54 New Cases, Appointments Available Tomorrow for Vaccine

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Newest data from Shasta County Health & Human Services.

COVID-19 INCIDENT UPDATE: February 18, 2021
Statistics from February 17, 2021

Total Confirmed Cases: 10,834

Hospitalized in Shasta County: 12

In Isolation: 174 (estimate)

Active Cases: 186 (estimate)

Confirmed Cases Wednesday: 54

Currently in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU): 2

Available Regional ICU Capacity: 33.3%

Released from Isolation to Date: 10,477

Newly Received Negative Tests: 1,375

Number of Tests in the Past 14 Days (+ and -): 8,577

Total Tests: 151,948

Deaths: 171

• We had 54 cases Wednesday, including 21 men, 32 women and 1 person of unknown gender:
– 4 children under age 13
– 4 teenagers
– 10 people in their 20s
– 9 people in their 30s
– 6 people in their 40s
– 11 people in their 50s
– 6 people in their 60s
– 3 people in their 70s
– 1 person in their 80s

SECOND DOSE CLINIC: If you need a second dose of Moderna and you received your first dose on or before Jan. 26, please come to a vaccination clinic on Saturday, Feb. 20, at Shasta College. Hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and the clinic is first-come, first-served. You must bring your CDC card that shows the date of your first vaccine, your identification and this paperwork. This is a walk-up clinic.

• A recent Supreme Court ruling led the State of California to update its guidance for places of worship and cultural ceremonies. In both the purple and the red tier, churches can be open indoors at 25 percent capacity with modifications, including masks and physical distancing. This limited capacity is designed to protect people from exposure to people outside their immediate households while allowing them to still practice their faith. Churches are encouraged to continue to a so provide services through alternative methods, such as streaming services, for those who are at higher risk.

• We still have some room in an appointment-only, first-dose Pfizer clinic planned for tomorrow (February 19). If you meet the criteria to receive vaccine now, you can make an appointment here. Please bring identification, your appointment confirmation and proof that you are a member of one of the groups being vaccinated now.

-from press release
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