who present with other problems are more likely to die because of so many sick people in the hospital and this is worse than any bad flu season I’ve seen.

6. My body, my choice

Not bullshit. I totally get that. But didn’t you get vaccines to go to school? That’s because you can make your own misguided choices for yourself, but your misguided attempts at autonomy affects the health of others. Don’t be so fucking selfish and get vaccinated for the benefit of your family and your community. So, it’s really selfish bullshit.

7. I don’t want the government or my job controlling my medical choices

Selfish bullshit. Did you put your seatbelt on in your car? Does your car have an airbag? Did you taste DDT in your salad? Do you trust your medication to be what it says it is? That’s the fucking government saving your ass.

8. President Joe Biden and Gov. Gavin Newsom are using this for political gain.

Political conspiracy bullshit. Donald Trump touted the vaccine and facilitated it’s rapid development. He also quietly got the vaccine in January because he has smart people advising him. The physicians who have promoted the vaccine span political views. This is not a political issue, it’s public health.

9. The government pays doctors to diagnose COVID-19 and most people listed as dying from COVID actually died from something else.

Misinformed bullshit. I don’t remember receiving my bonus check for diagnosing COVID because that’s not how it fucking works. I diagnose COVID when someone has COVID . Also, that information was a complete misrepresentation of how death reporting works. If you die from the flu, there’s a good chance you had another condition like diabetes, heart disease, obesity, asthma, etc. You still died from the fucking flu. Those who died from COVID and had co-morbid conditions would have lived years or decades if they didn’t get COVID .

10. I just don’t want to.

Selfish, ignorant, lazy bullshit. Get the fucking vaccine.

Greg Greenberg

Greg Greenberg grew up in Santa Monica, California. After undergraduate training at UCLA he attended medical school at Ohio State University and completed a residency in family medicine in Columbus, Ohio. He moved to Redding after residency in 2004 and has served the Redding community as a family physician, hospitalist, emergency physician, and, most recently, in addiction medicine. When he’s not enjoying the calm atmosphere of the emergency department he enjoys the chaos of being a full-time parent as well.

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