ANC Online Auction: Hand-Crocheted Afghan — Karen Field

ANC subscriber Melissa Field’s mother, Karen Field of Redding, hand-crocheted this stunning afghan just for ANC’s first online auction. Created in a beautiful mix of dark greens, blues, teal and browns, it’s crocheted from a blend of Turkish yarns —… Continue Reading


ANC Online Auction: Hand-Thrown Pit-Fired Ceramic Pot — Adrienne Jacoby & Joanne Lobeski Snyder 

This is a story of two friends, and a small ceramic, hand-thrown, pit-fired pot with lid. It was created by Joanne Lobeski Snyder, long before the Carr Fire, in a primitive Japanese-style of firing clay in the ground where the… Continue Reading


ANC Online Auction: ‘Whiskeytown Blue #1’ — Erin Friedman

Artist, musician, songwriter and ANC subscriber Erin Friedman created this piece, “Whiskeytown Blue #1” especially with the post-Carr Fire sentiments so many of us feel. This serene, frame watercolor is 13.75 by 11.75 inches and ready to hang in your… Continue Reading


ANC Online Auction: Carr Fire Gold Pendant With Fire Opal and Diamonds — Janine Hall

This pendant by jeweler extraordinaire and ANC subscriber Janine Hall is the star piece of ANC’s first online auction. (Click here to read the entire back story about the gorgeous pendant that Janine created especially for this auction. ) This… Continue Reading


ANC Online Auction: Hand-Made, Hand-Painted Double-Sided Bird House — Kitty Conners

It seems fitting that someone named Kitty would love to make designer bird houses. That’s exactly the situation with ANC subscriber Kitty Conners of Anderson, who, with help from husband Kevin, makes one-of-a-kind rustic bird houses. He does the carpentry,… Continue Reading


ANC Online Auction Item: ‘The Tomten’ Winter Print and Companion Book — Candace Corbin

Donated by ANC subscriber and Redding native Candace Corbin in memory of her mother, Nadine Tucker, this large, framed winter print of ‘The Tomten’ behind glass was one of Nadine’s favorites, especially during Christmastime, when she would deck out her… Continue Reading