Redding’s Flimsy Code Enforcement Leaves Citizens to Fend for Themselves

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Editor’s note: Shelly Shively wrote this piece to present during the Redding City Council meeting’s public comment period Tuesday evening. 

I’m an Airbnb host who lives in one of Redding’s oldest, most quaint neighborhoods. I pay 12 percent of my Airbnb earnings to the city each month in the form of TOT fees, required by the city of Redding from all Airbnb hosts.

For the past 16 months, my Airbnb income has been threatened by next-door neighbors who are in violation of numerous city codes, such as blight, operating car and boat repairs in the front and back yards, inoperable cars parked on both sides of the street, and loud music day and night.

The first day these neighbors moved in, their large dog vaulted my 6-foot fence and killed one of my chickens. I didn’t press charges because I didn’t want to get off to a bad start with my new neighbors.

I have contacted the owner of that rental, many times with complaints, such as regarding piles of my neighbors’ garbage, broken down cars, fire hazards from vehicles worked-on in dead grass, gas fumes from revving engines, and loud outdoor parties. My neighbors  have a pit bull that rushes the fence whenever anyone on my side enters or exits our cars.

When I contacted the owner, she said it was up to me to deal with the neighbors, and said that her job was to keep them happy –not to keep me happy. The landlord eventually blocked her phone from taking my calls.

Finally, after 10 months, in February, 2019, I turned to Redding’s code enforcement department for help. I filed a formal complaint. In the meantime, my stellar Airbnb reviews were suffering as guests reported negative impressions of my neighbors and neighborhood. One couple from New York said they felt unsafe being next door to my neighbors. So do I.

Nothing happened in those first two weeks, nor within these past six months, during which I have filed 2 complaint forms with the city code enforcement office, and have gone in person twice to speak with Mr. Steve Willkomm, code enforcement supervisor. I’ve also emailed a complaint.

Mr. Willkomm apologized for the six-month delay, and asked for patience. He explained his department has just two code enforcement officers to handle the backlog of hundreds of code violations and complaints.

Did you know that there are more than 400 Airbnb listings in Redding, with the city receiving 12 percent of Airbnb hosts’ earnings?  Surely the city could use some of that money to hire another code enforcement officer so Redding’s guests and  residents can receive the best possible Redding experience.

In closing, It’s extremely frustrating to be a law-abiding citizen and Airbnb Super Host who pays 12 percent each month, yet when I need help from the city to ensure that I can continue being a positive Airbnb ambassador for the city, and show my guests the best of what our city has to offer, I feel like I’m on my own.

(Editor’s update: Moments after speaking before the Redding City Council, Shively was approached by Larry Vaupel, Development Services Director, who oversees Steve Willkomm, Code Enforcement Supervisor. Vaupel said that Willkomm had cited Shively’s neighbor’s landlord for code violations Monday, the same day that Shively had gone to the city to file yet another  formal complaint about her neighbors, the same day she told Willkomm she would take her concerns to the Redding City Council Tuesday.)

Shelly Shively
Shelly Shively lives in Redding. She is Interior re-design network certified. Among her specialties are real estate staging, furnishing vacation and new homes, and the art of interior re-design where she transforms and refreshes clients living spaces using their existing belongings. Shelly is also a freelance artist, illustrator, muralist, Whiskeytown kayak volunteer and curator at O Street Gallery. To inquire about a consultation, she may be reached at 530-276-4656 or
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82 Responses

  1. Avatar Beverly Stafford says:

    Wasn’t it Willkomm who glad-handed Mike Rubin then bad-handed him a $40,000 bill for marijuana violation?

    • Avatar Shelly Shively says:

      Beverly, I believe it was Steve Willkomm who issued the citation.

    • Avatar Michael Rubin says:

      Steve Willkomm didnt just drive by, he spent multiple days taking pictures.After he found out i was a cancer patient he lied saying i would not be cited, just to get on my property.

    • Avatar Michael Rubin says:

      Willkomm’s other big cannabis bust in the neighborhood was an elderly vet who passed away shortly after receiving the citation.

  2. Avatar Eleanor Townsend says:

    Good for you, Shelly! Not that you should have to go this far to get such an obvious situation remedied. Your issue about the funds the City is getting from the Airbnbs in town is an excellent one. Has to be a fair amount each year! How is that money, which the City, I think, does absolutely nothing to earn, how is that money used, where does it go? Even after your situation (I hate it for you!!) is surely soon resolved, your question will remain.

    (Maybe a certain amazing investigative journalist on this very site can find out, good luck with that one!!)

    • Avatar Shelly Shively says:

      Thanks, Eleanor. Yours is the Million Dollar (or more, per month) question. I’d like to know how much the city makes monthly from those 400 Airbnb listings 12% TOT.
      The irony is that the City has managed to come up with money to hire extra staff to fine non-compliant Airbnb hosts: I heard that hundreds of citations have been issued. I know an Airbnb host who was served a warning on a Friday, and issued a $250 that Monday.
      My cynical side wonders if that extra staffing is funded by our Airbnb TOT.

      • Avatar Shelly Shively says:

        “….issued a $250 Citation that Monday.”

      • Avatar Chance says:

        The only issue is she had never communicated with the renters of the house, she has never made a civil confrontation, contacting a landlord does not go anywhere but to them and make you look bad.
        I do not believe you have a valid complaint with out personally confronting the renters civilly, meeting someone face to face is completely different than through a phone, a bunch of letters and complaints, you should not have to rely on a system and waist the city’s money sending employees out paid by the city for something that could possibly be handled by yourself.
        If you know about any of these vehicles in their backyard that is not by seen by anyone who peeps through or over fences, do you know if they are liscense? Do they look torn apart? Maybe they have Sentimental value? Working on vehicles?
        Have they have stolen from you’re home thrashed you’re home in any way threatened you’re home in any way? Their golden retriever lab had skaled you’re fence the first day introduced to the back yard and killed one of you’re free ranging chickens within city limits.
        Only thing I know is that you are complaining to everyone about you’re own issue , taking it to every person in this city BESIDE the people living there about you’re complaints.

  3. Avatar Russell Hunt says:

    Go to the top. Complain to Larry Vopels.

    • If you look at the update at the bottom of the piece, you’ll read that Larry Vaupel approached Shelly after she spoke and said that Steve Willkomm had cited the rental’s landlord the day before (which was the same day Shelly went into the city and told Willkomm she’d be taking her concerns to the next city council meeting).

  4. Here’s my concern, now that Shelly has finally gotten the city’s attention to hold the landlord accountable: Given the unsavory caliber of Shelly’s nightmare neighbors, I worry about her living next door to people who may now be angry at her. I worry about retribution.

    • Avatar Shelly Shively says:

      Doni, I’m concerned about retaliation as well. I still have to live next door to them.

      • Avatar Eleanor Townsend says:

        I worry about you too. I wonder if Willkomm can tell you what the next steps will be, so at least you are aware of timing etc. That this can be allowed to happen, so much time goes by, and the landlord’s lack of caring, really makes me mad. It appears the City cares more about fining people than taking care of the law-abiding, tax-paying citizens.

        • Avatar Shelly Shively says:

          Eleanor, I am contacting Mr. Willkomm this morning.
          Months ago, he cautioned me of a risk of retaliation by those who are cited. It’s getting to be that in society, many are afraid to speak up, in fear of backlash.
          I’m all-in, and will take extra precautions of safety.

      • Avatar K says:

        Never let them see you sweat. Don’t say things like you fear them publicly. Remove that comment. They will fight and do more if they think you are fearful. Put your badass panties on and hold your ground. They are not gonna be reasonable. They are counting on you to be forgiving and they will push it as far as they can. Fight back. I had a similar situation and I put giant speakers in my windows and blasted them with the hallelujah chorus alllllll day long on repeat. That’s when the losers sleep. It took about a month but they did leave

      • Avatar Tonya says:

        This is unfair Shelly. What make you afraid of them?

      • Avatar Tonya says:

        They are not a threat. They are a young couple with a baby who works on their cars and boats. She waved hi to them and gives them eggs…why would she do that if she was scared. She makes these kids out to sound like felon druggie monsters with killer pitbulls. Not fair not fair at all. And what’s sad is my comments will probably be deleted.

        • Since you’re new here, Tonya, here’s ANC’s comment policy.

          “Comment Policy: We welcome your comments, with some caveats: Please keep your comments positive and civilized. If your comment is critical, please make it constructive. If your comment is rude, we will delete it. If you are constantly negative or a general pest, troll, or hater, we will ban you from the site forever. The definition of terms is left solely up to us. Comments are disabled on articles older than 90 days. Thank you. Carry on.”

    • Avatar Tonya says:

      “living next door to people who are angry at her” …is unfair. You know nothing about them. I’m sorry but just because the young man…in his twenties btw….works on a boat and his car(in his driveway) AFTER he gets home from work..or on weekends is not something to be scared of. This young couple with a young child I may add are two of the sweetest kids. They never even talk to the owner of this house next door. They only know she’s upset when she is contacting the owner and the city. She never talks to them directly. I don’t know how she can be afraid of them. This truely upsets me. I may try to find out if I can get all the complaints this woman has made over the years about all the neighbors. And btw they have a lab and an older female pitbull who are sweet dogs. They wouldn’t hurt anyone.

  5. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    Hate/Love relationship, HOAs in Phoenix. I live in a HOA community, one of ten managed by a private firm that manages HOAs. They have drivers everyday drive through the communities taking pictures of violations and sending them to the home owner. Violations include weeds, leaving garbage containers out on non-collection days, parking on landscape. They also tell home owners to paint houses, color has to be approved by the HOA, and require any landscaping upgrades to be approved by the HOA. The difference in a HOA managed community against a no HOA community is like day and night. No HOA communities look like your neighbors. HOA managed do not for one reason, the home owner, not the renter, is fined and can lose their home if the fines are not paid. This makes the home owner pay attention.
    There are property managers in Redding who will manage HOAs, but like I said, It is a love/hate relationship.

    • Avatar Shelly Shively says:

      Bruce, of course, there’s a happy medium. From my stance, I’d gladly welcome an HOA.

      • Avatar Beverly Stafford says:

        When we purchased our cottage in the Parkview Neighborhood, the CC&R’s REQUIRED the houses to be owner-occupied only. Maybe four years ago, we received a letter from the city restating that requirement. Yet perhaps half the homes are now rentals. If the city has time to send these letters, one would think there would be time to enforce the city’s requirement. Once New Urban Builders abandoned the Neighborhood, any semblance of an HOA disappeared.

  6. Avatar Patricia Barrett says:

    Since ANC welcomes diverse opinions I’m going to offer one:

    Short-term rentals are far more likely to generate complaints about noise, parking, partying, trash, etc. than to be the victims of those issues.

    Short-term rentals contribute to the shortage of housing available to actual residents. Even prior to last year’s devastating fires Redding’s rental vacancy rate was less than two percent.

    Representatives of local social service agencies have cited the shortage of housing as a major contributing factor to local homelessness, and to poverty in general by raising the cost of what rentals remain. High-priced short-term rentals exacerbate those problems even further.

    I can find no actual figures on this locally, but in many other areas short-term/vacation rentals draw customers away from conventional temporary lodgings (motels and hotels), which just shifts the amount of money cities receive in TOT taxes from one source to another.

    Redding’s severe housing shortage contributes in some degree to the area’s more high-profile problems – homelessness, poverty, crime, etc. Much of the city’s more affordable housing has been monopolized by the thousands of Bethel students and other of its adherents who have flooded the area in recent years (local property owners can rake in more money by packing their rentals with crowds of Bethel students etc. than many local families can afford to pay), and short-term/vacation rentals operate on the same principle. Should local government be scrutinizing the explosion of these types of rentals, for the well-being of the community?

  7. Avatar Teresa Norman says:

    Two code enforcement officers that cannot keep up with health and safety codes and yet the City continues to come up with ridiculous codes like the sandwich board signs for small businesses! I just don’t get it.

  8. Avatar Shelly Shively says:

    Patricia, it was Redding Airbnb that provided immediate lodging to many Carr and Camp fire survivors. I was one of those Airbnbs, and even hosted some guests at no charge.
    Redding does have a housing crisis. It would be a benefit if the city were more lenient about permits for back-yard “mother-in-law” units.
    As far as Bethel, if I had a magic wand, I’d see Bethel building their own student housing, or purchasing these closed-down motels and turning it into student housing. For that matter, what if the City turned those into affordable housing?
    I know of a house in West Redding, a rental, that housed Thirteen (!!!) female Bethel students, at $300/month each. There were no less than 5 cars parked along the street those nine months of school. The city heavily regulates Airbnb hosts: we’re not allowed to have guests park on the street.
    When the City was deliberating about Airbnb, there was much confusion and blaming of issues such as transient guests with their noise, and many cars. There’s a vast difference between the negative impact of a house with 13 long term residents, compared to Airbnb like me, who host travelers for a night or two.
    I have an obvious bias for Airbnb, but I see Airbnb as a positive for Redding. Many of my guests are traveling up and down the corridor, with Redding as a pit-stop. Many more are here to enjoy our great natural resources like Lassen Peak, Whiskeytown, Burney Falls, Castle Crags, Mt. Shasta, Shasta Caverns, etc. So many of these guests previously knew nothing about Redding, and most leave with a positive impression of our city. We Airbnb hosts refer guests to local restaurants and activities, which brings extra spending to Redding. I believe there is room for guests to have a choice of hotels, motels, Bed and Breakfast, or Airbnb during their stay, and agree 100% that Redding is in sore need of affordable housing.

    • Avatar Patricia Barrett says:

      It’s an unfortunate fact that wild fires in far norther California have had a detrimental impact on actual (outdoor-oriented) tourism. However, they apparently haven’t slowed the flood of visitors who come here from all over the world for Bethel’s supernatural “healings” and other money-making activities (I hesitate to use the word “scams”, although that would likely be accurate). Airbnb rentals have been heavily advertized on Bethel websites, and by all accounts are heavily used by Bethel followers. In my opinion those visitors – more than anything else – are responsible for the ever-increasing number of local homes being turned into high-priced short-term rentals.

      Also in my opinion (as with the many landlords who have forced local families and individuals out of housing to rent to crowds of Bethel students), there is no small measure of greed involved. This massive invasion of international cult followers displacing local people may be a goldmine for local property owners, but is it really justifiable from a moral standpoint?

      • Avatar Tim says:

        Greed? Ha! Greed is demanding other people use their resources for your benefit! We should celebrate an area ambassador maintaining her independence by providing high quality lodging to those who appreciate it the most. That’s called service!

        • Avatar Patricia Barrett says:


          Another way to look at the situation is that even more permanent housing is being taken out of a nearly non-existent rental market and overpriced (which helps raise the cost of all rentals) to accommodate people with money who might otherwise stay in one of the area’s motels – generating the same amount in TOT taxes for the city, but just not contributing further to local homelessness and poverty.

          In addition, a good percentage of these visitors are coming here for Bethel’s claimed “healing” and other scams, and/or to otherwise support its leader’s promise that Redding will become a world-wide example of how to turn an entire city into their version of a theocracy. This is just my opinion, but I personally wouldn’t want to assist or encourage that take-over (no matter how lucrative it may be).

    • Avatar Doug Cook says:

      It’s not just Redding. The entire state of California is facing a housing shortage. In Chico, only 16% of Chico State students live on campus, much less than Bethel. Is Chico State obligated to build off campus housing? Of course not…then why should Bethel. The main reason for the lack of affordable housing is the stifling regulations required by the state….for instance, starting in 2020, all new homes and apartments are mandated to have solar energy included. And of course 2.5 million illegal immigrants in our state doesn’t help

      • Avatar Patricia Barrett says:

        Doug Cook,

        During the City of Redding’s gentrification binge in the last decade (in which the City destroyed vast amounts of the area’s more affordable housing to increase the local tax base and funnel millions of redevelopment dollars into the pockets of favored developers and their elite investors), local homelessness increase by a whopping four hundred percent in just the space of a few years.

        Of course greed-inspired gentrification also took place in other cities, and homelessness increased so much as a result that the State of California gave California cities a ten-year deadline to replace all the lower-end housing they destroyed. Redding officials fought abiding by that deadline with every fiber of their beings – to the point that they even rushed to zone large sections of land there were no plans for at the time for upscale single family homes to avoid the mere possibility that lower-income housing would ever be built in those locations.

        In addition, Bethel provides NO on-campus housing, and has no plans to include any in its upcoming $148 Million 39-acre new mega-church campus. I don’t know whether your claim that only 16 percent of Chico State students live on campus is accurate. However (as is true of Chico), where you have state universities developers actually build off-campus housing specifically for students (with shared rooms, communal kitchens, etc.). Of course developers aren’t exactly falling all over themselves to build housing for Bethel’s raise-the-dead supernatural cult school. State universities will still be there in ten years (and beyond), but who knows about what will happen with the Bethel school scam.

      • Avatar Randy says:

        California is leading the way on addressing the climate crisis and as we progress into our ‘new normal’ housing innovation and green energy sources are just fundamental, necessary components of human civilization going into the future. If city/county planners design rules and regulations to gain maximum taxable value from construction we will have a housing market that is unaffordable to our local citizenry. If city/county planners design rules and regulations that encourage energy efficient, affordable housing our local citizenry will be more secure and productive.

      • Adrienne Jacoby Adrienne Jacoby says:

        But Chico and all state colleges and most state JCs provide on-campus dorms. . . . as do many private (i.e., Simpson) universities. I love the idea that with very little alteration some of the unused motels in Redding would make excellent student housing . . . and parking wouldn’t be a problem.

  9. Avatar Common Sense says:

    Bethel is building their new Mega Church Facility on Land that is or was zoned High Density Multi-Family. Any word on what the city is going to do when all those Apartments that could have been built there can not be now ( and the city needs to meet their low-income quota??) Would love to here Julie’s explanation on that one! Might be hard to build more affordable apartments when there is very little land Left that is Zoned For Multi-Family High Density?

    TOT taxes should be a matter of Public Record I would think? Some Simple Math would point to at least 100-150k in Revenue per year based on a very modest formula.

    Sorry, Shelly, you have had to deal with this “Problem” Neighbor! They are scattered throughout our fine community, unfortunately, and only tend to not be seen in the half-million on up subdivisions.

    The Sad thing is if Shelly had called in and said ” I think my Neighbor is growing MARIJUANA” there would have been two code enforcement officers and 10 Police officers there-Same Day! And Tens of thousands in fines….. Follow the Money they say?

    There might be a case, possibly for lost revenue based on this event if Shelly can Prove that she lost money and wasn’t just inconvenienced? Might not cover the retainer though. Small claims court?

    To Better Neighbors when they move out-that is my Prayer for Shelly!

    Well off to Wyoming and Montana to figure out what the Pathology is that makes them all Strong GOP voters?

    Have a nice day everyone and remember…..The dark skinned man walking around many years ago in a seamless white robe said…..Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself!….hard at times…..but good advice then as it is now……not matter where they came from.

    • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

      CS, why do you have to go to Wyoming to find the Pathology of strong GOP voters? The 1st District, Redding, is one of the top GOP voter strong holds in the nation.

      • Avatar Common Sense says:

        Indeed Bruce! A little Vacation doesn’t hurt anyone though right? It’s probably pretty difficult to explain this one for that group about now. You know the whole killing thing is because of Mental Illness but I pulled Obama’s new law that would have made it more difficult to immediately buy assault rifles if one is Mentally Ill.

        When the Tariffs Bury ALL the Farmers…..will they vote the same I wonder? When Health Care and Preexisting Conditions are taken away….still Obama’s fault?

        The Trump Party has spoken….question is….did you’ all get the message of bigotry and hatred and division or do we need to REALLY bury our fine country with another 4 years?

        Jesus said to love everyone….can someone show me in the Bible where there were Exclusions?……

        I am waiting.

        • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

          CS, I didn’t vote for Trump last time and won’t this time. Who did you vote for? You sound like you are having buyer’s remorse now. I can deflect as well as you.
          Welcome back to Anews, Have you been on vacation?

    • Avatar Patricia Barrett says:

      Common Sense,

      Do you know where I might find evidence that the land on which Bethel is building its 39-acre mega-church campus was originally designated for multi-family (affordable) housing?

  10. R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

    To remind readers, Redding Code Enforcement supervisor Steve Willkomm, who complains that he doesn’t have enough staff to address all the complaints he gets, was NOT responding to a citizen complaint about Mike Rubin growing cannabis outdoors. Willkomm claimed he just happened to be driving by and noticed the plants and apparently had enough spare time to cite Rubin $40,000 for growing his own cancer medicine.

    • Avatar Beverly Stafford says:

      Between your article lambasting Willkomm and this one by Shelly, one would think that Larry Vaupel might take notice. Do you suppose it would do any good to forward both of the articles and the comments to Vaupel?

    • Avatar Common Sense says:

      Right….just like the Helicopter that Flew over Benno’s place just “happened” to see what Mike Mangas pointed out as he got very excited in seeing the “Green”. What are the Odds of that?

      Speaking of that one….any follow up on will it be a Million or Two Million to settle that Lawsuit for the County?

    • Avatar Mike Rubin says:

      Willkomm didnt just drive by, he spent multiple days taking pictures and sneaking around.

  11. Avatar Ken says:

    Welcome to Redding

  12. Avatar Dan says:

    So sorry to hear of your issues Shelly. I find the entire subject of Airb&b fascinating ( from both the income- business side and public policy side) and would love to hear more about your experiences doing it. We currently have wonderful neighbors, but have had some obstreperous, hardscrabble neighbors in the past, and know they can certainly make life unpleasant.

  13. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    Needles is making news on becoming a gun sanctuary city. Major media is focused on the gun issue but The Sun, an e-edition news source, had a more informative view of Needles. The town was in economic ruin when they embraced cannabis. Ice House Road LLC set up shop in Needles. Last year in a town of 5,000 the city took in $1.2 million in cannabis taxes, one fifth of the city budget $5.5 million. Needles is a GOP strong hold that more identifies with Arizona just across the river than with California.

  14. Avatar Brandon Rogers says:

    That’s a crappy situation to be in; a property owner who doesn’t care and a City who isn’t able to enforce its own code. Meanwhile, you’re stuck living next to idiots who are making the neighborhood a terrible place to live. And on top of that, you have to worry that they’ll be angry when forced to comply. So sorry you’re in that pickle.

    • Avatar Tonya says:

      These neighbors are young adults. They have young children and are no threat to the owner of the house next door. Many of the other neighbors like them very much. The couple next door to them on the other side..who happen to be successful business owners come to their home and visit their soon to be one year old child. There are many people in this area who have their cars parked on the street. I can remember growing up all of our parents worked on their own cars in their garage and driveways. This woman has many of complains for almost every single neighbor in this neighborhood. She is very uptight and bothersome. This is why she has been blocked by the owner and the city. They have been out to many homes in this area. No codes being broken. The tenants of this house ARE hard working young adults . They are not scary. I know I am the girls mother. I there often.

  15. Avatar Candace C says:

    I love the option of being able to stay at an Airb&b. Seems to me if you’re paying what’s required (seems high but I didn’t check other cities) from you by the city they should be expected to do their part as well. Crappy neighbors are just that – crappy. Not fun. I feel for you. Stay safe!

  16. Avatar Shelly Shively says:

    Wow, K, I’d definitely want you on my team when the chips are down! Thanks for the pep-talk! : )
    I’d never have made waves about my nightmare neighbors if I was fearful of them.
    Bring. It. On.

  17. Joanne Snyder Joanne Snyder says:

    Oh my gosh Shelly Shively…you found a piece of paradise in your home. I love your home. I hate to hear how neighbors are destroying your sense of security and piece of mind. Some people were born in a barn. Complaints are supposed to confidencial. I can’t imagine such a lax attitude about code enforcement in your neighborhood. I’m glad you started solving this with communication. And then brought in the big guns when that didn’t work.

  18. Avatar Russell Hunt says:

    Print out a complaint, summons and cause of action from the California Judicial Council form site. Include the owner’s name and your troubles with the tenants. DO NOT FILE IT. Ask for damages of $50,000. Send it to the property owner with the threat that you will file it if matters are not attended to. No lawyers necessary.

  19. Avatar Tonya says:

    I feel this is unfair. These are two young adults who are in their twenties with a child. They have a boat that has been in the young man’s family his whole life. It didn’t run for almost Ten years. It was his grandpa’s. He got it running..with his own two his driveway to be able to take his own son out on the lake one day. When has it been against the law to work on cars in your own driveway. Yes he listens to music in his garage. Country is his favorite. They have friends and family ..most with kids who visit them from time to time. They like to spend time outside. They do not sit in their house and watch TV all day. They pay all their bills on time work hard and are a family. They are not horrible people. When I read this article I think of these horrible tweaker type people who are felons with killer dogs that the neighbors are afraid of. This is sooo wrong. I might get deleted but someone needs to speak for them as well. They could loose their place to live because someone wants to control the neighborhood. She just gave them some fresh chicken eggs and waves at them every day…. Not to afraid to me. I am in shock this has come to this.

  20. Avatar Larry Winter says:

    Is there really a city code that doesn’t allow you to work on your vehicle in your driveway?

    That doesn’t seem right.

  21. I voted for Gary J. A guy that has a much better record of telling the Truth. Vacation is over now. My trip showed that the Trump voters are set on bringing back the 12ft Satellites, the Coal Jobs and want to digress back to the 60’s when life was much simpler. Oh and more tax cuts for the Rich!

    Making America White Again is not going to work. But they have not figured that out yet. That Cognitive Dissonance thing you know.

    How them Tariff’s working out? We talked about that a year ago.Great way to Decimate the Farmers and Economy.

    The times….they are a changing….the Question is… your Thinking keeping up? Not yours in particular….America’s Thinking….we live in a fast moving Multi -Racial Country where Whites Will be soon…the Minority…..Texas is soon to be Dem Controlled as are other GOP strong holds….and all this from a NPP guy with some critical thinking skills and….. C S. – Not even a Dem!

    We are not going back to Kansas Toto! Put your helmet on and buckle your seat belt my friend….it will be stormy dead ahead.

    The Impeachment process has already started and may or may not work. Time will tell on that one. The Mueller Report showed 5 Instances of Obstruction which everyone that has “Actually” read it probably saw if there eyesight is still above 20/100.

  22. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    Impeachment:American Crime will be aired just before the 2020 election. Who will protest more? The Democrats or Republicans. No it is not about President Trump. Clue. It is being produced by Monica Lewinsky. It should prove interesting.

  23. Avatar Shelly Shively says:

    Tonya, I’d expect nothing less from a mother defending her child. Your daughter and her husband are not victims of a smear campaign. They are experiencing what it’s like to have to live in a community with others, and abide by societal and legal codes.
    Do you really want to go point by point? Your statement of “this woman has many complaints of every single neighbor in the neighborhood” is libelous, which I advise you retract, as it is blatantly false.
    Other than your daughter/husband, I’ve filed one other complaint: the house across the street with 3-foot-tall dead weeds during fire season. Those are the same neighbors who generously allow your son-in-law to leave inoperable cars on their dead lawn.
    You’re right, I’m the neighbor who waves, gives eggs to neighbors, a gift when your grandson was born, a ticket for a car rally to your son-in-law, cat-sitting for other neighbors, blankets to the neighbors across the street during the Snowmagedden, and even took them in overnight in my house when they were cold and the power was out. I know what it’s like to be a good neighbor: being considerate and friendly, as well as keeping your house and yard clean and maintained. I’ve been a good neighbor for decades. This is the first time in my life that I’ve encountered and endured such deplorable neighbor conditions that left me with no choice but to file complaints with the city.
    All along, I’ve been giving your daughter and son-in-law more slack due to their young age, and having a baby. I figured that they were young, and probably didn’t know any better. But, you know what? I was once in my 20s, living in a rental with my husband and babies, and I didn’t use our young age as an excuse to be inconsiderate neighbors.
    My main beef is not so much your daughter and her husband, since they may not know any better, but with the owner/landlady who chose to rent to people whose lifestyle belongs in more of a rural setting. To address the comment of Larry Winter, your son-in-law is not just changing oil in the driveway, but he and his friends are working on cars, trucks and boats in the front driveway and back yard, often all day, revving engines over and over, test drives up and down the street, and not just on weekends. I’ve had to ask them to move their flat-tired trailer blocking my driveway more than once.
    Those family get-togethers in the yard, and their friends with young children, often raucous parties, with loud music, so loud that recent guests (the husband is a war vet with PTSD: also
    ”uptight and bothersome”?) had to ask them twice to turn down the music. I’ve asked them, and have had the landlady ask them. My car often reeks of weed wafting over from their get-togethers. I can’t have my house windows open for the same reason (and the noise) during their parties.
    The part about being fearful stems from the glares I’ve gotten from those friends hanging out in the yard working on vehicles. I believe it’s referred to as “stink eye”. This began months ago when I called the owner to talk to them about issues of trashy yards, broken down cars and noise.
    For the record, the city didn’t ignore me because my claims were unfounded, the city ignored me because they have only 2 code enforcement officers handling hundreds of claims. My claims were buried in the middle. Telling the Code Enforcement Supervisor that I was taking my complaints to the City Council meeting miraculously got me to the top of the stack.
    I actually hold the owner/landlady more accountable than your daughter and her husband. Each call I made to her for a year and a half was an opportunity for her to advise and teach them how to be good tenants. Instead, she allowed the situation to continue, and eventually blocked my calls.
    I hope that someday your daughter and family can live in a place more conducive for their life-style, in a wide-open, possibly rural space where they can have trashy yards, collect inoperable cars, hold loud parties, own as many chicken-killing dogs as they like, and rev engines to their hearts’ content.

    • Barbara Rice Barbara Rice says:

      As a former very long-time rural resident, I assure you: that lifestyle is not appropriate or welcomed there either.

      • Avatar Shelly Shively says:

        Oh, ha, good point Barbara. I’m visualizing property with no neighbor in sight.

        • Barbara Rice Barbara Rice says:

          Chicken-killing dogs travel. So does the sound of engines revving.

          • Avatar Shelly Shively says:

            Dang. : /

          • Avatar Beverly Stafford says:

            In my neighborhood, a chicken-killing dog wouldn’t have made it back over the fence. All these excuses Tonya has for her daughter and son-in-law make me wonder what her own property looks like. Young people like these who seem to feel that they can live however they want – flouting city codes, ignoring their responsibility to keep their property from being an eyesore and fire hazard, being disrespectful of their neighbors – makes reading about the recipients of the ANC scholarships gratifying. The me, me, me attitude is all too prevalent.

    • Avatar Larry Winter says:

      Shelley, you say, “To address the comment of Larry Winter, your son-in-law is not just changing oil in the driveway…”

      I don’t have a son-in-law.

  24. Barbara Rice Barbara Rice says:

    I wish it was not necessary to add this but apparently I have to:
    Don’t leave abusive comments.

  25. Avatar Bill says:

    I’m soooooo sorry your ratings are going down….
    I happen to be a neighbor to the same house you are talking about and you should be ashamed of yourself, they are a nice young hard working couple. They are young, you are not so there is gonna be some differences in opinion, but they DON’T play music late, and last I knew working on your own vehicles was an American tradition done by countless people all over this country.
    The dogs are confined to a fence and are not aggressive killers… they do have a baby and I completely trust the dogs with my own kids. Dont spread your hate based on a dogs breed.
    I havent even finished reading the article and comments but the fact that you wrote this to be published after you brought to a city council meeting( with the said partys not notified, leaving them no chance to defend themselves or the other neighbors to them, we are friendly with them and they have always been friendly with us.

    • Avatar Mandy says:

      It is unfortunate that our friendly neighbors our being attacked is this manner. My children spend time at their house with their dogs and friends with only laughter and fun. Diapported in all that have judged so quickly without knowing all the facts. I support my neighbor.

      • Avatar Shelly Shively says:

        Mandy, I appreciate that you are friends with my neighbors, and enjoy time together. I’ve probably seen you as you visit them with your kids. That’s nice to have that relationship, especially as young moms. I’m not attacking your friends, just citing my experience with them as neighbors. I’m not making judgements; just facts, as stated in my statement at the City Council meeting.
        It’s nice that you can support your neighbor. I support my right to live in peace and not have my livelihood negatively impacted by their inconsideration.

    • Avatar Shelly Shively says:

      Hi Bill, I’m your neighbor, and sorry we have to meet this way. I’m glad that you have a good neighbor relationship with my neighbors, but I have an entirely different experience. Mocking me about my ratings going down isn’t funny. I am licensed by the city as an Airbnb host: earnings that supplement my widow’s benefits. Poor ratings directly affect bookings. I’ve had many guests express concern about coming home at night to loud party in front yard, people drinking and smoking “stuff”, with hardly room to drive a car through both sides of cars in front of their house and my house. A typical count would easily be 8 vehicles. as well as the occasional vehicle parked across from me on the neighbors dead lawn. If anything, I’ve often turned a blind eye and deaf ear to the issues I’ve cited, just for the sake of keeping peace with my neighbors, but when their personal freedoms bother my guests as well as my livelihood, then it becomes a problem. One of those sweet dogs you talk about, on day one, got over my 6 foot fence and viciously tore into one of my chickens, right in front of me. I could’ve filed misdemeanor charges, but didn’t, because I didn’t want to get off on a negative start with this young couple. Immediately upon moving in, the cars and trucks filled the front street, their driveway (that’s theirs, I know) and opposite side of the street . Sure, I get it, the American dream of a cold beer and working on your truck, but not turning the entire area into a mechanics shop. I can see into the back yard, visible by our alley, with dried weeds, and guys smoking while working on vehicles, revving engines, the smell of gasoline and oil. We’re all a little nervous about fire, and I don’t appreciate living next store to a tinder box. I’ve tried being friendly with them, as even Cynthia’s mother attested in comments above. I have kids and grandkids, and am not a crumudgeon or a spoil-sport, but this young couple lacks basic consideration of others: oblivious to the impact of their behavior. Their front yard, clearly visible from our shared low fence, is blight, and sorry, looks like a slum, with trash all over. Same with the back yard. Seems young Steve needs to get his own mechanics shop, instead of working on cars, trucks and boats outside.
      As far as my bias about the pit bull: damn right. I’ve known of too many first-hand accounts of pit bulls gone side ways. Their pit bull, though I haven’t seen it around lately, rushes the low fence, and barks at me whenever I get close to get in my car. One day, I nearly had a heart attack, as the pit bull burst through a hold in their fence, and rushed up to me, barking, as I was getting into my car.
      As far as the City Council meeting, that was my business in turning to council for help, after the futility of a year and a half of the landlord ignoring my complaints.
      I have plenty of friends and family who could easily fill many more comments on this site, to attest of what I’ve been living next to for a year and a half.

  26. Here’s how I see it: Everything Shelly reported in her comments to the city council is true. I’ve seen it, heard it and smelled it myself.

    It’s a total red herring to bring up things like whether those neighbors are nice, or whether those neighbors pay their bills, or whether those neighbors enjoy country music, or whether those neighbors are in their 20s with an adorable toddler, or whether grandpa’s boat didn’t work for 10 years and now it does, thanks to the neighbor’s mechanical skills … all of which may be 100 percent true.

    So what? Those things were never questioned. This isn’t a character analysis. This is a matter of the neighbors’ lifestyle and vehicle blight getting so out of hand and so intolerable that it disturbed the peace for Shelly, her guests and visitors. This is a matter of the landlord turning a blind eye to managing her renters and her property, which led to Shelly having to get help from city code enforcement. Seriously, what was she supposed to do? What other recourse – other than moving – did she have?

  27. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    This is why I didn’t live in cities. Though I have to admit that the HOAs keep Phoenix clean.

  28. Avatar Anna oop says:

    They’re just trying to live their life??

  29. Avatar Candace C says:

    CS, The pejorative term “trailer trash” does nothing to help Shelly’s unfortunate and frustrating situation. We all know what that term refers to. My guess is there are quite a few living in trailers before and after the Carr Fire and while I know that of course you weren’t referring to all people living in trailers as trash it seems to me you could have made your point without the use of that term at all. Poor people as a whole are stigmatized enough as it is without throwing that unfortunate turn of phrase into the mix. I agree with you that respecting others is important.

    • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

      To me “trailer trash” is as offensive as the N-word to blacks is or other ethnic slurs are to minorities. Anybody who uses that term to describe people has lost all credibility. Yes, I have lived in trailers and know several respectful people who have, or are, living in trailers.

  30. Avatar Candace C says:

    Bruce, I agree. Barbara, thank you.