Mary Rickert Announces Re-election Bid

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Mary Rickert, with some of her cows behind her.

Shasta County District 3 Supervisor, Mary Rickert, has announced her re-election bid for a 2nd term. Her commitment to improving public safety, increase accessibility for mental health services and curb substance use in Shasta will continue to be her focus in her second term. The Shasta County Fire Safe Council is currently being formed under her supervision to allow for expanded grant funding for the County for fuel reduction and fire hazard related projects.

“Shasta County is making some progress in the areas of homelessness, mental health services, and has expanded jail bed space by 102 beds. I am committed to ensuring two pilot projects in our jail are implemented soon. The first program is to restore an inmate’s mental competency to stand trial in a timely manner and the second is a medically assisted treatment program (MAT) for addicted offenders that are incarcerated. These two programs will be a more cost effective use of taxpayer dollars and ultimately benefit the citizens of Shasta County,” Mary Rickert said. Supervisor Rickert is also focused on the development of an agri-tourism ordinance and the restoration of the Shasta County Fire Safe Council. District 3 is the largest district in Shasta County and Supervisor Rickert enjoys traveling throughout her district to meet with her constituents at various events and functions.

Mary Rickert is a cattle rancher and farmer with her husband, Jim, and lives in McArthur, California. She is completing her first term as District 3 Shasta County Supervisor and has a strong background in mental health, agriculture and forestry.

-from press release
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