ANC Online Auction: Doni’s Famous Sour Cream Coffee Cake (Cake No. 2)

Doni says that if she had a dollar for every time someone’s requested this Sour Cream Coffee Cake, she’d be retired and living on a beach in Hawaii by now. She’s been making this recipe for so long that she doesn’t even remember exactly when she started making it, but knows it tops the list of her most-requested baked item. As with Doni’s baked goods, she includes eggs from her twin’s happy chickens. Doni also uses real organic butter and real sour cream and real vanilla extract.

It makes her happy to bake, so you’ll know your coffee cake was created by a happy cook.

This cake is moist and dense, with swirls of cinnamon throughout, topped with a real-vanilla icing. This large Bundt-cake size cake serves 8 to 12. It freezes well, making it perfect to save for a special occasion.

Doni’s donating two full-sized Sour Cream Coffee Cakes to this auction. This is one of two donations.  The winning bidder can either pick up the cake on Fri. Jan. 10, or Doni can arrange a delivery date after Jan. 24, 2020.

In addition to being aNewsCafe.com’s publisher and owner, Doni Chamberlain is known for her delicious Sour Cream Coffee Cakes.

Two individual Sour Cream Coffee Cakes; two different bids

Value: $45 each

Opening bid: $20 each

Leave your bid for this coffee cake in the comments section below; the highest bidder will win one cake.

Carr Fire Auction

Bidding is now closed. Final results will be posted tomorrow.  Click here to make a donation to the ANC Carr Fire Scholarship Fund.

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