Planning Commission Meeting Addresses Controversial Tierra Robles Development:

We are concerned about several factors regarding the proposed Tierra Robles housing development open discussion that will be going in front of the Shasta County Planning Commission on Tuesday July 23rd.

We attended a meeting presented by the developer, Shasta LLC, at Cow Creek Church and it appears that with the EIR complete, that Shasta County has already made stipulations with the developer to install traffic lights in Palo Cedro and another off Airport Road near Hwy 44, but no requirements for Boyle Road which will be the main traffic flow for the development. Some minor signage will appear at Deschutes Road at Boyle Road. The developer stated that building of these homes could go for as long as 10 years before the entire build out is complete.


We moved here from a smaller community 4 months ago to get away from all of the congestion that subdivisions and cities provide, and as a lifelong resident of Shasta/ Tehama County we chose to live in the country that would provide acreage, with the intent to have animals and a small farm. The home we purchased is on 5 acres, which is the standard for this area.

Some items of topic have been the recent CARR and CAMP Fires that occurred last year. These fires presented major issues due to limited egress for civilians that were running for their lives while at the same time, fire engines were trying to enter these fire areas. Boyle Road and Old Alturas have some of the same characteristics as the roads from fires last year. I feel that we as a community have already forgotten the lives lost and the destruction that these fires left behind. The CARR Fire started on July 23rd of last year and consumed 229,651 acres before it was contained and 8 lives were lost. This was the 7th most destructive fire in state history.

Bella Vista Water would be the main source of water in this area and according to studies, may possibly provide adequate water supply to this development during good water supply years. But, with the many recent drought years that we experience in the north state combined with the devastating wild land fires we continually see, the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors should evaluate cost vs. gain. Unfortunately, when water supply issues arise, we all get penalized in the form of water rationing and increased fees (penalties).

Additionally, the construction traffic and damage to Boyle and Old Alturas Road associated with cement trucks, night time light noise, vehicle emissions, dust, no turn lanes and noise pollution from construction (for up to 10 years) , plus the sheer increase in general traffic (up to 360 car trips daily) and to take into consideration that Boyle Road is a major route for parents to transport their children to and from Foothill High School off Deschutes Rd from Redding.

Again, the Final EIR makes NO recommendations to this heavily traveled road. The counties recommendations are for traffic signals within Palo Cedro and off of Hwy 44 and Airport Road.

Using Cottonwood as an example, the congestion and damage on Gas Point Road that has occurred due to the Camp Fire debris removal has created an issue with closer than anticipated road repair, which can correlate to nearly the same type of issues Boyle Road may see if 166 homes are approved to be built.

Please take time out of your day on Tuesday to attend the Planning Commission Meeting at 4:00 pm, Board of Supervisors Chamber, 1450 Court Street 2nd floor.

Tonia Munro, Palo Cedro

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7 Responses

  1. Avatar Brad Seiser says:

    This letter outlines all of the key issues that make this development inappropriate for the Palo Cedro community. It is a leapfrog development that will lead to suburban sprawl. This is not smart growth, but is more costly to the County to develop the infrastructure of safe fire evacuation roads and sufficient water supplies, particularly in single and multiple drought years. Please show up and show your support for our community. Shasta County could bring such an ill advised project to your community.

  2. Avatar Bob says:

    This letter states there will be 360 additional car trips per day. This is not an accurate figure. The developer’s own figures indicate something in the area of 1700 vehicle trips per day will be added to the traffic pattern on Boyle Road.

    • Avatar Tonia says:

      Sorry, I do stand corrected! Meant to say an additional 300 plus cars to the area using the two per family factor, not trips on the road!

    • Avatar Tonia says:

      Sorry, I do stand corrected! Meant to say an additional 300 plus cars to the area using the two cars per family factor, not trips on the road!

  3. Avatar J. Haynes says:

    The commissioners are all pro-development, they will not be listening. They did not listen years ago when Foothill High school was developed, a school with more students that there are residences of the community that it is within. Foothill High is essentially a private school run with public monies. The majority of the students there are those who’s parents can afford to drive the 30 mile round trip twice a day. This results in funds being withheld from the school districts from where these students live. Just try to get in and out of Palo Cedro in the mornings and afternoons. Now add this new traffic to the existing mess and see where that get’s us.

  4. Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

    As an experienced environmental planner, I’ll opine: Too little too late. This project is going to happen. There are no obvious show-stoppers.

  5. Avatar Common Sense says:

    Well Tonia one way to look at it is that they won’t be selling many homes by the time it takes to get the underground done if it’s not done already. The market will be changing here soon and they may have to wait until the next cycle to sell the whole thing out!

    Real Estate Cycles tend to go in approx 7-10 year blocks. Last downturn was 2005/2006. Started back up around 2011/2012 or so.

    So if you are betting the odds, It may end up being like that Subdivision on top of the hill in SLC. Their timing was off on that one! They had to wait many many years to sell any homes in there and I believe its Still not filled out? That’s not apples to apples because of lot size/location but an example of market timing or lack there of.

    And Yes J. Haynes, the Foothill High Area is a mess in the morning and afternoon when school gets out!

    And Yes Steve is Correct I believe. But the market conditions will dictate how much is sold and when…so I wouldn’t worry about 150 homes built and sold Anytime Soon!

    If you don’t have them up and on the market in the next year….you will be waiting awhile!