There’s Still Time to Protest Proposed Redding Utility Rate Increases

To all city of Redding property owners and renters (especially those who are on fixed incomes) using the City of Redding water, waste water, and solid waste utilities:

Beginning March 2020, plan to see our utilities rates increased over a four-year period — from 12% to 16% — unless a majority of property owners and renters protest. You can protest these increases by submitting the protest form that was provided in your recent utility bill and/or attending the public hearing on Tuesday Feb. 4, 2020, at 6 p.m. in the City Council Chambers.

You can also access the protest form on line at www.Reddingutilities.com, print, and then mail the protest form to City of Redding-City Clerk, 3rd floor,  777 Cypress Ave., Redding CA, 96001.

According to the notice, our rates will not be imposed if a majority of property owners protest the rate increases. If you believe the rates are already too high, and do not want to see increases for the next four years, please participate in the vote.

Donald Haug, Redding


Guest Speaker

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