8 New COVID Cases, Contact Tracing Emphasized

Today’s statistics from Shasta County HHSA.

COVID-19 INCIDENT UPDATE: August 25, 2020

Statistics from August 24, 2020


Total Confirmed Cases: 553

Hospitalized in Shasta County: 3

In Isolation: 29

Active Cases: 32

Confirmed Cases Monday: 8

Currently in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU): 2

In Quarantine:  179

Released from Isolation to Date: 510

Negative Tests Friday/Monday: 1,831

Negative Tests to Date: 32,781

Total Tests: 33,334

Deaths: 11


• We had 8 new cases on Monday. Six had symptoms and one is hospitalized. They are:
One teenage boy
One woman in her 30s
One woman in her 40s
One woman and one man in their 50s
Two women in their 60s
One man in his 80s

• Today’s negative tests include Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, since the numbers for Friday through Sunday were not available yesterday.

• When we don’t have pharmaceutical options, such as medications or vaccines, contact tracing is a core public health strategy for containing spread of diseases. Confidentiality is at the heart of this process, both to protect patient privacy and to ensure people do not feel judged for testing positive or being exposed. Contact tracers work with people who have tested positive to create a picture of where potential exposure may have occurred and identify people who may have been in close contact. This collaborative work between Public Health, COVID-positive patients and their close contacts has helped keep case numbers low.

Anyone can be tested for COVID-19. Go to ShastaReady.org and click on “Get tested” to find out the best option for you.

Resources: Website: www.ShastaReady.org Live maps: https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/us-map

Cooperating Agencies: Shasta County Sheriff’s Office, CAL FIRE/Shasta County Fire Department, City of Redding, City of Anderson, City of Shasta Lake, Mercy Medical Center Redding, Shasta Regional Medical Center, Redding Rancheria Tribal Health Center, Shasta Community Health Center, Mountain Valleys Health Centers, Mayers Memorial Hospital District,Hill Country Community Clinic, Shingletown Medical Center

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