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  1. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    Happy Fourth of July.

  2. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    On Senator Sinema’s Facebook page she asked what everybody was going to do on the Fourth. Best answer, “I’m going to smoke a big fat joint”. Love America.

  3. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    In Arizona Governor Ducey has removed the $2 million tax and permit fee offered Nike to open a plant in Goodyear. He stated it was because Nike removed the “Betsy Ross” shoe opposed by Kaepernick. I think it had more to do with complaints of giving companies tax incentives to “create” jobs. It is refreshing to see a public official against giving away taxpayer money with little benefit to show for it.

    • Avatar Tim says:

      That whole episode is just one giant attention whoring $#!+ show.

      The Betsy Ross flag is not racist, though it obviously dates to a time when half the states allowed slavery.

      Nike’s sweatshop labor system makes it as close to a modern slave owner as it gets. Anyone accepting money from Nike has zero moral authority when it comes to slavery & exploitation.

      Aside from a lapel pin or a patch on a police/military uniform, it is trashy & unpatriotic to wear the flag as clothing.

  4. Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

    A few things wrong with Trump’s planned 4th of July celebration in Washington DC:

    1. The resemblance to an authoritarian dictator’s military parade, reflecting his admiration of strongmen and tyrants.

    2. The huge area in front of the Lincoln Memorial—extending half the length of the reflecting pool—reserved for invited VIP’s, friends, and family. (This is a guy who ran on a platform of opposing “The Elites.”)

    3. Trump himself, who will turn it into a celebration of Trump himself. This is a guy who simultaneously says he’s the greatest POTUS in America’s history (he likely will go down as one of the worst), and a guy who says he’s the most persecuted (four POTUSs were assassinated). He has almost zero understanding of and appreciation for our nation’s history.

    • Avatar Doug Cook says:

      “…1. The resemblance to an authoritarian dictator’s military parade, reflecting his admiration of strongmen and tyrants.”

      One of the favorite things I did when I was in the Air Force is travelling the country going to different military air shows. They opened up the base to civilians where we had our aircraft on display, where the Thunderbirds in their F-16’s performed, where fighters and bombers were there for all to see. . I guess we also reflected the admiration of strongmen and tyrants. I always considered it as giving the opportunity to show civilians where their tax money is going towards. Being able to walk through a KC-10 and chatting with the crew gives them a better understanding of the mission of the Air Force.

      • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

        Doug — I have no problem with the military being celebrated, and celebrating itself. I attended many Air Force Base open houses when I was a kid (I wanted to be an astronaut, and military pilots were the shit with NASA back then).

        I spent a considerable amount of time on Air Force and Navy bases in Japan in my early 20s. I turned down an opportunity to do an M.D./Ph.D. with the Navy in CNS neurology (primarily brains). spent about 20 years working on Navy and Marines projects as a working professional in the environmental sciences.

        So here’s my problem: The POTUS turning the 4th of July celebration in D.C. into a partisan campaign rally—turning over the “VIP Section” to the RNC, and using the military as a prop.

        I think it it’s demeaning to the military, and disgusting, for Commander Shinsplints to use the military as a stage prop.

        • Avatar Doug Cook says:

          It is full fledged “Trump Derangement Syndrome” on display, nothing else. You don’t think there was a VIP section in any other celebration by any other president? Yeah, it’s cool to see military jet flyby…it happens every week at NASCAR races. Why leave the Army out? They want to show off their equipment too. A tank on a flatbed truck in a parade is using the military as a prop? Come on Steve…get over your ridiculous false outrage over everything Trump does.

  5. Adrienne Jacoby Adrienne Jacoby says:

    Ooooops. . . I had already posted my thought on the “This week’s entertainment” page before I saw this thread. Okay . . I cut and paste it here.

  6. Adrienne Jacoby Adrienne Jacoby says:

    Okay . . . what I wrote disappeared into the ether . . . . probably because I failed to hit the “pos” button.
    Oh well . . . Steve said it as well or better than I could have.

  7. Avatar Doug Cook says:

    Thank you California for yet another gas tax increase…5.6 cents a gallon increase kicked in July 1st after a 12 cent increase just 2 years ago.

    • Avatar Damon Miller says:

      Oh man, that extra 44.8¢ is gonna blow a hole in my monthly budget.

      • Avatar Doug Cook says:

        A rather arrogant statement…how about those working poor and those on fixed incomes? The average price of fuel in the US is $2.50/gl. Yesterday I paid $3.80/gl. That is a $1.30/gl more than the national average. If you go through 25 gallons a week, and that is being conservative, that is $32.50 a week or $130 a month, $1,560 a year. May be chump change for you, god bless you id it is. But to some, that is real money. That also adds to inflation, the cost of consumer goods, food. Trucking companies will charge customers a fuel surcharge. What is the purpose of another gas tax if our state is supposedly doing so well economically?

        • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

          Doug, I agree that regressive taxes are bad. Blame Prop 13, which put California on the path of scrambling for replacement revenue.

          That said, when I see one of the “working poor” buying a carton of cigarettes and a flat of Monster Energy Drink, my sympathies tend to evaporate.

          • Avatar Doug Cook says:

            You always brag that California is the 5th largest economy in the world. Then why yet another gas tax increase? Blame prop 13? We are now one of the highest taxes state in the union…if we didn’t have prop 13…we would assuredly be leading the pack, Right now only 50% of Californians can afford to buy a house…just think, if we didn’t stop the Ca government’s lust for taxes, where do you think our property taxes would be right now?

          • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

            Steve, I feel the same way about “college educated” complaining about student debt over a Starbucks latte while playing the latest Robolock or Minecraft game on their bling loaded cell phone.

          • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

            Doug — California ranks 11th in total state and local tax burden. We rank 30th in total sales and excise tax burden. We also rank 30th in property tax rate.

            We rank 5th in state income tax.

            In other words, rich Californians are subsidizing you and I so that we can enjoy relatively lower sales and property tax rates.

            And as you know, the Repubs in Congress eliminated the federal write-off of state taxes as a “f*** you” to the blue states that subsidize the red states.

            Nothing more charming than vindictive, ungrateful parasites.

          • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

            Steve, the answer to the high income tax is to eliminate it and join the other 7 states, including Florida and Texas, that have no state income tax. If they can do it why can’t California?

  8. Avatar Tim says:

    Shasta Elementary and Igo-Ono Elementary schools tested positive for excessive lead in their water. Shasta had 40ppm lead in two fixtures in the library, Igo-Ono had one fixture at 60ppm and another at 90 in its main building. 15 is the limit.

    The affected fixtures have since been removed.

  9. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    What is wrong with you people? The USA women just won the world cup and Megan Rapinoe has put Redding on the world stage and all you can do is argue over Trump or the homeless or convicts. No wonder I can’t connect with you.

    • Avatar Doug Cook says:

      Can we all go back to ignoring women’s soccer for another four years now?

      • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

        Doug, get a life. My daughter played soccer and my granddaughters play soccer. Your attitude is exactly what my daughter, and Megan Rapinoe faced in Shasta County. Thank God my granddaughters don’t have to put up with that s-t attitude because they are not in Shasta County.

      • Avatar Linda Cooper says:

        Doug, I’m not understanding this comment. I’m not being sarcastic when I ask, why would “we” want to ignore women’s soccer for another four years?

        • Avatar Doug Cook says:

          Because that is what we do. No different than women’s gymnastics.we ignore the sport until the Olympics roll around every 4 years. There is a reason soccer doesn’t catch on in the US. Yes, many kids play soccer when they are young, but usually give it up in high school. Linda, do you follow soccer on the years the world cup isn’t going on? I certainly don’t read any sporting news about it

          • Avatar Linda Cooper says:

            Real – ly? Because I wouldn’t want to think of your reply as disingenuous. But thanks for the clarification. I initially thought you meant something along the lines of, Doug doesn’t want to hear about women’s soccer for another four years. Because some of the team doesn’t support Trump.

          • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

            Doug, women’s soccer, gymnastics, ice skating, go on all year and are gaining in viewership. Just because you aren’t interested in them doesn’t mean others aren’t. The NFL and Major League Baseball are losing viewers.

          • Avatar Doug Cook says:

            What I’m saying Bruce is that womens’s soccer only gains viewership every 4 years when the world cup happens, same as gymnastics. Can you name me one USA team gymnast? Of course you can’t…not until the Olympics roll around again. Soccer has never caught on in the US. It was invented for the kids that can’t hit a curve ball.

          • Avatar Doug Cook says:

            Linda…that is silly, I couldn’t care less who on the team does or does not support the president. Just kick the damn ball. My comment had more to do with the game of soccer rather than Megan specifically. I firmly believe, however that politics should stay out of sports and entertainment. When I go see Bruce Springsteen, I don’t want to hear his politics. Just play “Thunder Road”. It’s not that we want to ignore soccer until the world cup comes around…it just happens.

      • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

        I think I’ll just go back to ignoring you.

  10. Avatar Candace C says:

    If a city official (?) doesn’t step up and and offer to throw Megan Rapinoe a much deserved HOMETOWN HERO parade something is very wrong in Redding, CA!

  11. Avatar Candace C says:

    Well, after my previous comment about throwing Rapinoe a parade (swept away from the excitement of the win!) I considered the fact that there are still quite a few people hurting from the fires, homeless issues etc. who could use the money that would be spent on a parade. Still, what an exciting day for Women’s Soccer and our very own Megan Rapinoe!

  12. Avatar Candace C says:

    Tim, Yes, very cool, I was meaning now in 2019 after their win today.

  13. Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

    You ask me, the equal pay issue in soccer is BS. Until the USMNT win something they should be paid way less than the USWNT.

    • Avatar Tim says:

      Um, the women did make more than the men. Each member of the women’s team will make in the ballpark of $400k this year, while each member of the men’s team will make in the ballpark of $100k.

      • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

        Tim, in the Washington Post is an article on men and women soccer pay. You like to post links so I can only feel you didn’t post this one is because it refutes the claim you just made. A few notes, the women are paid a $100,000 base pay no bonuses . The men are paid bonuses, $5,000 for losing a game, it didn’t say how much for winning I suspect because they never win. So if the men lose 20 games they have made $100,000.
        The women were paid $4 million for winning the world cup the men were paid $48 million for not even qualifying.

        • Avatar Tim says:

          That WaPo article referred to 2018 earnings, not 2019. With the women’s 2019 victory (and the men not even qualifying) US women will make more than the US men in 2019 – that is unless you count the salaries some of the men make outside the national team when playing for pro clubs (e.g. Christian Pulisic makes $13m/year playing for Chelsea FC).

          WaPo also entirely neglected the revenue disparity between men’s and women’s soccer (the men’s world cup brings in 4-6 billion vs a mere ~150 million for women).

          It also ignores the fact that it is not “equal work” – it takes a much better team to qualify for the top 16 in the men’s world cup than it does to win the women’s world cup. Undisputably the dominant women’s team in the world, the US women’s soccer team couldn’t even beat a boys U-15 team from Dallas.

          • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

            These are the same excuses that used to be run up the flagpole for unequal prize money at tennis tournaments. The women eventually prevailed.

            I go to the Indian Wells tournament every year (sometimes referred to as “the fifth major”), and I don’t see any preference for attendance at men’s vs women’s matches. Many people prefer the women’s game—longer, craftier rallies rather than “bang, bang, bang…point over.”

            Also, the women’s game passes the eye test—it’s spectacular. As a decent club player, I can sit near court-side and know for absolute certain that every last one of those young ladies would absolutely crush me and all the guys I play with.

          • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

            Tim, that Wapo article did not ignore the revenue between men and women. That was pointed out why the men get much more than women, because they are in higher paid group and even by losing their percentage of the take that other countries men’s teams make is large. And the USA men make money from fees that are charged to other countries to play the USA men. Like Ohio State or Alabama paying a small college to be a sacrificial lamb at football homecoming games.
            But there was a lot more to that article that can’t be told in a couple of comments. WaPo blamed a lot of the pay disparity on the union that represents the women, and the union didn’t respond to requests for comments.

          • Avatar Tim says:

            I see 3 fair ways to determine compensation:

            1) Sports are competitions in which the winners of fair games earn the most money.

            2) Sports are events in which the most entertaining athletes/teams earn the most money.

            3) Some combination of 1 & 2

            Paying players the same despite less skill/talent/entertainment would be the definition of unfair. It is equal pay for unequal work.

            That description applies to women’s soccer, at least globally: women aren’t competitive with men from a sporting perspective and men’s games draw 45 times as much revenue ($6 billion vs $131 million: ).

            Tennis? Not so much. While the top women in tennis also cannot compete with the top men, their matches do draw similar & sometimes higher ratings.

          • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

            Tim — In the end, the players and the people who pay them probably couldn’t car less about what you and I think is fair. It all comes down to what kind of deal you can cut…and the kind of deal you can cut has far more to do with leverage than fairness.

          • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

            I thought Bobby Riggs, who I actually met in Twin Falls, put to rest who was better at tennis, men or women.

      • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

        Tim — I’ve read several articles focused on the basis of the lawsuit, and it’s about their yearly salaries—not how much bonus money the women make for winning the World Cup every four years.

        The article Bruce mentions in WaPo is compelling, but it’s behind a paywall, so here’s another detailed accounting that comes to similar conclusions.

    • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

      Steve, I agree with you. Nike reports that the top selling soccer jersey in the world, men or women, is the USA women’s soccer jersey. Maybe some will be made down here at the Nike plant in Goodyear slated to open in 2021.

      • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

        Bruce — Do you think that project is still going through now that AZ’s governor has withdrawn the state’s tax incentives offer?

        The governors of both CA and NM seem to think Nike will be looking elsewhere—both have resumed courting The Swoosh.

        • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

          Steve, Ducey proposed removing $1 million in state incentives, 2 ASU economics professor agree with it, not because of the Betsy Ross pull back but because they say politics should not be allowed in business decisions. Regardless the City of Goodyear city council, which bears no resemblance to Redding’s Bethel dominated city council, has said they will still honor their own commitment, $2 million in incentives, to Nike. Nike is still building their plant in Goodyear. This was announced last week.

  14. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    Trump will win reelection in 2020. His approval rating is going up, though low by historical measurements. Why? Not because of anything he is doing but because the Democrats are in their eat their own battle. The voters the Dems need are being turned off by the Democrat on Democrat attacks. Who would vote for these clowns?

  15. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    President Trump tried to enact a requirement that drug companies post prices on their ads. A judge, appointed by President Obama, struck down the ruling and sided with the drug companies who said posting drug prices would violate their first amendment rights, Duh.

  16. Avatar Beverly Stafford says:

    I see that Ross Perot died. Two of the planks on his platform are still sucking us dry, the national debt and health care reform. I will always wonder where we would be if he had convinced more than 19% of the voters to support him. The press didn’t like him then, but now they are calling him a patriot.

    • Avatar Linda Cooper says:

      Nice to have you acknowledge him. I supported him in the primaries when he was running. I too recall that “sucking out” he mentioned about jobs being lost in the United States. In fact, I had his campaign button that I miss!

      • Avatar Beverly Stafford says:

        Two of his campaign phrases that have stuck with me: regarding NAFTA, “that giant sucking noise you hear are jobs moving south”, and “where the rubber meets the sky.”

    • Avatar Doug Cook says:

      If Perot wouldn’t have run, we would have had a 2nd H.W. Bush term, and no Clinton. Too bad Perot ran

      • Avatar Linda Cooper says:

        I am trying to follow this logic. Am struggling here. So, next, my humor kicked in. If Trump had not run for president, there would be no Trump for president. Time for a nap.

        • Avatar Doug Cook says:

          The logic is that Perot got 19% of the vote. If Perot did not run the conventional wisdom was that most of those votes would have gone to Bush, enough to beat Clinton. Hope you had a good nap

    • Welcome back, Beverly. We’ve missed you!

      • Avatar Beverly Stafford says:

        Thank you, Doni. I was in cool, rainy Washington State, co-hosting a surprise birthday party for my sister. And it was a great success!

  17. Avatar Lisa says:

    Health care reform or health insurance companies? Pre-ACA, my household was being sucked dry to the tune of $30K/year, and we were never sure what we were getting for all that money. At least now they can’t take our money then throw us under the bus!

    • Avatar Beverly Stafford says:

      I’ve said forever that we should be striving for health care not ways to pay for health insurance.

  18. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    Congratulations Redding Fire Department. ABC news named you person of the week for your efforts during the Carr fire.

    • Avatar Beverly Stafford says:

      And showed all those babies who were born to the firefighters’ wives. Quite a picture.

      • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

        Those babies were cute. What is strange to me is that all these keyboard investigators on ANews never seem to post the good news about Redding. Redding area has been highlighted in Sunset and VIA. Even on here when the Press Releases show good things happening in Redding there is lucky to be one post.

      • Avatar Linda Cooper says:

        Beverly, very cute. My first thought for a photo caption was, “renewal.”

  19. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    As I sit here melting in Arizona heat and reading about the surge in Pete Buttigreg’s presidential candidacy Will his spouse be called the “First Lady” if he wins?

  20. Avatar Candace C says:

    Bruce, the answer to your question is no because Pete Buttigieg’s husband is a man.

    • Avatar Doug Cook says:

      First Gentleman sounds right to me. I really want to like Mayor Pete. He is probably the best and most honest politician of the bunch. It’s just a shame is policies are so far left.

      • Avatar Matthew Grigsby says:

        It’s okay to like someone you disagree with politically.

        • Avatar Doug Cook says:

          I do like Mayor Pete, and could have seen me supporting him if he was just a little bit more moderate. He is one of the few candidates that is willing to talk policies.

  21. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    Holey Batman! Patricia is right, the new Israel Education Minister advocates gay conversion. He said he has preformed it and it works, doesn’t mention Bethel but I’m sure he will soon be on their website.

    • Avatar Beverly Stafford says:

      When I read about him, I wondered if Bethel would be setting up a church in the Jewish State.

  22. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    Press release from the Flat Earth Society.
    “The Flat Earth Society has members all over the globe”.

  23. Avatar Patricia Barrett says:

    Doug, there is no such thing as “Trump Derangement Syndrome”. That catch-phrase was self-servingly created by Trump supporters like yourself in an attempt to dismiss normal responses by normal people to the fact that a clearly demented sociopath, psychopathic liar, and rabidly racist, sexist, xenophobic virtual criminal now occupies the most powerful position in the world.

    • Avatar Doug Cook says:

      “…demented sociopath, psychopathic liar, and rabidly racist, sexist, xenophobic virtual criminal now occupies the most powerful position in the world.” You forgot your favorite Hitler-esque monster’ characterization.

      You think that is a normal response? Ummm, ok…

  24. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    “Deplorables”, is the term Hillary Clinton used to describe Trump voters, you don’t call voters names when you need their votes.
    Mitt Romney’s famous quote, 47% of the nation are already being taken care of, was not a negative description of the poor. It was in response to the attitude of the Mormon Church which has always had the welfare needs of the poor in mind. From welfare farms where members were asked to donate one day a year working on the farm up to their helping start and continued support of Housing First.

  25. Avatar Patricia Barrett says:

    Trump is the first president who made it standard practice to separate children of all ages from their asylum-seeking parents. Thousands are now lost, and will likely never see their families again.

    And his numerous incitements to violence have been very successful in inspiring his followers to commit multiple murders, and countless other acts of violence, intimidation, and harassment.

    He has sent non-criminal people who have lived here since early childhood (and have done everything in their power to remain here legally) out of the country – some of them successful business owners who actually provided jobs to Americans. He’s broken up families for no reason, and – as I recall – more than one of the people he callously deported were murdered on the streets of the strange countries he sent them to. All this sounds pretty “Hitler-eques” to me.

    Also, I believe Clinton said that “half” of Trump supporters were deplorables. Personally I think she was being over generous.

    • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

      In her book, What Happened, she regrets calling half of Trump’s voters deplorables and cites it as one of the reasons she lost.

  26. Avatar Patricia Barrett says:

    I haven’t read her book, but I suspect she lost mainly because fundamentalist “Christians” put Trump over the top (he promised to give them special privileges, which he delivered on in spades by appointing no end of dominionist fanatics to head our federal agencies and to serve on federal courts, is defunding Planned Parenthood, and is backing every proposed law in red states that discriminate against women and gay people), and because racism, sexism, and xenophobia are rampant among the low-information, low-education people who voted for him.

    • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

      Those same fundamentalist Christians that voted for Trump also voted for Obama. That has been proven countless times in the media. Your suspicions have no grounds.

      • Avatar Beverly Stafford says:

        I have to agree, Bruce. Trump won because too many people disliked Hilary, and he seemed to be a breath of fresh air. Too bad that air actually carried a stench.

        • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

          I did not vote for Trump because I could see he was a loose cannon even before he won the Republican nomination. Even after that he continued his assault on other Republicans like John McCain. I just have to believe the animosity of the voters against Clinton was why Trump won. I think if Biden had run he would have beaten Clinton and Trump. But I think the time is past for Biden and Romney, who I wrote in, and there needs to be a fresh face. Obama II, who would fit that role?

          • Avatar Doug Cook says:

            Bruce…nobody in this current group of candidates. The Democrats are handing the election over to Trump. It is quite unbelievable. I disagree about Biden, he was and is a horrible candidate. With the Democrats being the party of intersectional sub groups, they are not going to nominate an old white guy. Biden is an outmoded Teddy Kennedy liberal in a party that wants nothing to do with dinosaurs of that particular species.

  27. Avatar Patricia Barrett says:


    According to all the exit polls I could find, only about 5 percent of the people who voted for Trump also voted for Obama. White fundamentalist “Christians” (who were very politically active as a group in the last presidential election) voted for Trump by a margin of 81 percent, and are credited by many researchers with having put him over the top.

    Nothing Trump has done as president should have come as a surprise. His campaign was riddled with promises to give fundamentalist Christians preferential treatment, as well as blatant racism, sexism, and xenophobia (he wasn’t enthusiastically supported by white supremacist groups for nothing).

    • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

      Patricia, as close as the 2016 election turned out to be, despite questionable pollsters, did they do those exit polls, wrongly predicting a Clinton landslide, any group of voters could be said to have put Trump over the top.
      The question that needs to be answered and quickly is who out of the two dozen Democrats is going to be their candidate. Anybody but Trump will not work.

  28. Avatar Patricia Barrett says:


    78 percent of white fundamentalists voted for Romney in 2012 – nearly identical to the 81 percent who voted for Trump. It also appears that progressive Catholics were mainly responsible for the 3 more percentage points Obama got in that election.

    Biden seems to be the candidate who currently has the most support. I’d personally like to see Kamala Harris on the ticket as well, but sexism is still obviously to rampant in this country that the Democratic Party may have to run two men in order to bring in the undecided vote.

  29. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    Patricia, according to Wall Street 24/7 White fundamentalists make up less than 10% of voters. So 78% of White Fundamentalists is a minor group.
    Kamala Harris, despite having to defend her AG record, has a bigger problem. She is a California Democrat and everybody identifies Pelosi as a dividing person.
    And if the Democratic party is afraid to nominate a woman it is because of the Clinton failure, not because of sexism

  30. Avatar Patricia Barrett says:


    White evangelicals make up 26 percent of voters (a huge block), even though they are 15.3 percent of the general population.

    And I believe it’s obvious that sexism played no small part in Clinton’s defeat. Clinton would have basically been an extension of the Obama administration, yet millions of people (although 3 million short of the actual vote) chose instead to vote for a clearly demented sociopath who bragged about sexually assaulting countless women, who made plain that he would attempt to decimate 40 years hard-won women’s rights, and who ridiculed the appearance, age etc. of his female critics. A vote for Trump was an overt slap in the face to every girl and woman in America.

    • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

      Patricia, thank you for the link that proves my point. White evangelicals are in decline. So much for world dominance.

      • Avatar Patricia Barrett says:

        It also proves my point that they are a powerful voting block, with influence far beyond their numbers.

        They may be in slight decline. They are also now in control of the highest levels of our federal government, and on many of our federal courts. They were always a minority. However, Bethel leader Bill Johnson and his dominionist cohorts estimate that all they need is a strategically-placed 8 percent of the population to control the world. Given what they’ve already succeeded I doing to this country, I think they’re probably right.

        Trump has appointed many more rabid God-in-government dominionists since the article below was written. He didn’t waste any time at all sacrificing our country to these fanatics.

  31. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    And in good environmental news, Berkley just banned natural gas in new construction. With all the explosions seemingly daily this is a good move for cities and may do away with fracking. Coal is gone, gas is starting it’s demise, solar and wind have their storage problems. Energy production will have to find new sources.

    • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

      And this was reported in Major Media, San Francisco Chronicle.

    • Avatar Doug Cook says:

      When the state is facing a extreme housing crisis…is this the best move? The state is now mandating solar energy be part of every new home construction…again, how is this going to solve our housing crisis?

  32. Avatar Patricia Barrett says:

    Typical of Trump – whipping the most racist, sexist, xenophobic element into a frenzy of hate, and playing to the basest human instincts. Hopefully enough decent people will be motivated to vote this sociopathic thug out of office.

  33. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    The feud between Pelosi and The Squad has been all over the news. No one is calling her a racist.
    Many Democrats have criticized The Squad, especially AOC. No one is calling them racists.
    The Squad were the only four, Democrat or Republican, to vote against a partisan border funding bill.
    President Trump may be over reaching in his comments, but so have The Squad.
    And as has been pointed out by many sources, Liberal and Conservative, Trump is being handed the 2020 election because the Democrats are so divided.
    Trump’s base has dwindled and many Democrats will not vote for him but may not vote at all so he is pointing out the Democratic division.

  34. Avatar Patricia Barrett says:

    Those are right-wing talking points. Disagreements about how to approach politcial issues is vastly different than deliberately inciting a crazed mob to scream “Send them back!”, when 3 of the 4 women of color he targeted were actually born in the U.S. That is baltantly racist on its face, and encourages the belief that dark-skinned people – even those born and bred in this country – have no right to be here, and are somehow a threat.

    In addition, some Democrats voted against the immigration funding bill because a big chunk will go toward expanding kiddie concentration camps (and to support Trump’s draconian separation policy), and another big chunk could be funneled into private for-profit detention centers and shelters that are not subject to oversight, and are nightmares in themselves. Those detractors wanted to see families kept together in communities.

    There’s nothing wrong with wanting a more humane, effective alternative. Unfortunately many Democrats felt they had no choice but to approve this bill, while not actually supporting it.

  35. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    Right wing talking points that will keep Trump’s base in favor for him.
    The Democrats need the undecided voters but they can’t get any cohesive message out. What will happen in 2020 to undecided voters will be the same as 2016. As I stood there at the poll and looked at the choices I wrote in Mitt Romney. I did not vote for Trump but the Democrats, a lousy candidate, did not get my vote.
    Just like many Republicans are not loudly endorsing Trump, many Democrats are not loudly endorsing The Squad. Pelosi had to do her version of the two step in defending The Squad against Trump as just days before she was the one speaking against them. Those are not talking points but facts.

    • Avatar Doug Cook says:

      The only message the Democrats are sending out is a far left message, that independents and the undecided won’t vote for. Even Biden raised his hand in the debate when asked if he wanted to get rid of private insurance…of course he is backtracking now. The GOP is not loudly endorsing Trump…but those like me see a strong economy, strong foreign policy, so why not 4 more years. You think Elizabeth Warren is a good choice? Hardly. Democrats are in big trouble. Hey, maybe Hillary will jump in and save the day.

  36. Avatar Patricia Barrett says:


    The election is nearly a year-and-a-half away, and as far as I’m aware none of those young women are running for president. The Republican Party isn’t exactly “cohesive” in its opinions either- it has more than its share of far-right fanatics the rest of the party claims not to agree with. When it comes down to the wire I suspect we’ll be seeing a moderate pro-working class candidate like Biden, and a not-overly-radical vice-presidential candidate who will appeal to voters in the swing states.


    Employment and other gains have actually slowed under Trump, and other temporary positives are just normal patterns we’ve seen under past administrations. In addtion, there are plenty of disillusioned Trump voters who are no better (or worse) off then they were before he took office.

    • Avatar Doug Cook says:

      Of course employment slowed. When you reach what is considered full employment, hiring will naturally slow down. It just kills you that Trump has had economic success. It is exactly what will get him reelected. Biden is horrible at running for president, even when he was in his prime. He looks and acts old and doddering now. No way he is the nominee

    • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

      Patricia, yes the election is a year and half away. President Trump is campaigning now and getting his message out, despite protests from inside his party but only a few are standing up against him. Riding the coattails of an incumbent president, even an unpopular one, is necessary during their own elections.
      The Democrats need to chose now and start their campaign now or they will be sitting after 2020 shaking their head “What Happened”. As evidence I point to Senator Sinema of Arizona. She won her senate seat despite being a Democrat woman in a deep Red state. How? She had her message out early talking about what she wanted for Arizona while Ward, Arpaio and McSally did their version of eat their own like the Democrats are doing now.

  37. Avatar Patricia Barrett says:


    Most of that “success” took place during the Obama administration, and the vast majority of people aren’t feeling Trump’s bombastic claims in their own lives. However, they WILL be feeling the much higher prices they’ll be paying for countless necessities due to Trump’s nutty nationalistic trade wars, which will far off-set any minor temporary tax breaks he saddled the country with trillions of dollars in debt to give them. You can also bet any Democratic candidate will point out that most of that debt was incurred to benefit the wealthy.

    He may still be able to fill an auditorium with screaming racist, sexist, xenophobic fanatics, but his support in general isn’t what it once was, and this time around he won’t be running against an unlikable woman (a female presidential candidate is unfortunately held to a much higher standard than a man).


    People will remember what they hear in the several months leading up to the election, which is not yet a single message because so many Democratic candidates are running. As the field narrows the message will become clearer. On the other hand, no moderate, SANE Republican seems to be offering an alternative to Trump, which (if that situation continues) will prove to be a huge mistake.

    • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

      Patricia, The Republicans don’t need an alternative to Trump.
      Bloomberg News just reported today how the Sanders-Biden split over healthcare and the Pelosi-The Squad split are feeding right into Trump’s hands.
      Actually I think the best candidates for the Democrats are Pete Buttigieg or Kamala Harris,both fresh faces. But the Democrats need to make a choice now, not six or seven months from now.
      Trump’s message isn’t going to change but the Democrats have no message.
      Tax breaks that benefit the Rich? That isn’t what rich Californians are saying as they can’t deduct their highest in the nation state income tax.
      China trade war will result in many big box retailers going broke because they can’t buy cheap China junk. American made costs more is a fact but American made means jobs stay in America.
      And many companies had already started onshoring their manufacturing. Not because of tariffs but because they had less control on their products made over seas.

      • Avatar Patricia Barrett says:


        No, they aren’t – they’re just passing the added costs on to American consumers:

        • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

          Patricia, reread my post. American made costs more. For years Union members, who the Democrats keep saying they support, have proudly wore Buy American T-shirts. President Trump is now protecting Union jobs. All those Fortune 500 companies that employed slave labor in other countries, mainly Asia, that cost Americans jobs will have to employ American workers at a higher cost to American consumers but will increase American wages.
          All our national parks have gift shops. The Chinese laugh at us as they look at the gifts that say “Made in China”. Most of those gift shops have an American Made section and it does cost more.
          I will gladly pay more to buy American made. Will you?

          • Avatar Patricia Barrett says:


            Per my link above American consumers are paying more for foreign-made goods. Once again, you’re blindly parroting right-wing talking points (not facts).

          • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

            Patricia, why are you against American made products?

          • Avatar Patricia Barrett says:

            Nowhere did I say that I’m “against American made products”. I simply pointed out that (per my earlier link) Trump’s nutty nationalistic tariffs aren’t having the positive effect you claim. In fact, they are actually costing many more American jobs than they’re creating, and companies are simply moving their manufacturing to other Asian countries, at record rates.


          • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

            Patricia, reshoring has been happening even before President Trump installed tariffs. The reasons are cost of shipping, loss of control at China factories. And recalls of defective or harmful products from Asia, not just China. Pet products from Asia are now on a dangerous list. Every month there are recalls of dangerous kids toys that contain lead, not just from China but Mexico as well. Democrats complain about Trump’s environmental record yet those same Democrats are for free trade that allows countries with terrible environmental controls to import cheap junk to America.

  38. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    Finally a politician that does more than talk about the crisis at the border. Arizona Senator Sinema is working with a bi-partisan group, mostly Republicans because a lot of Democrats are stuck in “Let them all in” mode, on Operation Safe Return. It would implement a 15 day window to return those immigrants who do not have a valid “fear” asylum request. She states, rightly so, that seeking asylum to get a better job is an economic based asylum and not a fear based asylum. They hope to relieve some of the overcrowding at the border this way.

    • Avatar Larry Winter says:

      The Democrats “let them all in mode”? Isn’t that the law as it stands? US law lets them all in.

      And show me where “economic asylum” is a real thing. Operation safe return is using existing law and just speeds the asylum process up, from what I read but they’re describing it as speeding up the deportations, without claiming there are too many asylum seekers that don’t qualify, causing the overcrowding mess we’re in.

      Can you show us that unqualified asylum seekers are a problem?

      I still see this as too little too late. Why just a pilot program anyway?

      • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

        There is overcrowding at the border period. That is all over the news. Operation Safe Return is to try and ease the overcrowding some. Too little, too late. Yes but America, as Europe is already doing too, need to start some where. Economic Asylum is a term Senator Sinema used. Refugees, whether it is fear or economic or something else are increasing here and in Europe.

  39. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    PC runs amok. Miss Michigan was striped of her World competition for offensive conservative tweets. Spoiler, they were about Muslims. Wonder if any of The Squad were responsible.
    Trump’s path to reelection is being paved by Democrats stupidity.

  40. Avatar Patricia Barrett says:

    Sorry Bruce, but it wasn’t just her tweets bashing Islam (funny she has nothing to say about the oppression of women in the works by the Trump administration, his appointees, and other fundamentalist “Christian” lawmakers). She also has a long history of bashing the Black community and other groups.

    • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

      Patricia, her first tweet was about a Muslim booth that told her she should wear a hijab and she responded by posting that Islamic countries oppress women even stoning them to death. A fact.
      Her second tweet was about how most blacks are killed by other blacks. Another fact.
      Christian lawmakers had nothing to do with it.
      And the World Beauty Competition canned response shows they know they were wrong.

    • Avatar Doug Cook says:

      She made a comment about black on black crime…which is actually a serious issue ignored by the left, and said that Muslim women are oppressed, which is of course also true. She made a comment about a ‘try on a hijab’ booth at her university. Forcing women to wear hijabs in Muslim countries is of course oppressive. How is it not? I have spent a lot of time in Saudi where most women walk around in full Burkas…again, how is that not oppressive to women.

  41. Avatar Patricia Barrett says:

    If people like her (rabid right-wing Trump supporters) have their way, women in THIS country are going to be a lot more oppressed.

    Between all their efforts to turn American women into forced incubators, Trump’s various federal Justice Departments prioritizing the rights of white MEN, young women on campuses assumed to be liars and exposed to harassment by their rapists, and their on-going attempts to rob public schools to fund what will mainly be Old Testament-leaning church schools (there is nothing more sexist and oppressive toward women than the Old Testament), they would have this country looking a lot like some Middle Eastern countries when it comes to women’s rights.

    Also, she said that Black people have no right to complain about anything else as long as there is Black on Black crime, which is just a racist attempt to silence complaints about discrimination, police brutality and violence toward the Black community, etc. etc. etc.

    • Avatar Doug Cook says:

      Patricia, Good Lord…every Republican is a ‘rabid right winger’ to you. The fact is that the black leaders and civil rights organization completely ignores the crime in the inner cities that affect mostly minority communities. President Obama ignored the crisis for 8 years. It was President Trump that has sent in federal resources to Chicago to help quell the violence…and it seems to be working. The murder rate so far this year is down 30%. Saving lives, but of course you will never give the president credit for anything.

    • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

      Patricia, “old Testament schools will have America looking like some Middle Eastern Country”? The Muslim radicals, 1.8 billion, are pushing Sharia Law to turn the world into an Islamic Kingdom where women have no rights and they now have three members of the Squad pushing it.

  42. Avatar Patricia Barrett says:


    Your comment is offensive – Sharia law has nothing to do with the four female congresswomen who are the object of Trump’s racist attack.

    However, if you imagine that Sharia Law isn’t exactly what Trump, his cabinet, his appointees, and a bunch of red state “Christian” lawmakers have in mind, think again. They’re working to replace our Constitution with Old Testament law (per their “7 Mountains Dominionist” theology), our public schools with Old Testament fundamentalist church schools (the Old Testament is just loaded with brutality and violence toward women), force pregnancy and child-rearing, and punishing the female victim in cases of rape and sexual assault.


    According to all the research I could find, Chicago has already had nearly as many shootings so far this year (only half-way through the year) as it had during all of last year. Gun violence in Chicago is NOT going down. The lowest rates over the past 8 years were in 2012 through 2015, before Trump even took office.

    Also, Trump and his sychophants claim that gun laws don’t work because Chicago’s are among the strictest in the country. What they don’t mention is that gun laws need to be national. When Chicago implemented its gun laws, gun dealer businesses sprang up in profusion just outside the city limits, and of course right-wingers ran right out and loaded up with an arsenol. As a result there was a huge increase in the number of guns floating around the city, to be stolen and used in crime. This happens everywhere reasonable gun laws are enacted.

    • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

      Patricia, my comment is no more offensive than your fake 7 molehill conspiracy to take over the world. Proof. 1.8 million Muslims verses 100,000 white evangelists.

      Nine shot dead in Chicago last weekend. Gun laws will not work until the gang culture is solved.

  43. Avatar Patricia Barrett says:


    Evangelicals make up one-fourth of the U.S. population, which means they number in the hundreds of MILLIONS – not the hundreds of thousands. And thanks to Trump they have an incredible amount of influence and power in our federal government, as well as in many red states. Federal agencies, commissions, courts, etc. are now being run by flaming God-in-government dominionists who openly admit that they want to seize our government, schools, courts, and everything else for “God’s kingdom” and “biblical law”.

    And of course Christian Dominionism is now a rapidly growing international movement with countless millions of followers and churches world-wide. Bethel is a leading force in that international movement.

    • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

      Patricia, interesting that you use a link from a religious source, they want to send me a free book on how God is great, to describe opposing a rival.
      One fourth of the US population would be less than a hundred million and according to the link, Nones are the same percentage and on the rise. But coming from a rival I have to say those numbers are questionable especially when Wall Street 24/7, a secular publication, puts the number of evangelists at 10% and declining.

    • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

      Patricia, That was a very interesting article. Thanks for posting it. We may disagree on the world domination theory but obviously, even to me, Bethel is a threat to Redding.

  44. Avatar Candace C says:

    Doug “black on black” crime is just as serious as “white on white” crime. No race wishes to cannibalize itself into extinction. There are numerous black community organizers and civil leaders who do talk to their communities about non-violence. Just because white people may not be privy to those conversations doesn’t mean they’re not happening and the notion that Trump is somehow their white savior-in-chief is offensive. He’s a racist. Full stop.

  45. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    I learned a new term today from Wyofile, “Environmental Terrorist” and low and behold I am one. There are plans to store spent nuclear rods in Wyoming, temporarily, and anybody opposed to the plan is labeled an “Environmental Terrorist”. Wyoming doesn’t have a nuclear plant but does have an uranium mine owned by a Russian company, near Gillette.

  46. Avatar Doug Cook says:

    All of a sudden the site is asking for my name and Email for every comment I make. I can’t find anywhere to sign in, can someone help?

    • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

      Doug,say your hail Marys and the Russians will let you back on. LOL.

    • Avatar Beverly Stafford says:

      Per Joe: with no paywall, anyone can post wthout being a subscriber. But posters now need to identify themselves. I was a fan of the paywall and would like to see it back so that ANC could be assured of needed income.

    • Avatar Linda Cooper says:

      Same here, for a couple of weeks. I sent an email to the contact person for such issues.

  47. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    In women’s soccer news, legislation has been introduced to withhold Federal Funds from the World Cup to be held in North America if the USWST doesn’t receive equal pay.

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      Just to clarify, this is also men’s soccer news. The proposal is to withhold funding from the MEN’S 2026 World Cup to be hosted by the United States, unless the USWST gets equal pay.

      USA Soccer’s counter-argument is that the USWST should get “fair and equitable” pay, not equal pay to the USMST. That is, it should be based on respective revenues.

      According to an audit by the Wall Street Journal, the USWST has been generating more revenue than the USMST for at least the past three years.

      Seriously, who can stand watching our crap-tastic men’s team lose to Trinidad and Tobago to not even qualify for the latest World Cup? They suck out loud.

      • Avatar Doug Cook says:

        The question should be…with a $21 trillion debt. Why are federal funds being given to soccer anyway?

      • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

        Steve, this is my effort to put women’s soccer, which my daughter and granddaughters play and played, in the news all the time. Not just every four years.
        Where have you been?

        • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

          I wasn’t contradicting you, Bruce. Just commenting to add context.

          I’ve coached four kids’ soccer teams — all girls. I regularly attend my grandson’ games (two goals last game!) and take the grandkids to several Sacramento Republic games per year. I watched an MLS match on TV last night — LA Galaxy beat Club Tijuana 3-2.

          Admittedly, I don’t watch lot of women’s soccer between World Cups, mostly because it’s not covered on TV.

          Anyway, to answer your question, that’s where I’ve been.

  48. Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

    Dear anti-science nippleheads:

    We landed on the moon 50 years ago, when I was 10–it wasn’t staged. It was a monumental accomplishment, entailing a decade of sustained effort. The 60s were turbulent, but we did it regardless of the distractions.

    It‘s risky business, too—the Apollo 15 mission left a plaque on the moon with the names of the 14 astronauts and cosmonauts who died during the space race. We’ve lost more since then.

    To put the technology of the day in perspective, a primitive digital calculator cost about $500 back in the late 1960s. That’s about $3,500 in 2019 dollars. The first Apple Mac was 15 years in the future. I still have my first Mac, and it’s comical how weaksauce it is compared with the iPhone I’m using to post this.

    If you’re a science/moon landing denier*, that’s your right. Just know that you’re a twit.

    *”Denier” and “skeptic” are different animals. Skepticism is an important facet of science. Denial in the face of overwhelming and compelling evidence is just stupid.

    • Avatar Beverly Stafford says:

      “Science doesn’t care what you believe.”

    • Hal Johnson Hal Johnson says:

      My uncle Sid, who eventually ended up running the computer center at Port Hueneme Naval Base, had a sort-of-handheld calculator when the wholesale worth of the components was $500 dollars. It seemed that about six months went by before they were available retail, and yep, they sold for about $500. Five hundred bucks wholesale to five hundred bucks retail in less than a year. Sheesh, things were happening fast.

  49. Avatar Larry Winter says:

    Raids happening in Trinity Pines with helicopters and drones. Also in downtown Hayfork where one report from a facebook page stating…
    “They blew the doors off the smoke shop, the Asian trinity store and used a flash bomb…. Things are nuts in town right now.”

    FBI agents are involved in some manner also. This is a first that I know of.

  50. Avatar Larry Winter says:

    News release in the Trinity Journal

    “Early this morning, July 24, agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation served numerous search warrants in Hayfork and the Trinity Pines area. These warrants were as a result of a nationwide investigation into organized crime affiliations.
    Trinity County Sheriff’s Office personnel is assisting with abatement of illegally cultivated cannabis as a result of the warrants. The FBI operation is being conducted with the knowledge and support of Sheriff Tim Saxon. This is a federal investigation and no additional information will be available from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office.”

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      More proof that the GOP stands for the primacy of local control and has distain for the feds interfering in local and state matters.

      • Avatar Tim says:

        As an environmentalist I thought you’d appreciate law enforcement going after unpermitted grows, especially those on forest service land. Trinity County has a new sheriff in 2019 and he’s made it clear he won’t be looking the other way.

        I’ve already noticed the difference in the real estate market. Trinity County property prices are no longer in the stratosphere and you can even find some good deals if you’re willing to take on the risks of buying a former grow site.

        • Avatar Larry Winter says:

          The FBI was going after the Hmong cartel that grow on private property. Look up Trinity Pines on Google Earth to see the devastation. I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop on the Bulgarian cartel next.

        • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

          Tim — I’m not—nor have I ever been—a supporter of illegal grows. Especially when they involve illegal water diversions and sloppy use of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.

          I’m just pointing out, once again, that the majority of self-professed libertarian-minded conservatives are really authoritarians the moment you scratch the surface.

          • Avatar Tim says:

            I don’t get it. He’s not going after legal grows, he going after illegal operations. If you’re a legal grower, you’ve got to pay a bunch of taxes, fees, and jump through all sorts of hoops – the last thing you need is to compete with a cartel able to undercut you by paying illegals to use sloppy methods on public lands.

            A Libertarian might argue for lesser taxes/fees, but that doesn’t mean we’re total anarchists. We believe in the rule of law…

          • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

            Tim — Trinity Pines isn’t federal land. Still, I assume—since the feds are leading this effort—that the issue is violation of federal law. Maybe the handle is the Clean Water Act. I’m only assuming that because to my knowledge the Trump administration hasn’t announced a reversal of policy on the issue of not strictly enforcing federal law regarding marijuana in states that have decriminalized it.

            I was speaking about libertarian aversion to oversight of such matters by the federal gum’mint. The legality of quite a big share of federal environmental regulations are based on an interpretation of the Commerce Clause that conservatives tend to
            reject…except when it suits them.

        • Avatar bruce vojtecky says:

          Tim I would question your knowledge of Trinity County prices. About fifteen years ago I looked at buying lots in Trinity Pines, normal price was less than $100 an acre. My brother-in-law was on the Trinity County Council and told me that out of the area property owners, who found it wasn’t the paradise they had been sold, were deeding the land to the county so they didn’t have to pay taxes.
          I often check prices to see how much money I lost by not buying. 2-4 acre lots, no upgrades, are still selling for six figures. The cheapest I could find was $27,000.

          • Avatar Tim says:

            I don’t think we’ll ever see those prices again, but they’ve still come down considerably since the marijuana legalization mania in 2016-2017. For instance, there are 160 rough acres in Hyampom offered for a bit more than $1,000/acre and a fenced 10+ acre hobby farm, barn, & 1500 square foot house in Hayfork for $210,000.

          • Avatar Larry Winter says:

            That 160 acres offered near Hyampom, is being offered by the Land Man out of the coast. He’s infamous in these parts for blowing up South Fork Mountain for huge pot grows. This used to be prime timber country that I helped log back in the day. The timber land owners then sold off 160 acre parcels, the minimum for a Timber Production Zone and then 40 acre parcels were “leased” for pot grows. High elevation, no access during winter, no utilities, and remnants of past pot grows. And most of it burned in 2015. And, let me add this bit of info, this land is actually in Humboldt County.

          • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

            Tim, property in Trinity County, especially Hayfork, has never been in the stratosphere even near Coffee Creek. Trinity Pines rise in prices was due to it’s isolation. Timber, not marijuana, is what has, or did, fuel land prices. Hunting and fishing access was more important than marijuana, that was why prices on Steel Bridge Road have been high for basically a one room cabin. We looked there when we decided to buy in Anderson. We also looked out past Douglas City, my wife’s sister lives there, along the Trinity River. Wildwood was another choice, my wife’s other sister’s ex-husband has a hone there, but he grew up in Wildwood.

          • Avatar Tim says:


            In 2016 10 unimproved hayfork acres were going for more than that fenced farm + barn + house today ($210,000). 10 acres + an old mobile were going for over $300k. 10 acres + a house were at least 350.

          • Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

            Tim, all the properties I have talked about I actually visited. Have you visited the properties you talk about? Looking at properties in ads and online is not a wise way to inspect property.

  51. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    Senator Coons and Senator Feinstein have proposed a carbon tax on fossil fuels. While I applaud trying to cut back on fossil fuel usage I question their motives. They want 70% of the money to go to families that make $150 thousand or less. The poverty rate in the rest of the country, even in parts of California, is around $50 thousand. A carbon tax will hurt the poor worse and they want the tax to benefit mostly rich people. So much for “I feel your pain”. None of the Democrat presidential candidates have signed on and I can see why.

  52. Avatar Tim says:

    San Luis Obispo’s police chief apparently attempted to cover up her negligent loss of firearm, orchestrated an illegal search of a suspect’s family home, and placed his kids with CPS in an attempt at leverage. Except that suspect was totally innocent…

    • Hal Johnson Hal Johnson says:

      Man, that is chilling. I believe in supporting LE, but I also believe that we must demand accountability, lest we wake one day to find that the Bill of Rights has become little more than a quaint joke.

      Because I support LE, I sometimes share YouTube videos of LEOs doing something heroic or touching or funny. It’s my tiny way of countering all the negative stuff out there, and heck, I’m probably close to achieving ass-kisser status. (Or, “sycophant” status. I learnt that word from Steve.)

      That didn’t keep me from reposting a video of an RPD officer who stopped a citizen from videoing him as the officer was arresting a suspect. The citizen was within his rights, but the officer bullied the young man into putting his phone on the top of the car.

      After I shared that video, a friend suggested that I was risking a traffic stop followed by a contraband substance magically appearing in the trunk of my car.

      I laughed it off. I thought the chance that I’d be set up because I’d shared a YouTube video was minuscule. But then, that didn’t stop me from checking my rear view mirror more often.

  53. Avatar Bruce Vojtecky says:

    With the NFL starting training camps the Eagles Zach Ertz contemplates that he has one Super Bowl while his wife Julie has two world championships.
    Go women’s soccer.