California Community Colleges Establishing New Apprenticeship Programs in High-Growth Industries Thanks to $10 Million in Grants

The California Community Colleges Board of Governors has approved $10 million in grants for community colleges and other educational systems from Shasta County to San Diego to build new apprenticeship programs aimed at meeting local labor needs in high-growth industries.

The grants are part of a California Apprenticeship Initiative promoting earn-and-learn programs that engage underrepresented populations in industries ranging from building and construction to information technology. Community colleges, in partnership with the California Division of Apprenticeship Standards, has registered more than 1,200 apprentices in newly created programs and served more than 2,200 pre-apprentices in establishing a career pathway into state-registered apprenticeship programs as part of the effort.

The Board of Governors last year approved 15 awards totaling $6.5 million for colleges to establish apprenticeship programs in agriculture and rural areas.

“Apprenticeships combine on-the-job training with related classroom instruction under the supervision of an experienced craft person or trade professional,” said Tom Epstein, president of the Board of Governors. “California has the largest apprenticeship system in the country and many existing programs are connected directly with California’s 115 community colleges.”

The Board of Governors approved the grants at its Nov. 18 meeting in Sacramento. The new programs are expected to train at least 500 new apprentices.

The grants underscore the California Community Colleges’ role as the leading provider of career and workforce training in the country. More than 2.1 million community college students are enrolled in what is the largest, and most affordable, higher education system in America.

Allocations will go to the following:

Antelope Valley Community College District, Home Visitor Apprenticeship Program, $500,000.

Chaffey Community College District, Mechatronics Registered Apprenticeship Program, $500,000.

El Camino Community College District, Bio-Flex Apprenticeship Program, $500,000.

Grossmont Union High School District, Kitchens for Good, $500,000.

Los Angeles Community College District, LA City College – Academy for Innovative Tech Professionals, $499,978.

Los Angeles Community College District, ELAC Medical Assistant, $491,601.

Los Rios Community College District, California Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program, $500,000.

Los Rios Community College District, State of California Mainframe Apprenticeship Program, $500,000.

Ohlone Community College District, Northern California Engineering Technology Pathway, $499,744.

Palomar Community College District, Military Leader Apprenticeship Program, $499,644.

Peralta Community College District, Re-Entry Apprenticeships in Logistics (REAL), $477,072.

Peralta Community College District, Northern California Teamsters – Transportation, Distribution, Logistics Workforce Pipeline, $500,000.

Riverside Community College District, Short Order Cooks Apprenticeship Program, $100,000.

San Diego Community College District, San Diego Blue-Tech Apprenticeship Program, $500,000.

San Joaquin County Office of Education, San Joaquin COE High School Apprenticeship Program, $500,000.

San Jose Evergreen Community College District, Tech-Nest Apprenticeship Program, $485,782.

San Luis Obispo County Office of Education, Ticket to Teach – Education Pathways in San Luis Obispo County, $491,428.

Shasta-Tehama-Trinity Community College District, Logging and Forest Workers Apprenticeship Program, $491,428.

West Hills Community College District, Westside Works Unilateral Apprenticeship Committee Program, $500,000.

The California Community Colleges is the largest system of higher education in the nation, composed of 73 districts and 115 colleges serving 2.1 million students per year. California community colleges provide career education and workforce training; guaranteed transfer to four-year universities; degree and certificate pathways; and basic skills education in English and math. As the state’s engine for social and economic mobility, the California Community Colleges supports the Vision for Success, a strategic plan designed to improve student success outcomes, increase transfer rates and eliminate achievement gaps. For more information, please visit the California Community Colleges website or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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