Sulphur Creek Cleanup with Shasta Environmental Alliance

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Sulphur Creek Cleanup (COVID Safe)

Saturday Morning October 17

Shasta Environmental Alliance will lead a creek cleanup on Saturday morning, October 17, in a section of Sulphur Creek where the rare Sulphur Creek Brodiaea grows. This will be a COVID-safe event, requiring masks when together and social distancing when collecting trash, with the group cleanup limited to a maximum of 10 people. You will be helping clean up various scattered trash that has been littered or floated downstream. Help protect Brodiaea matsonii!

We will sort out the trash as to bottles, cans, etc., weigh and carry out. We will not be cleaning up homeless camps, just scattered trash. While we are requiring masks, no bandanas or face shields, however you can take them off when you are working away from others. The creek bed is uneven in spots, so you should have decent balance to participate. The City of Redding Parks and Recreation Department will be loaning us grabbers, buckets and donating trash bags. Just bring yourselves, long pants, shoes, gloves and water. We should be done within two to three hours. To participate, contact David Ledger at

Creek cleanup on your own schedule:

Do you want to participate in the cleanup and work alone or as a family unit? We can arrange that too and assign you to another area where you can work on your own schedule. Do you have a favorite creek or trail you would rather work on? That is okay too. Just contact us and we will see if we can get supplies to you, or you can use your own. This is the type of cleanup various environmental groups are conducting throughout California, allowing people to be COVID-safe and clean up our environment.

We will have a sheet for you to keep an approximate count of what types, amounts, and weights of trash you have collected and we can compare over the years.  Gift certificates from Sports LTD and Sprouts Farmers Market will be given for: 1. the best photo; 2. the most trash collected; 3. the most unusual item; and 4. the largest item. Everything eventually ends up in the ocean, so this is a part of the Coastal Cleanup. Please participate and do your part! Contact for more information.




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