Open Conversation for August, 2019

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192 Responses

  1. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    Happy mid August. It is HOT here in Phoenix.

  2. Avatar Common Sense says:

    From $19.5 Billion in Exports to China ( 2017) to ZERO this year. We can see just how Stupid Tariffs are and how it is creating Entitlement/Subsistence Farming Subsidies the new Reality!

  3. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    Agriculture is declining and it has nothing to do with tariffs and more to do with unsustainability. Farmers, as high lighted in a Bloomberg article, are making more money selling their water to cities and leaving their land fallow. Bloomberg centered on southern California farmers but here in Arizona the Native tribes have been making long term deals with the city of Phoenix for their water rights.
    In addition the environmental damage done by use of pesticides and herbicides has polluted America’s waterways. Small Organic farming is on the rise, despite it’s higher cost to consumers.
    Better get to know the organic farmers in your neighborhood because that is where the food will becoming from.

  4. Avatar Common Sense says:

    Well, Bruce, I am in a good spot then. I am of those local backyard organic farmers. And food prices will be going up and not down in the future.

    A big difference between declining ag markets and losing a $19 Billion Dollar Market in a short amount of time.

    • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

      CS, are you a certified organic farmer? An organic farmer at the farmer’s market in Cheyenne told me it takes it takes three years to be certified requiring many restrictions. But that was in Wyoming, maybe California is different.
      You are right food prices will go up along with all the quality American made products instead of the cheap China junk that is always being recalled because they use products, like lead, that have been banned in the US.
      And as those big corporate farms owned by China and Brazilian companies are forced to quit using products that pollute the waterways American rivers will run cleaner.

  5. Avatar Common Sense says:

    I am not a “certified” organic farmer no Bruce. I am a backyard farmer that has figured out if I want healthy honest pesticide-free food I need to grow it myself. This year has not been good for production as my Greenhouse was destroyed by last winters foot of snow! Who would have thought a foot of snow in Redding a place that gets 114 sometimes in the Summer!

    Like the prices of things, food prices will be going up and not down overall I think.

    I think in the future it would be beneficial for everyone to be more independent in many ways. Grow your own food,solar power etc. Think about what would happen if the power grid went down for 6 months? How many would make it? No power or Internet for 6 month or a year….

    • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

      No power for six months. That is why people in rural areas, and a requirement in most businesses, have backup generator systems. When I worked at SUHSD making sure the backup generator worked was a monthly check. CS, you have a backup generator don’t you?

  6. Avatar Common Sense says:

    Mental Illness is no laughing matter. When the leader of your Country continues to Lie we as Americans suffer. It’s his Pathology. He can’t help it.

    Frank Dawson doesn’t even get a sorry after the Fat Rhetoric. Frank is a Trump Supporter that got Lambasted at a rally for being overweight. Narcissists can’t say ” I am Sorry”.

  7. Avatar Candace C says:

    CS I’ll agree with you that nothing about this President is a laughing matter. Unless of course one finds racism, ineptitude, dishonesty and narcissism to be funny. Quite obviously there are those who do. Guess that’s a joke I’d rather not be in on.

    • Avatar Common Sense says:

      Agreed Candace! Can you imagine if the Aliens landed and said: “Take me to your Leader”. How embarrassing that would be!

      We don’t have a real leader. We Had a Real Leader Recently for comparison.

      The Evangelicals are upset right now that he has been using the Lords Name in Vain at Rallies!

      Ummmm what about his Adultery, locking kids up in cages, Constant Lying and accepting help from a Hostile Foreign power to win the Election not to mention the Emoluments violations, etc???

      That’s OK?

  8. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    The biggest mistake many are saying is that Hillary Clinton wasn’t elected was because America will not elect a woman president. The same people said America wouldn’t elect a Black president.
    The reason Hillary Clinton lost was because, proven and heads did roll in the DNC, she interfered with Bernie Sanders campaign for president. And though Sanders did lukewarm support Clinton his supporters never did and either voted for Trump or didn’t vote.
    There are three Democratic women running right now that are far better than Clinton was. In fact one, Warren, could have gotten the 2016 nomination over Clinton.

  9. Avatar Common Sense says:

    Elizabeth Warren is on a Hot Streak no doubt! Bernie got Screwed last time around. How else do you say it.

    The interesting thing is all 4 top Dems are polling higher than T right now.

  10. Avatar Common Sense says:

    Mosquitoes testing Postive in California for the West Nile Virus. Here is a map that will show exactly where the issues are.

  11. Avatar Common Sense says:

    Racheal Bitcofer is one for one on calling the races. Will she be two for two in 2020? The long and the short of it is that she is saying Neither Party Really Gets it! They are using outdated thinking in this new era.

    • Avatar Larry Winter says:

      Good link which led me to the original article by Racheal Bitcofer. I thought this is key.
      “The complacent electorate of 2016, who were convinced Trump would never be president, has been replaced with the terrified electorate of 2020, who are convinced he’s the Terminator and can’t be stopped. Under my model, that distinction is not only important, it is everything.”

      I also found it interesting that she says “By and large, I don’t expect that the specific nominee the Democratic electorate chooses will matter all that much unless it ends up being a disruptor like Bernie Sanders.”
      Didn’t Trump win as a disruptor?

  12. Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

    The characteristic that Trump most has in common with his ardent followers is a shared belief that individually, the limits of their knowledge are the limits of knowledge itself. It’s the Dunning-Krueger effect on steroids.

    When Trump frequently claims, “nobody knows more than I do about XYZ…” it resonates with the types of people are who similarly incapable of comprehending their intellectual limitations. Trump and his type know they are right about each and every opinion they hold, for no better reason than those opinions are theirs.

    They lack the capacity for self-doubt. Sadly, that may be the superpower that they all share.

    • Avatar Doug Cook says:

      Although I am not an ‘ardent’ follower of Trump…when he says things like, “nobody knows more than I do about XYZ…” Does anyone really believe it? I certainly don’t. I don’t think even his most ardent followers thought that Mexico was going to pay for the wall. Yes, Trump is full of bluster and frequently puts his foot in his mouth. You think the answer is the candidates the Democrats are trotting out? You think a far left progressive is going to beat Trump? I saw a Democrat pundit say on MSNBC that if Warren gets the nomination, Trump will win 48 states., a definite possibility if the economy keeps rolling.

      • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

        1. Does anyone believe it? The point I was *clearly* making is that Trump believes it. And a common characteristic of his yahoo followers is that they also believe they’re right about everything.

        2. Anyone but Trump. Seriously. Today he tweeted that he should be president permanently. The dude is a delusional, power-tripping, would-be dictator.

      • Avatar Patricia Barrett says:

        The economy is certainly “rolling” – right into a recession, if the more reputable economists can be believed. Between now and the election we’ll also be seeing an inevitable increase in the price of thousands of products thanks to Trump’s nutty nationalist trade wars, and the country now has at least 3 trillion more in debt than it did when Trump took office, with the wealthy being the main beneficiaries.

        Trump seems to be rapidly losing what little sanity he ever possessed. Every fact that doesn’t show him in a favorable light is a “conspiracy”, and despite the deaths of 22 people in El Paso by yet another gunman who is an obvious admirer of Trump, he’s doubling down on his racist crap.

        During the Nazi/white supremacist rally in Portland yesterday (whose organizers called for violence), Trump just couldn’t resist coming down on the side of the supremacists by expressing his desire to classify Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization. The general public is in no danger from Antifa. However, the same can’t be said of right-wing hate groups and individuals, who have spread far more death and destruction in this country than foreign terrorists and left-wingers combined.

        • Avatar Doug Cook says:

          Since the whole Russian collusion turned into a big nothing burger, the left is now pivoting to praying for a recession. And their new obsession is racism. S losing strategy for them. Disgusting to blame Trump for the shooting in El Paso. Why don’t you blame Sen Warren for the Ohio shooting? You do realize vtgst you are handing the election right back to Trump, right?

          • Avatar Patricia Barrett says:

            That’s the latest right-wing line (lie) – that while mass shooters the world over praise Trump and parrot his racist rhetoric, he really isn’t responsible. And he still goes out of his way to take the side of Nazis and other white supremacists.

            He won’t acknowledge that right-wing violence is now the biggest threat to Americans,, and has been for some time. However, he wants to declare a group that battles Nazis who are out looking for a fight domestic terrorists. Undoubtedly the right-wing wants the country to look elsewhere (like at Democrats, who are simply pointing out the obvious), but that gimmick isn’t going to work.

          • Avatar Candace C says:

            I’m definitely left leaning and I’m definitely not praying for a recession. Only thing disgusting is Trump himself and his ongoing racist rants and lies. He quite obviously didn’t create racism but there’s no denying that he fans the flames of racist hate with his rhetoric. He’s fully aware of what he’s doing. He gets off on it and his base laps it up. Also, I wouldn’t say that proven Russian intervention in our election process is a nothing burger other than of course to Trump who refuses to accept it as reality and/or do anything about it to try and protect future elections. Tired old “Trump Derangement Syndrome” catch phrases thrown out every time someone criticizes Trump are just that, tired. Funny thing is that whenever I hear that phrase it strikes me as being misdirected. Seems to me anyone still supporting and excusing this president’s behavior would be the one suffering from said syndrome.

          • Avatar Tim says:

            Patricia, how many of these 2019 mass shooters praised Trump’s “racist rhetoric?”


          • Avatar Doug Cook says:

            Candace, the left completely ignored the Russian interference…they are still ignoring Russian interference as President Obama did. The former president made the decision not to reveal the facts about interference. I didn’t say Russian interference is a nothing burger… Russian collusion was. Yes, TDS is a thing. The obsession the left and the media has for the president is just too much over the top.

          • Avatar Larry Winter says:

            Doug, we have a President with a Narcissistic Personality Disorder of which you are an ardent defender. Look in the mirror to see what Trump Derangement Syndrome looks like. Trump “misspeaks, puts foot in mouth, etc., etc., are all excuses you’ve used that fit the definition of derangement more than how you are attempting to use it. I’ve known people that have the same NPD condition and it’s toxic to those around them, especially if they have children. His actions and words as President give a clear picture of his disorder and excusing it by blaming others for pointing it out is what I would call “deranged”

          • Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:

            There has been a rise in mass shootings with large numbers of victims by white supremacists, and more than a few have turned out to be Trump supporters. As one example, the mass shooter in El Paso who killed 22 people and injured dozens of others quoted Trump word-for-word in numerous places in his “manifesto” and elsewhere, and even used guns to spell out “Trump” on his social media pages. In my opinion (and the opinion of many others) Trump was directly responsible for that slaughter because of his constant violence and fear-inciting racist rhetoric. He even singled out El Paso in particular during one of his rallies.

            (And Tim – I have no idea where you got your racist right-wing meme, and have no way to verify whether it’s accurate).

            There are some very informative links in the article below:


          • Avatar Doug Cook says:

            Larry, name me a politician that is not a narcissist. That all are, yes… President Trump takes it to a new level. I’m not sure why you insist on calling me an ardent defender of Trump. I try to balance the over the top Trump hating rhetoric on here. I will praise the POTUS when he does something good, and criticize him when he screws up. The same as I do with every other president I follow. I didn’t vote for the man, but you can’t fault him for following through with his campaign promises. The left can’t even give the president credit for his moderation and anti war policy in foreign affairs. Remember the hysteria about Trump will start WWIII? Now the left is criticizing his restraint and his negotiating peace. Guy can’t win

          • Avatar Patricia Stamm says:

            Doug Cook,

            I don’t recall you ever defending Obama against all the hysterical attacks by local right-wingers. However, you’ve spent a phenomenal amount of time defending Trump (whose policies you admit you support), beginning well before the election.

            You’ve made excuses for his open incitements to violence, his support of Nazis, and his countless other racist, xenophobic, sexist remarks and actions as just “putting his foot in his mouth” (or something equally innocent).

            Why not just admit that you’re a rabid Trump supporter (which you are), instead of pretending that all your excuse-making for this demented sociopath is only about trying to be “fair”.

          • Avatar Tim says:

            Patricia: My “racist right wing meme” comes from left-wing Snopes (which rates every true conservative claim as “mixture”):

            No matter how you feel, or what definition of mass shooting you use, the facts show white men are less likely than average to be mass shooters. So please stop the racist anti-white male trump supporter hate speech!

          • Avatar Patricia Stamm says:


            No it didn’t. It came from the white supremacist website 4Chan (according to your link). And Snopes basically just said that 4Chan’s claim may be partially accurate, but is a stretch.

            Any official definition of a mass shooting is 4 or more people killed in a public settting, randomly targeting people who are largely strangers. Your racist photo is heavy on shoot-outs between gang members – some number of which take place in private homes etc. between people well known to each other. The perpetrators of actual mass shootings are vastly more likely to be white men:


          • Avatar Tim says:

            Again, even using that definition of mass shooting (3 or more killed vs 4 or more shot), white men are disproportionately less likely to be the perpetrator (making up 63% of the male population vs 56% of shooters killing 3 or more).

          • Avatar Tim says:

            Do you know what nearly every mass shooters actually has in common? They’re bastards. Might want to rethink classifying focus on the family & FRC as hate groups…


          • Avatar Patricia Stamm says:


            That wasn’t the definition I quoted. And your year-and-a-half old Fox “News” editorial doesn’t do anything to prove its claim.

            Also, we went through the hate group thing on another thread recently, and I debunked your anti-LGTB statements. Once again, here are the many legitimate reasons organizations like the so-called “Family Research Council” have been designated hate groups:


          • Avatar Doug Cook says:

            Let’s try a test Ms Simms…do you support the president’s goal to bring home the troops in Afghanistan and end the war by 2020? Is that something you can praise President Trump for or will you find a reason to criticize him?

      • Avatar Common Sense says:

        Trump is an Anomaly. People wanted someone different. And…..they got it! He appeals to that Reptillian part of a voters brain.

        Morals and Values aside he has Hijacked the GOP and the Brains of the Republicans.

        It’s kind of like a group of people sitting around the campfire….one guy doesn’t realize an ember landed in his pants because he had a couple of beers.

        That smoke he stated to smell wasn’t a Democrat in the trailer lighting one up.

    • Avatar Common Sense says:

      You hit it on the head, Steve. It’s a lack of Capacity in General for the typical Trump voter. They seem to share a common, I know it all and he knows it all attitude instead of an introspective ability to listen to any logic or common sense.

      Take the link supplied. If it doesn’t go along with their agenda then it must be the Trump Haters that have caused the Recession!

      • Avatar Doug Cook says:

        THAT is why the Democrats will lose. The belief that all Trump supporters are too stupid to know better is the type of arrogance that Americans won’t go for.

        • Avatar Patricia Stamm says:

          Doug Cook,

          If they’re Trump supporters they won’t be voting Democratic anyway, so it doesn’t matter whether Democrats point out the obvious (and there actually is evidence from scientists and medical researchers that right-wingers suffer from brain damage and/or low intellect).

          I’m so glad more of these white supremacist thugs are being held accountable for their violence (at another demonstration a counter-protestor was hospitalized with a skull fracture after being attacked by a white supremacist, who was heavily armed). Since the election of their president they’ve been pushing their way into places they aren’t wanted looking for a fight, so they can pretend they’re poor little victims when someone pushes back.

          • Avatar Doug Cook says:

            Ms Stamm…it is not the Trump supporters that you have to worry about. It is the independents that are mostly middle of the road politicaly that will run away from the far left ideology that the Democrats bare embracing. Just keep with the outrageous comments like Republicans suffer from brain damage and low intellect. I find it amazing that someone in this day and age can actually say something as deplorable as that. Wow. Since I am a right winger, I must assume that you think I have a below level intellect. Here is the difference between you and I. I can condemn the actions of the Proud Boys as well as the leftist group Antifa. They are both a thugish violent group. You on the other hand will ignore the violence of the leftists Antifa. I guess it’s time to take my below level intellect and go watch the Three Stooges. Can’t believe what I’m reading on here. Good grief

          • Avatar Doug Cook says:

            Ms Stamm says, “…counter-protestor was hospitalized with a skull fracture after being attacked by a white supremacist”. Yes, violence like that is unacceptable. I have to wonder, however if you were just as outraged over the journalist that was attacked by Antifa last month, where he now has permanent brain damage. I didn’t recall your comment condemning that attack. Hmmm…

          • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

            Doug, funny you mention the Three Stooges as your profile picture on the old RS was one of the Stooges.

          • Avatar Doug Cook says:

            LOL, You’re right Steve. I did have Curly as my profile pic for awhile….Gotta love the Stooges, must be my low intellect.

          • Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:

            I somehow managed to post my niece’s name (who bought and registered this computer, so her name appears in various places) on some of my earlier comments. I can’t imagine how I did it, but I seem to be back to myself again.

            Doug Cook – Andy Ngo is not a “journalist”. He’s a hate-mongering supremacist sympathizer who has done everything in his power to incite violence (so he can write a distorted version of events that leave out pertinent facts, and incite even more violence), and attends rallies to further that aim.

            There’s no documentation of how that confrontation started. However, it’s probably a given that he motored the situation that led to those couple of bonks, and was thrilled with the outcome.


          • Avatar Doug Cook says:

            Patrecia, thanks for clarifying the name mix up. I found it incredulous that there was more than one person out there with your beliefs.

          • Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:

            There are millions of people with my beliefs. They are the majority (by several million people) who voted for Clinton to avoid the unthinkable (it happened anyway).

          • Avatar Tim says:

            The majority of voters did NOT vote for Clinton in 2016 (only 48.2% did).

        • Avatar Candace C says:

          Doug Cook, thank you for proving Steve and CS’s point regarding some Trump supporter’s inability for self-introspection regarding their, and this president’s, treatment of others. I say the arrogance lies in those who consistently insist on appointing themselves as the arbitrators of truth based on some twisted moral outrage at those who dare criticize this president’s vey amoral behavior. THAT’s the type of arrogance that many Americans won’t and aren’t going for.

        • Avatar Doug Cook says:

          Patrecia, Once again you justify left wing violence. Just as you justified the congressional baseball shooting, in your own words you said “Trump drove him to it”. Outrageous.

          • Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:

            I never used the phrase “Trump drove him to it”. And while it wasn’t justifiable, he at least had a more legitimate reason than committing violence against people based solely on the color of their skin, their nationality, or their religion.

            Also, that’s only one incident of its type, compared to multiple murders, and shootings, stabbings, beatings and other attacks that resulted in serious injuries (not to mentions thousands of acts of harassment and intimidation) by Trump supporters.

            I don’t believe that Antifa really got underway until Trump supporters went hog-wild with violence. They got so bad that Trump was finally forced to address all this violence by his followers, so he said “Stop it” (big F— deal).

            And aside from mass shootings by admirers of Trump, the latest trend seems to be right-wingers pulling guns on black people (even kids), and accosting/calling the police on black people of any age engaged ordinary, non-criminal activities.

  13. Avatar Candace C says:

    Trump “frequently puts his foot in his mouth” is a polite way of saying Trump frequently flat out lies with no remorse. Sadly, I do think some of his base believes whatever he says for the exact reason Steve gave. If they don’t they’re excusing his constant telling of blatant, provable lies. I’m not sure which I think is worse, ignorance or willful ignorance. Actually, yes I do; willful ignorance.

  14. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    Actually Warren’s worst enemy is Trump. Democrats like her but worry that her bombastic campaigning is similar to what Trump did before the 2016 election. I never even considered voting for him, starting with his condemnation of John McCain, and I can’t believe anyone else voted for him. He is doing exactly what he said he would do.
    Maybe in the next year someone will emerge from the Democrat pack but right now they all sound the same.

    • Avatar Doug Cook says:

      Bruce, Warren and Sanders share the same voting Bloc, each holding about 15%. If one of them drops out ( likely Sanders) then all those voters will jump to the other , most likely Warren. Then we have a tie with Biden. You are seeing some of the other candidates backtracking on their way far left views, like medicare for all and open borders. Harris is backpedaling on that. Warren won’t wing a general election with her socialist views.

  15. Avatar Candace C says:

    Warren’s “bombastic” campaigning? Huh? Are you referring to her “I have a plan for that”. If so, I personally don’t find that to be bombastic(?). Not sure yet if she’s who I’d choose to vote for ( unless she’s the Democratic nominee) but I find having a plan about an issue to be refreshing.

    • Avatar Doug Cook says:

      Bombastic campaigning is coming out with a statement saying Michael Brown was ‘murdered’. That is fanning the flames of racism. The Obama Justice Dept after a lengthy investigation determined that it was a justifiable shooting. Ad I said earlier, because Russian collusion fell flat on its face. Dems have to find a new outrage. Warren had no chance in the world to beat Trump. The country will reject her far left views

  16. Avatar Candace C says:

    Bruce, oh, I see, you said the “Dems” worry about that, not you personally. Sorry, I should have read more carefully.

  17. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    The economy is running into a recession according to most economists, but those same economists say it won’t be as bad as the last recession because housing prices, except in a few areas, are not skyrocketing into the stratosphere.
    Hold on to your job is the advice I give, now is not the time to switch to a new one. Last hired, first gone.
    Childcare has skyrocketed and hits working families the most. That is why many households have three generations living in one house. It used to be mostly migrants that did this but many American families are now doing it.
    Produce will face increased prices for several reasons. The Midwest farms are still under water and the southwest is being hit with droughts. Many farmers in California and Arizona are leaving their fields fallow and selling their water to the cities.
    Sensible gun laws are being brought forth in many areas. When Senator McSally here in Arizona, is softening her opposition to background checks and banning assault weapons, shows that. But then she is up for election in 2020 and Arizona is no longer a safe GOP state, unlike other areas.
    Last year a GOP Arizona state legislator stated to properly integrate schools the country needs more white students. He is now gone, forced to resign. This year another state legislator complained about the “Browning” of America. Right now the GOP is defending her and the only reason I can see that they are not pushing for her to resign is because she is a woman.
    There will be big changes in 2020.

  18. Avatar Common Sense says:

    The Rest of the world IS in a Recession right now but we are only heading that way at the moment. When you don’t understand how things work and keep talking about how we are making money off China on the Tariffs it doesn’t bode well with the Confidence in the Markets.

    As we start the plunge look for more deflection, it’s the Fed, The Democrats, McCain from his Grave, ______fill in the blank because a Narcissist Can NOT admit they were wrong.

    Follow the Pathology, see things before they happen.

    In 2005 it took approx 6-9 months for the average Joe on the street to realize : Hey, things have changed!”

    You can’t Spend your way out of Debt! The Tax Cut for the Wealthy has a cost to it. The Tariffs Have a Cost to them……the Writing is one the Wall…..for those that can see.

    The wheels are just about ready to pop off at this point…..the T- Train…..It will be a Disaster with Collateral Damage. Haven’t heard that one before have you?

    This is ALL before the Country gets to pay for the Hundreds of Millions in Damages with all the lawsuits coming by the Migrants that have been locked up, the cases/liability of the kids dying, the cases of sexual abuse when the kids were separated from their parents that are “just starting” to be filed. And people thought that supporting those seeking Asylum was expensive…..just wait. This may make the Me Too movement and Lawsuits seem like Disneyland.

  19. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    A mass shooting is considered any gun deaths over four people. Every weekend there is a mass shooting in Chicago, DC, New York City, Miami and countless other cites large and small. Most, like the shooting in southern California where an officer was shot, are committed with illegal weapons. How is making an illegal weapon more illegal going to solve the problem?
    The liberals on here will call that a deflection and it is actually more about being ignored. There is a definite problem with gun deaths in this country, 60% are actually suicides, but focusing on gun laws is only part of the cure.
    This past week there were three arrests in three different states of potential killers that were reported to authorities. And here in Phoenix an arrest was made at a school because a student had a loaded gun and was reported to authorities by other students. Right now, instead of being a bunch of talking heads, Phoenix police are informing students on how to report possible threats. That will do more good than all the liberals calling for gun control.

  20. Avatar Candace C says:

    The stats don’t lie. The highest number of gun deaths in America are committed with the use of a hand gun. Of-the-moment crimes of passion, suicide and/or children playing with guns are included. No politician (or very few) is going to go after the prevalence of hand guns in our American homes. It’s verboten. The very real tragedy of mass shootings we are shown over and over again on tv are horrifying and no sane person wants to see them happen, ever, but gun banning laws with no teeth (exclusions, modifications as to what’s acceptable and included in the ban) are pointless and ineffective; they foster “one and done” complacency with the people in power who originally opposed them. At this point I’d say they’re purely political and/or borne of the need to do something, anything, to stop the senseless killing. I get that. I feel overcome by a sense of powerlessness and hopelessness to stop the killing as well. Extensive background checks and longer waiting periods just might prevent an avoidable tragic loss of life being taken in the heat of the moment. It’s doable. It’s not the third rail, or at least it shouldn’t be. Something’s gotta give. Personally I’d like to see, at the very least, longer waiting periods, stronger background checks and a buy-back program and if we’re banning certain AR’s make sure the laws have teeth. Also, kudos to the responsible gun owners who lock away their guns and ammo and require all in their home to take gun safety courses. While I’m personally not a gun fan these responsible gun owner safety measures may stop a tragic and senseless loss of life. Oh, and Bruce? I agree. If you see something, say something. Lives are depending on it.

  21. Avatar Patricia Stamm says:

    And BTW – Millions of low-income women who have been depending on Planned Parenthood for comprehensive medical care may be deprived of that care, and have few – if any – other options (and no – dentists and chiropractors etc. don’t count, as Republicans have maintained), since Trump is forcing Planned Parenthood out of the Title IX program because 3 percent of the services it provides are abortions (which are NOT government-funded).

    He is also making it “legal” for employers to fire their gay employees (or not hire gay people at all) simply because they are gay, by using their primitive religious beliefs as an excuse.

  22. Avatar Common Sense says:

    What if one day…..hopefully soon, everyone realized that the right wing, and the left wing, are both connected to the Bird!

    What if we had a Country that worked for “Everyone”? Imagine……that.

    Jesus said to “Love Everyone”……my how we have forgotten that one!

  23. Avatar Larry Winter says:

    Trump Derangement Syndrome, or how to feed a narcissistic disorder.

    “President Trump is the greatest President for Jews and for Israel in the history of the world, not just America, he is the best President for Israel in the history of the world…and the Jewish people in Israel love him like he’s the King of Israel,” tweeted Mr Trump, quoting Wayne Allyn Root, a conservative radio host known for promoting conspiracy theories.

    • Avatar Doug Cook says:

      Yes…it was ridiculous for the president to retweet that nonsense. However, we have had multiple presidents, including President Obama that vowed to recognize Jerusalem as the capital and move the embassy, but it was President Trump that actually got it done.

  24. Avatar Doug Cook says:

    Yes…it was ridiculous for the president to retweet that nonsense. However, we have had multiple presidents, including President Obama that vowed to recognize Jerusalem as the capital and move the embassy, but it was President Trump that actually got it done.

  25. Avatar Common Sense says:

    They say a Sucker is born every minute. All I can say is it’s going to be interesting in the next 10 Years! If the Democrats are always the ones that want to spend all the Money and add to the Debt, how do the Republicans Explain this one??

  26. Avatar Candace C says:

    “Yes…it was ridiculous for the president to retweet that nonsense. However…” Another Classic Trump supporter “whatabout” argument to excuse away Trump nonsense after first calling his behavior “Ridiculous”. Starting off with a valid criticism and then going on to invalidate that criticism with finger-pointing blame at past presidents sure sounds like the definition of what those who like to throw around as “TDS” to me. If one is a Trump supporter, own it. It will make one’s arguments seem less like “sport” baiting and more genuine.

    • Avatar Doug Cook says:

      That is why Trump will get reelected, because despite of some of the ridiculous things he says, he actually gets things done. Moving the Embassy was a big deal that other president’s vowed to do but didn’t. Yes, it was a valid criticism that I don’t mind pointing out. And I don’t mind pointing out whataboutism either. If Trump said RFK and Kennedy was assassinated in the late 70’s like Biden did today, what do you think the reaction would be? Whataboutism can also be called looking at double standards.

  27. Avatar Common Sense says:

    When we take a moment to take note of a typical debate response of a Trump Supporter it goes like this-

    Trump had lied over 12,000 times since taking office doesn’t that matter to you?

    Trump Supporter- Obama lied also!
    Trump has cheated on every wife or girlfriend he has ever been with how can the Evangelicals support him?

    Trump supporter- All presidents have done the same….
    Trump d0esn’t have a clue what he is doing, he thinks Tariffs bring money into the USA!

    Trump Supporter- He is a great businessman, look at how rich he is!
    Trump has a serious Mental Disorder!

    Trump supporter- They all do.
    Trump Supports the White Supremists!
    Trump Supporter- It’s his first amendment right to say what he wants.

    See anything here?

    I mean what’s next? Will he start saying he is the “Chosen One”?…….

    • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

      Who is the “Chosen One” for the Democrats? Trump beat the “Chosen One” in 2016.
      Just a question from a low educated GED conservative in an actual swing state where my vote counts.

  28. Avatar Common Sense says:

    As the Doctors and Psychologists have said….Huston…..we have a problem here!

    Mental Illness is No Joke!

    We have to make it until the Dem’s get the info they requested and win their court cases for evidence. Then the Fireworks Start. If not played right and we don’t have a strong solid Dem Candidate….all bets are off!

    Know the Pathologies…..see the future.

  29. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    The 2020 election is almost a year and a half away. No matter who the “Chosen One” from the score of Democrat candidates is, they have already won California. When it comes to choosing presidents the voters, on both sides, in the 1st District have no say. Local elections are what counts.
    California as a stand alone nation would be the 5th greatest economy in the world, they have more people than the whole country of Canada. Los Angeles would be the 16th greatest economy in the world. California sets the emissions standards for the world. Anyone who wants to sell in California has to meet those standards. Many small trucking companies do not travel in California because of the emission requirements. Denmark might consider California buying Greenland for the environmental protections that would be offered.
    All these anti-Trump posts are meaningless in California.

    • Avatar Doug Cook says:

      Bruce, California is such a mess, maybe we should do a straight trade with Denmark. They get California…we get Greenland.

      • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

        Doug, I don’t see where California is a mess except in the 1st District, and that is mostly in Redding.

        • Avatar Doug Cook says:

          Seriously, Bruce? You honestly believe Ca is in good shape? Easy for you to say as you don’t live here.

          • Avatar Candace C says:

            I don’t remember Bruce saying things he doesn’t mean and he appears to be as serious as the subject he’s commenting on merits. I may not always agree with his opinions regarding Bethel’s reach and a few other things but I don’t discredit those opinions because of where he does or does not live. He is also one of the few who steps up and apologizes if proven factually incorrect or if he feels that he’s regrettably offended someone. That’s rare and I for one appreciate it.

        • Avatar Doug Cook says:

          Then let me ask you, Candace. Do you believe that California is being run well and is not a mess?

          • Avatar Candace C says:

            Doug, I’ll concede that we have our struggles like any state; one being the wealth disparity gap; but in general, my answer to your question is yes and yes. “California is a mess” is Tucker Carlson, idealogical talking point rhetoric aimed at “liberals” because conservatives are not currently in power in our state. It’s been used over and over, ad nauseam. To me, “Mess” denotes failure. I don’t consider CA to be a failure. Quite the contrary. I consider it to be a leader in an ever changing landscape of adaptation to both climate change and rapid population growth. It ain’t easy. So. That’s my answer to your question. Of course you can respond, it’s an open forum, but just a head’s up that I don’t intend to have a tit-for-tat debate with you regarding my answer to your question. Nothing personal.

  30. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    All bets are off for 2020. The 10th Circuit Court in Denver just ruled that electors do not have to follow the state’s popular vote but can vote their own way. That would change at least ten electoral votes in California alone.

  31. Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:


    Moving the embassy wasn’t much of an accomplishment, and isn’t popular with a good percentage of the American public (including quite a few Jewish Americans). The only people who really support it to any great extent are the fundamentalist “Christian” fanatics Trump is handing our government to.

    And your idea of being “critical” of Trump is to make excuses for his deranged and harmful comments by pretending he’s just joking, that he’s just thoughtless, or – at worst – that he’s being “ridiculous”. His intentions are far more malignant than that.

    Being the egomaniacal sociopath he is, he seems to think that all Jewish Americans should fall in line behind him just because of his support for the strategically placed, American taxpayer-financed nuclear power and world-class armaments dealer that is Israel. However, it seems most Jewish people care more about the things Trump is trying to destroy:

  32. Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:

    If Trump was forced to release his tax returns (as every other president and presidential candidate has done WILLINGLY for decades), I suspect that would be the end of his reelection aspirations. We already know he’s up to his eye teeth in hock to Russians investors, and (being the dirtbag that he is) there are undoubtedly plenty of other conflicts of interest and sleazy endeavors. He’s not fighting tooth-and-nail to hide his tax returns for nothing.

    • Avatar Beverly Stafford says:

      And he was the very vocal force behind the “birthers” for Obama’s birth certificate. Pot? Kettle? Black?

  33. Avatar Common Sense says:

    There is a “Reason” he is fighting to keep his tax returns “Secret”! There have been SO many scandals and Distractions during his Tenure thus far. Let Us All Remember he was briefed just prior to taking office that Russia was trying to help him and what did he do? NO THING.

    With his Hundreds in Millions in Loans, Money coming in through the NRA via Russian interests it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put 2+2 together here. Perhaps a strong case for Cognitive Dissonance could be argued but if one has not figured this one out yet they probably aren’t even in the tool shed.

    This is the part in the Drama on the World Stage where its “Burn the Frat House down” on the way out and Every piranha from Himself!

    Look for members of his team to start leaking more and selling the orange guy out to save their own behinds.

    If one has not abandoned ship by now….they will be going down with the ship!

    • Avatar Gary Tull says:

      Today may be interesting in terms of Trump refusing to turn over his state tax returns according to NY Attorney General Letitia James who was a guest last night on the RMS.

  34. Avatar Common Sense says:

    No, Mr. President, it’s not the fake media or the Democrats that are leading us into a Recession.
    It is you. You own this one.
    I know you won’t or can’t admit your mistake on this one because of your NPD but for the USA Auto Workers and Farmers….I hope they all have large savings accounts!

    You can’t blame Hillary on this one….you can’t blame Obama on this one…….It’s yours.

    You had one job to get re-elected Mr. President and one you Campaigned on…..the Economy. You handed this one over to the Democrats as the ball has started downhill now. Now they will campaign against you on the Economy and talk about the Recession You Created……how about those Tax Cuts!

  35. Avatar Larry Winter says:

    Just received this email from the Trinity County Resource Conservation District’s watershed specialist who will be the lead in our 5 year update for the Trinity County Fire Safe Coucil. This comprehensive approach for developing our Community Wildfire Protection Plan is something I’ve been pushing for years. They’ve doubled the money that will be spent in developing the latest update.
    I sure brought a smile to my face.

    “I am coordinating a meeting to hear from your agencies as to what you would like to see in the Trinity County Community Wildfire Protection Plan Update (CWPP). For those of you unfamiliar with the CWPP, this is a management planning effort that identifies and prioritizes projects and coordination across the landscape to protect our Trinity County Communities. The TCRCD is embarking on the 2020 Update of the Trinity County CWPP. To prepare please consider, what the CWPP is missing, what could be improved in the CWPP, and how could the CWPP be more applicable to your work? For reference, the link to the 2015 CWPP is included below.
    As a component of this project, TCRCD updates the Trinity County GIS data for values at risk, fire history, and fuels reduction project locations. This data is used both for the CWPP and other county wide mapping projects, such as mapping for local Volunteer Fire Departments. I am asking each of you to please work with your fuels reduction coordinators, foresters and GIS technicians, to provide us with data on projects and fires from the last 5 years. For more specifics please view the attached spreadsheet. Data can be emailed or brought on a flash drive to the meeting for download.”

    The County had formed a Collaborative group that has been driving forestry project planning and I’ve been complaining about the lack of Fire Safe Council input. It’s been dominated by the local environmentalists and timber industry. We haven’t been considered a legitimate stakeholder in this process since its inception in 2013. Things are hopefully changing as I think these CWPPs should be the driving force for all forestry projects in the County, which consists of a federal land base of around 70%. These plans will cross ownership lines and make assessments across the landscape.

  36. Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:

    Here leaders of the white supremacist groups that have been invading Portland ADMIT their goal is to incite violence and cost the City of Portland and local businesses millions of dollars. It’s time for that City and affected business owners to sue these malignant thugs (incredibly the president of this country actually defends these racist criminals).

    • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

      The leader of the Proud Boys, Enrique Tarrio, is a Cuban raised in Little Havana. How is he a white supremacist?

      • Steven Towers Steven Towers says:

        Cubans of Spanish descent are white.

        • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

          Steve, there are many white supremacists and Cubans who would argue with you on that.
          These terrorist groups are made up by all ethnics.

      • Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:


        Proud Boys was founded and led through most of its brief history by white people with white-sounding names. When this hate group was publicly condemned for its heavy involvement in organizing the violent Charlottesville rally, it replaced its original leader with someone who has a Hispanic-sounding name. No doubt this was done so that people will make inane comments like yours.

        Also, Proud Boys is not just a white supremacist group – it’s a white MALE supremacist group, It makes garbage claims like rape is no worse than having a tooth pulled, and that women who are physically abused by men deserve it because they’re all supposedly trying to ruin the man’s life.

        • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

          Patricia, inane comments like yours are based on dubious sources. Democrats created White Hispanic to get more Democrat voters, instead they got Enrique Tarrio. Bet the Dems feel proud about that.

          • Avatar Candace C says:

            Democrats did not create the term “White Hispanic”, it’s just not a commonly used term. It’s referring to both race and ethnicity which are two separate things. I was confused as well and not well educated on race and ethnicity so I looked up the differentiations according to the US Census Bureau. Neither did the Dems create Enrique Tarrio. He did that all by himself ( with the help of his parents).

          • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

            Candace, I was being sarcastic about Dems creating White Hispanic. But the Census Bureau does have a strange, to me, definition. They say Hispanics can be any race because they belong to no race. Weird. So when America is said to be being taken over by Hispanics who are they talking about?

    • Avatar Tim says:

      Proud Boys is not a white supremacist organization and that Huffington post article clearly stated their strategy was to avoid violence at the last rally.

      As to the claim their attempt is to disrupt a city largely holding opposing beliefs: No duh. Why do you think CORE activists flooded Greensboro rather than Poughkeepsie?

      Portland wouldn’t have to spend millions if it were not so illiberal that conservative speakers can now count on being physically attacked by antifa facists.

      • Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:

        Proud Boys have not only called for violence, but (per one of my earlier links ) its leaders admit that inciting violence is one of their main goals. That there is a group who is actually willing to take them up on their challenge should come as no surprise.

        These people are not “conservatives” – they are rabidly racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic hate mongers who use lies and deceit to promote violence and harassment toward groups who have already experienced enough of those things.

        • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

          Patricia, I agree totally with your post as you did not use “White” in your description, though I do know there are some whites too.

          • Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:


            You imagine that only “some” of the Proud Boys are white? I’ve looked at large group pictures of these thugs (like the ones in my link above), and the only darker-skinned person I see is their leader.

            There are always a few people willing to sell out their race (remember the black man in the book “Black Like Me”, who felt he was superior to other black people, hated his race, and only wanted to be identified with white people?). Proud Boys most certainly is a “white supremacist” group.

          • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

            Patricia, Did those white people who walked and some died with black people fighting for civil rights sell out their race?

        • Avatar Doug Cook says:

          I actually agree with Patrecia in that the Proud Boys were created mainly as a counter to Antifa. Their goal is to tangle with Antifa and pick fights with them. That being said, the difference between those on the right and left is that I can easily condemn that actions and violence of both Antifa and the Proud Boys. They both incite violence and should be treated as such. Patrecia and other leftists ignore the violence from the left, just the other day Patrecia justified the attack on a journalist from Antifa, an attack that caused the man permanent brain damage. How about this, Patrecia…let’s condemn violence from both sides of the political spectrum. Stop the over the top hyperbole, the ridiculous name calling. Not every white, conservative male is a rabidly racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic hate monger.

          • Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:

            Doug Cook,

            As I pointed out to you the other day, Andy Ngo is not a “journalist” (see the link below). He’s a violence-inciting liar who posts wildly inaccurate and one-sided accounts of incidents at rallies that leave out pertinent facts. The violence from the right that started these incidents is nowhere to be found – either in his reporting, or in his selectively edited videos. He targets people who dare to offer a real account, whose lives are then threatened, and who suffer various other forms of harassment from Ngo’s thuggish followers.

            There is conveniently no video of what started the incident that resulted in Ngo receiving a couple of boinks on the head, but you can bet he’s thrilled with the outcome. He has since been making the rounds of the right-wing talk shows, where he is attempting to make a case that he’s “brain damaged”.


          • Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:


            I can’t believe you are actually attempting to compare the Civil Rights Movement to a rabidly racist, sexist, xenophobic hate group like Proud Boys.

            And no Doug – Proud Boys were not formed to “counter” violence by anti-fascists. Their entire purpose (aside from inciting violence) is to make an idiotic case that “superior” white men are the only real victims in society:


          • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

            Patricia, in the early Civil Rights movement the attitude was the Black leaders were considered Domestic Terrorists and watched by the FBI. It is easy in today’s changed attitudes to say the Civil Rights movement was just. But then it took a lot of courage for white people to step up and help the Blacks.
            In fact the leaders of the American Revolution were considered traitors at the time.

          • Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:


            As far as I can determine you are now trying to claim that the hate-mongering, violence-inciting Proud Boys are courageous, and will someday be considered as “just” and admirable as the Civil Rights Movement. How incredible.

          • Avatar Doug Cook says:

            “…Ngo receiving a couple of boinks on the head” So here you are again, Patrecia…justifying violence and attacks from thugs on the left. and yes, you DID in facy justify the attack on the Congressional baseball practice by saying , Trump drove him to it. We had quite the debate about your claim. Awhile ago I showed you a video of Antifa attacking a senior citizen couple trying to drive past an Antifa demonstration…once again, you tried to put the blame on this couple in the 70’s as you think they were the aggressor. Why is left wing violence acceptable to you?

          • Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:

            Doug Cook,

            Is that the “elderly” driver in my link above, who went out of his way to make an illegal turn so he could DELIBERATELY strike a left-wing protestor and drag him 30 feet? Then instead if just driving away, this “elderly” driver got out of his vehicle looking for a fight, was shoved once, then got back in his car and left without further incident.

            Of course we didn’t see or hear anything about what the driver did to provoke the encounter in Ngo’s rabidly biased, one-sided blog and video. Portland officials would have charged the driver with vehicular assault, but Ngo’s thousands of followers were so up in arms over his false narrative and selective video that officials were afraid they would tear the city apart. It’s too bad thuggish right-wingers were able to subvert justice with their threats and intimidation.

          • Avatar Doug Cook says:

            Once again you are trying to justify left wing violence.

          • Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:

            Nope – I’m explaining the justifiable left-wing response to RIGHT-WING VIOLENCE, and violent confrontation.

            And BTW Doug, THIS is who you are forever defending (link below) – Trump the extortionist and blackmailer. If mainstream media sources print and air the demented things Trump actually says and does (instead of the lies he wants them to print), he is going to dig up dirt on not only the journalists, but their families. Of course being the conscience-less liar he is, there will be a considerable amount of distortion – if not outright lies – involved. I’ll be waiting for you to defend his attempt to compromise the nation’s press. What’s next – blackmailing judges who don’t rule his way?


  37. Avatar Candace C says:

    The Proud Boys are not an alt-right, violence provoking, nationalist ideology leaning group of boys. They’re just a bunch of non-violent, beer drinking, joke swapping bunch of bros out for a good time and the occasional rally to peacefully protest liberalism and if things get out of hand with Antifa, well, that’s not the Proud Boys fault or original planned intent. They’re just there for the spectator sport of it all. And The American Identity Movement is just a bunch of very nice people wanting to live together in peace with no wish to harm or to eradicate any race that’s not their own. No reason for concern. Nothing nefarious there.

  38. Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

    Remember all the Tea Party yahoos wailing about “tyranny” from Obama as they ran around in their tricorn hats? They sure are silent about Trump’s recent royal decrees—most recently, the one where he demands American companies support his trade war by getting out of China altogether.

    • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

      Steve, several news sources are proclaiming the Tea Party is dead. Throw them on the trash heap with OWS and other flash in the pan groups.

      • Avatar Beverly Stafford says:

        Except in Shasta County where they continue the movement for the State of Jefferson.

      • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

        There are two ways to look at the demise of the Tea Party:

        1. The movement imploded owing to to the intellectual vapidity of its membership and leaders.

        2. The movement was so successful that it eventually turned Congress into a TP-controlled clown car and got a fellow red-assed mouth-breather elected President.

        • Avatar Doug Cook says:

          The death of the Tea Party is nothing more than the realization that both parties don’t care about fiscal responsibility in the slightest.. As Rand Paul said, ““Both parties have deserted – have absolutely and utterly deserted – America and show no care and no understanding and no sympathy for the burden of debt they are leaving the taxpayers, the young, the next generation and the future of our country,The very underpinnings of our country are being eroded and threatened by this debt.” The Tea Party stood for individual freedom, fiscal responsibility, constitutionally-limited government, and free markets. The Tea Party’s original agenda of freedom and fiscal responsibility had been replaced with Trump’s populist nationalism that doesn’t particularly prize spending restraint.

          • Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:

            Doug Cook,

            The Tea Party (motored by the Koch brothers and other major corporate polluters/exploiters) was all about lowering wages, doing away with worker protections, and the nearly unrestricted ability to pollute the environment. The corporate powers behind it found a way to exploit the stupidest element in the population to carry out their agenda.

          • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

            Doug — False equivalency. Neither party cares about fiscal responsibility, but one party is GROSSLY irresponsible in that regard. It was one thing when Reagan’s great supply-side economics experiment utterly failed and tripled the national debt (or quadrupled it, if you include Bush I). It’s another thing to have doubled- and now tripled-down on a thoroughly discredited economic model.

            “Reagan proved deficits don’t matter.” — V.P. Dick Cheney, 2002

            According to the CBO, here are how the presidents rank, highest to lowest, in the currency of increased deficit spending as a percentage of GNP (highest to lowest).

            Bush II
            Bush I

            And don’t tell my it’s Congress. Presidential administrations submit proposed budgets to Congress and they get passed by Congress with what amounts to tinkering. It’s tax cuts without concomitant spending cuts that blow up budgets submitted by Republican presidents.

            At the end of the Clinton presidency we were poised to start paying down the national debt. Bush II won the election (with less votes than Gore), cut taxes, doubled a national debt that had been quadrupled by previous GOP tax cuts, and ultimately crashed the economy harder than any downturn since the Great Depression.

            (I also should mention ~40 years of beating the Middle Class with heavy sticks so that we can enjoy growing wealth disparity and along with it increasing poverty, insecurity, homelessness, declining medical care and educational opportunities, crushing student debt, etc., ad infinitum. The America’s Middle Class possesses and ever-shrinking share of the nation’s wealth—one of the legacies of the ongoing Reagan Revolution.)

            If you’re a Repub you don’t get to pretend that you’re as fiscally responsible as Demos. It doesn’t pass the laugh test. You Repubs are all about running up the nation’s credit cards to create the illusion of prosperity, and handing the bill to your kids and grandkids.

          • Avatar Doug Cook says:

            Steve, I’m not sure what you are arguing about. I stated in my comment that neither party is interested in fiscal responsibility. The thing about economics is that you can spin data to fit your narrative. I know I have in the past corrected you on Dick Cheney’s comment about deficits. You of course leave out the context of his quote and his next sentence which was, “”We won the midterms. This is our due.” With that added context, it seems clear that he meant that the public does not generally penalize incumbents for incurring deficits.
            I will also ask you, what Bush policy was it that caused the recession? We can agree that it was the housing bubble that burst that caused the recession…who was responsible for pushing for sub prime loans to allow millions of Americans to buy homes that they couldn’t afford? Hint: President Clinton.

          • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

            My argument was stated in my first sentence: False equivalency.

            Yes, I’ve used that Cheney quote many times, and I often preface it by saying that he meant that there are no penalizations imposed by the voters for not caring about deficits. But of course, that’s just an argument for continuing to act irresponsibly…for running huge deficits because it won’t cost you power here and now.

            These GOP sociopaths have operated for almost 40 years under this mantra: “When the chickens come home to roost, we’ll be dead, so who cares?” Their vast stores of selfishness don’t even leave room for consideration of their kids and grandkids. They’re biologically human, but they lack the more redeeming qualities of humanity.

          • Avatar Doug Cook says:

            Well, Steve…I actually blame the American voter for the deficits and debt. Everyone wants their freebies and favorite program. If you try and simply want to cut the rate of growth of a program, Americans get hysterical. For instance the food stamp program annual budget grew from $17 billion just before the recession to $84 billion in 2014. Now , with a strong economy and record unemployment, any call to lower that budget gets red faced screams of starving children in the streets. Is there any federal budget ( other than the military) that is worthy of being cut…or at least have the budget frozen. We will never get a balanced budget without tough decisions that politicians refuse to do because they will be voted out by voters who want free stuff. I’m talking GOP and Dems alike.

          • Steven Towers Steven Towers says:

            No budget needs trimming more than our military budget.

            The U.S. accounted for almost 40% of the world’s total military spending. U.S. military expenditures are roughly the size of the next seven largest military budgets combined.

            Further, it’s arguable that the majority of our military conflicts since WWII are a result of “the rule of the tool.” If you buy a tool, you’re tempted to use it, else why did you buy it?

          • Avatar Doug Cook says:

            Steve. That’s why in my question to you I said except for the military, what would you cut. I can agree that the military budget could be cut too. But the military budget is a mere 16% of our federal budget. What other agencies are you willing to see cut, reduced it eliminated? There lies the problem with trying to balance the budget. Nobody wants to cut any social program that constitutes 2/3rds of our budget. You can’t balance a budget by defense cuts and raising taxes

        • Avatar Larry Winter says:

          Thanks for the laugh Steve from your yelp review days. It’s spot on.

    • Avatar Doug Cook says:

      Steve…just like when Trump declared everyone should boycott Apple…this too will be forgotten in a day. He’ll never bring it up again.

    • Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:

      Common Sense,

      Unfortunately this is bunk. Bethel leaders spend a considerable amount of time talking about how “sick” they believe gay people are, and how condemned they supposedly are by “god”.

      Bethel leaders have gotten a lot of flack from the public for their very expensive gay conversion therapy, and their primitive anti-gay attitude in general. They claim what they offer is not really “gay conversion therapy” because they don’t use electric shock or drugs in the course of it.

      This is just a sleazy attempt to pretend that they don’t relentlessly apply religious guilt, fear of eternal torture, and the labels “sick” and “abnormal” to the gay people they come in contact with.

      • Avatar Common Sense says:

        So this would be like the president saying he never talked to or worked with Russia on anything. Nothing to see here etc.

        I always say….actions speak much louder than words!

    • Avatar Candace C says:

      CS. I followed your link. I’m sorry I did. Christian Journal commenters on that story made Bethel’s stance on homosexuality seem almost kind in comparison. That’s hard to do. Please excuse me, I need to go shower now. Yikes.

      • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

        Candace, if that Bethel article made you sick click on the one about Pete Buttigieg. That is why I don’t read those Christian exposes.

  39. Avatar Candace C says:

    Ya, no. Nice try Bethel. The fact that you even offer Conversion Therapy speaks volumes.

  40. Avatar Common Sense says:

    Actions speak much louder than words! By this point in the game anyone with even a little common sense and critical thinking skills would add 2+2 and come up with 4!

    From accepting help from Russia to win the Election, to meeting with Russians prior to the Election, to obstructing Justice into the investigation of the whole matter 5 times in the Mueller Report, this is yet ANOTHER example of either Working Directly For Russia or Being Blackmailed By Russia!

  41. Avatar Common Sense says:

    Like a Toddler with a Tantrum, if I don’t get what I want I will take my toys and just go HOME to my 50 Million Dollar Mansion and invite my master!

    Pinocchio shows his Allegiance once again. 2 Plus 2 =

  42. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    CS,I knew Trump was an impulsive maniac before the 2016 election, that is why I didn’t vote for him. Are you just realizing this? A little late. The two worst presidential candidates in history I chose not vote for either. And Clinton lost because she alienated many Democratic voters by trying to sabotage Sanders campaign. And in real news the Democrats are going to win the Senate and control that and the House. Will the Democrats blow the presidency again?

  43. Avatar Common Sense says:

    My goodness, Bruce, I am glad to see someone out there knows it all! I am just a guy on the street calling out what I see….you know, like about 2 years ago talking about this President (Russian Puppet, etc) when you were supporting him as you voted for him. Defending him day after day from the highlands of Cheyenne.

    Glad to see you came around!

    Clinton lost because Stein and Johnson Siphoned off votes and the DNC shafted Bernie. Well, that and the disinformation campaign that the Russians did across the social media platforms!

    We agree on one thing….there is a good chance that the Dem’s will get the Senate….Question is….can they pull off the Presidency?

    • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

      CS, you are nothing but a troll that voices opinions that you say are facts. Also it is plain you can’t read as I have always posted that I didn’t vote for Trump.

      • Avatar Common Sense says:

        Coming from a guy that was defending Trump at every step of the way, I will take that as a Compliment! Heck Even R.V was talking about all that “Nothing Burger” for quite some time…..but perhaps you don’t remember that either.

        It always amazes me that selective memory thing some people have.

        So who did You vote for Bruce? You asked me and I told you.

        I mentioned in the past they were coming for your S.S and you said they weren’t. But the only reason they didn’t get it passed is it would have taken a 2/3 rds Majority! All the Republicans in the House voted to cut it but 6. But maybe you don’t remember that one either? That’s a fact….not an Opinion.

        • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

          CS, your memory is shot. I didn’t defend Trump but pointed out how your posts were wrong and still are. The reason SS wasn’t changed was because it never made it out of committee. SS is a political minefield that no pol want’s to step in.
          How about all those numerous posts you made about Sessions going to ban MMJ even where it is legal. Where is Sessions now? Remember that?
          You posted numerous links about how MJ was rescuing towns and I debunked everyone even from the highlands of Wyoming.
          What about your continuous posts of how you submitted a MJ master plan to fix Redding economy to Julie Winter and she never responded to you? She has replied on Anews to other posts, guess she knows you as a troll.
          Debunking your numerous meaningless posts is not defending Trump.

        • Avatar Doug Cook says:

          CS says, “…But the only reason they didn’t get it passed is it would have taken a 2/3 rds Majority! All the Republicans in the House voted to cut it but 6.”

          What is the bill you are speaking of?

      • Barbara Rice Barbara Rice says:

        Guys… cut the personal attacks and name-calling. Walk away.

      • Avatar Common Sense says:

        Troll? You have the white hair not me? That’s name calling….

  44. Avatar Chris Solberg says:

    Speaking of Bethel …… News Scoop !

  45. Avatar Common Sense says:

    Amazing Feat! Crosses the Ocean in less than 80 days. Sad he saw plastic the way from S.F to Hawaii while paddling.

  46. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    Sessions is gone, so much for making MMJ illegal. It is being legalized in more states all the time.
    Paul Ryan wanted to change SS. He is gone. Wanting to balance the budget on SS cuts will not, and have not happened.

  47. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    And to keep women’s soccer on these pages. USWNT player, Carli Lloyd, is looking to pursue a career in the NFL as a placekicker. She was at the Eagles/Ravens practice and drilled a 55 yard field goal.

    • Avatar Doug Cook says:

      LOL…you are bound and determined to try and keep an interest in women’s soccer going. Sorry…the country already lost interest in it, as well as Rapinoie.

      • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

        All the TV ads for cars, medical, furniture show pictures of girl’s soccer. None show MLB or NFL or NBA players. In fact the biggest NFL player in ads is one who doesn’t play anymore, Kap. Though that NIKE plant, 500 employees, will open in 2016 in Goodyear.

      • Avatar Candace C says:

        I’m flummoxed as to why some people are determined to squash any kind of enjoyment that others experience in different ways from themselves. What’s the point other than to bait an argument for no good reason at all? Why not just let a person enjoy something without feeling the need to tear it down?

      • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

        Doug — Believe it or not, your personal interests and attention spans—and those of the other reactionary old dudes at the golf course or the VFW Post or your favorite watering hole—are not modal.

        If you want to pick on a sport for which interest and participation are waning, that would be American football, from the scholastic level to the NFL.

        My 6-year-old grandson is a soccer fanatic. He’s on the small side for his age, but he has skills. He scored the goal in his team’s 1-0 win last night, and spent the second half tending goal and directing the defense. His soccer hero is Messi, but after the US women won the World Cup he asked his parents for a Rapenoe jersey. And he wears it.

  48. Avatar Richard says:

    The Famous McCloud River Rainbows finally getting a little press. If you have not yet, it’s a really cool place to explore up there with little shops, world-class fly fishing and it’s 12-14 degrees cooler than the Redding area in the Summer!

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      Interesting article. I was a fly fishing guide in Colorado in my youth, and I’ve never fished the McCloud. Heck, I’ve never even fished the world-class tailrace water here in Redding. One of those solitary pursuits that I set aside when the kids came along and never took up again.

      There’s nothing like hooking up a wild rainbow—no other trout runs and jumps like a wild ‘bow (including the relatively docile and stupid hatchery rainbow). As fun as they are to catch, in Colorado I came to resent those who introduced rainbows to the Rockies, where they tended to outcompete native cutthroat trout, or were hybridizing them out of existence.

  49. Avatar Common Sense says:

    A Liberal Agenda to Discredit the President or the Actual “Smoking Gun” that ties everything together.

    You be the Judge! I need more facts and more than One “Source” for my Opinion on this Explosive Claim!

    • Avatar Doug Cook says:

      Explosive claim!…that O’Donnell had to retract today And apologize for, “…an error of judgement” he described it. So let’s call it what it is… another liberal agenda to discredit the president.

      • Avatar Miguel says:

        I’m disappointed that an experienced journalist would air reporting that was not thoroughly sourced and vetted (which is what the apology admitted) — however, after the public shows displayed in the past week (the “nasty” woman that wouldn’t sell him Greenland, G7 embarrassment, “Obama kicked Putin out, but we’ll probably bring him back next year”, and rounding off with public musings about nuking hurricanes in the Atlantic) — discrediting the president doesn’t really require a “liberal agenda.” Right?

        • Avatar Miguel says:

          Oh yeah, forgot — and Jerome Powell is “enemy” of the state — in the new (“Easy!, Easier!, Easiest!!) GOP money policy. We just keep on bringin’ it with that “Greatness.”

      • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

        Doug — For once, we agree. We’ve been hearing that the Russians have filth on Orange Mussolini from the beginning of his tenure….everything from pee tapes possessed by Putin to the latest claim of business indebtedness to Ruskie oligarchs. Regarding those claims, it’s well past time to put up or shut up. Enough with the “if there’s smoke, there’s fire” innuendo. Let’s see the f***ing fire.

        That said, liberals aren’t the primary agents of discrediting Angry Creamsicle. He does that to himself, on a daily basis. There may or may not be Russian-fueled fire beneath the smoke, but Commander Shinsplints is an ongoing dumpster fire nonetheless.

      • Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:


        Actually O’Donnell stressed in his original comments that he didn’t know for sure if it was true, and that it came from a single source inside Trump’s bank. At least he apologized for not putting it through the rigorous verification process that other things they report are subjected to. If it was Fox, Breitbart, or a whole slew of other right-wing “media” sources that tell endless blatant lies, no apology would be forthcoming.

        And what we DO know is that Trump was given loans by Russian investors when no one else would touch him because of his string of bankruptcies. Perhaps if he wasn’t going to such lengths to hide his tax returns and finances (unlike every other president and presidential nominee for many decades), things like this wouldn’t seem so credible.

        • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

          Yep. Trump’s secrecy is weirdly neurotic and paranoid, or he’s hiding something big, or both. His stonewalling of inquiries into his business dealings breeds speculation. That, and his constant pathological lying, which renders him wholly untrustworthy.

          He brings it on himself.

        • Avatar Doug Cook says:

          Patrecia, What is you’re proof of loans given by Russians? A single unverified source?

        • Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:

          And BTW Doug – American taxpayers are so far on the hook for $8.4 Billion in bail-outs to farmers (of course this is going mainly to big agri-business), with more to come, thanks to Trump’s nutty nationalistic trade wars.

          In addition, hundreds of companies have testified that his tariffs are going to harm American businesses, cost a considerable number of jobs, and result in higher prices on thousands of items for American consumers.

          And all his destruction just because Trump wants to be seen as the Bully of the World by his deplorable hard-core base. Long before the next election the effects of Trump’s insane posturing will be seen and felt.

          • Avatar Randy says:

            One farmer who is losing in Trump’s pressure game claims that 70% of his “farm bailout” went to 10 farmers. Sounds about right.

        • Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:


          From the link below (just one of many):

          “Reuters reported that a group of 63 Russia billionaires have invested nearly $100 million in several Trump properties in Florida. Donald Trump Jr. himself famously said in 2008 that “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets. We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.”

          • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

            Kimberly Amadeo, 8/1/2019
            China holds $1.1 trillion in US debt. Russia doesn’t even make it into the top five countries holding US debt.

          • Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:


            No one is talking about the U.S. debt. We’re talking about Trump’s massive personal debt to a whole slew of wealthy and powerful Russians.

          • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

            I’m talking about the enormous debt owed to China.
            Maybe others should too.

  50. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    Actually many groups are inviting Megan Rapinoe, because of her star status, to lecture/discuss in order to let people become more aware of LQBGT issues and women’s issues. One place, as I pointed out in a rewritten LTTE, that is not capitalizing on Rapinoe’s star is the place that economically and socially could be a front runner, Redding.
    Elizabeth Betancourt defeated Megan Dahle in the election, but if all the votes that went to other Republicans are added to Dahle’s total she will win the run off. Betancourt should seek Rapinoe’s aide, not that it would change most Republican’s minds but it would force Dahle to speak on an issue she probably wants to avoid. There are a lot of Log Cabin Republicans in Shasta County.

  51. Avatar Candace C says:

    Congrats to Elizabeth Betancourt for coming out on top last night! That’s something in this and other red leaning CA counties!

  52. Avatar Patrecia Barrett says:

    Trump’s montrous tax give-away to the wealthy below is gentrification on steriods. Instead of helping the poor (as it pretends to do), disadvantaged neighborhoods will be seeing more high-end housing, ritzy hotels, etc. And of course Trump’s sleazy relatives (and no doubt Trump himself, although he’s not currently running the real estate businesses he owns) will benefit greatly.

    This is a criminal act, and its conscience-less perpetrators should be in prison – where people who cause deliberate harm to others for personal profit belong.

  53. Avatar Tim says:

    Well duh. Any tax cut is going to return more money to the rich because the rich are the ones paying almost all of the taxes!

    As of 2017 the top 1% paid 39% of all income taxes while the top 10% paid 71%. The bottom 46% paid no income taxes at all! How can you expect a “middle” class cut when half the country is freeloading?

  54. Avatar Beverly Stafford says:

    Last night’s news featured Roque Carbajal taping up the broken windows of Roquito’s Taqueria after yet another bout of vandalism. Friend and neighbor Roque will close the eatery at the end of the month because he’s sick of being a target of the criminals who roam the area. What’s to be done? Is there an answer? More police presence? Roving security personnel? Chain link fences topped with accordion wire around every building along with dogs guarding the perimeter? Such a shame to lose a very popular eatery because there seems to be no way to stop these low lifes.

    • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

      Beverly, tell him to come to Phoenix. Amazingly we need a decent Mexican restaurant here. Actually not in downtown Phoenix as it is walls topped with barbed wires and fencing around car lots. Even the churches which are usually open spaces have walls surrounding them downtown. Going further out to the East Valley, Mesa and Tucson, or to the West Valley, Surprise and Goodyear, is much safer.

      • Avatar Beverly Stafford says:

        I’ll pass the word, Bruce. Dunno if he’s ready to leave Redding, but after this final straw, getting out of Dodge may be very appealing.