Don’t Miss the Whiskeytown Bat Chat!

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Meet scientists that study these fascinating creatures of the night by attending a “Bat Chat” on Friday, August 16th, at 9:00 p.m. at the Oak Bottom amphitheater, Whiskeytown National Recreation Area. Lava Beds National Monument’s Katrina Smith and the National Park Service’s Klamath Network Inventory and Monitoring Coordinator, Dr. Alice Chung-MacCoubrey will kick the evening off with a brief talk. Special equipment that analyzes bat vocalizations in real-time will allow you to see and hear the echolocation calls of wild bats as they fly past, and recognize the different species. If the research team gets lucky at the nets, participants will have the opportunity to observe several bat species face-to-face as they are measured and safely released.

Bring water, a flashlight or headlamp (one that includes a red light setting is best), and a camp chair, if desired. Plan to stay 1.5-2.5 hours for the best chance of seeing wild bats.

For additional information please contact Jennifer Gibson at (530) 242-3457. To learn more about Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, visit the park’s website at, or stop by the visitor center.

-from press release
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