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Hello Clever People! Welcome to my review for the new film based on a television series Downton Abbey. This film follows the story of a group of royal people who live in a castle that must prepare for the Queen’s arrival. Click the video below to watch the review!

Robert Burke
Robert Burke is a 16-year-old film critic currently attending Shasta High School. His love for film started when he was very young, and grows as he learns more and more about it. Robert expresses his love for film through reviews, which can be found on this website every Saturday. Film is not his only passion, as he also loves to act in local productions with Cascade Theater, Shasta College and Riverfront Playhouse. He currently lives in Redding, CA, and hopes to one day be a film director. To view all of Robert’s reviews go to
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8 Responses

  1. Avatar Beverly Stafford says:

    As a Downton Abby fan, I’m really looking forward to seeing the movie. Since you didn’t see the series, I can understand your confusion at being dropped into the middle of a story well-loved by fans. It will still be a television program for me because I won’t be seeing it until it reaches DISH.

  2. Avatar Judith Salter says:

    I loved it. The movie was clearly made for the show’s fans.

  3. Avatar Candace C says:

    I love the series and I loved the movie. Big fan all around.

  4. Avatar Doug Cook says:

    As an old person over 50…and a big Downton Abbey fan. The movie gave us what we wanted. I thought it was a weak script, and I agree with you that they tried to squeeze too much into the movie, but it was so enjoyable seeing the characters again. I’m sure they set it up for a sequel which I will be excited to see. Yes, I believe to really enjoy this film, you would have had to see the series. Good review Mr Burke.
    P.S. Beverly, I wholly recommend seeing it in the theater…It made the castle and surroundings look that much more majestic.

  5. Avatar Carrie says:

    HUGE fab of Downton Abbey! Saw the movie and enjoyed every minute of it.

  6. Barbara Rice Barbara Rice says:

    I do agree that the movie was fast-paced (one Dowager Countess zinger after another, very fast plot setup) and that someone who had not seen any of the television series would be lost (what’s with Tom and the strange guy who showed up? Why do Mary and Edith seem snotty to each other? Who are all these people?). And I’m over 50 and yeah, there was a lot of grey hair in the theater when I saw it.

    But that implies it’s a made-for-seniors movie. Seniors are not the primary demographic for motion picture companies. Movies are made for those willing to go to the theater and spend money, which seem to be younger people – and yet this expensive movie has done very well indeed. Perhaps that’s because it’s a very welcome relief from the endless stream of special effect extravaganzas of
    fantasy/comic book/horror movies that may not really speak to many viewers of Masterpiece Theater.

  7. Joanne Snyder Joanne Snyder says:

    Thanks Robert. I enjoyed the movie, but since I didn’t watch the TV series, I spent to0 much time figuring out who was who and how they were related to other people. The movie was designed for people who had the back story. I did enjoy the movie.

  8. I loved Downton Abbey, and I loved the movie and didn’t want it to end. Clearly, it’s set up for a sequel, and it couldn’t come soon enough for me.