Walk To End Slavery

In a time when the Me Too movement is well recognized, Little is said about enslavement of those  enslaved in human trafficking.  In Chico a group of about 30 people walked in protest to bring light to the problem of human trafficking.  A group organized by “A21.org/walk,” walked through the main part of down town on Saturday  in the hope of enlighten the populace to the fact that; human trafficking is happening in all 50 states of the United States.  There are millions of people enslaved in the world today. Over $100 billion U. S. Dollars are generated in human trafficking. The walk hopes to move governments to abolish slavery as only one percent of the enslaved are ever rescued. In the U.S. more than 35,000 human trafficking cases have been reported. More than 25,000 runaway children are reported and likely to be sex trafficking victims.

Charles Finlay

Charles Finlay has been a working photographer for over twenty years. After his formal studies in photography at The New York Institute of Photography, he worked in many commercial studios in New York. After serving in the US Army in Vietnam his interest turned to documentary and photojournalism. Working as a photojournalist in New York and San Francisco, he produced images for numerous publications world wide. Mr. Finlay has completed masters studies in photography at UC Berkeley, and also holds a PhD. He has been Nominated for “Best Of Photography” 1991. Photographic assignments included: Time, Woman’s Day, Newsweek, City of New York, Pageant, President Reagan’s campaign, President Carter, Governor Brown, Prince Charles, CBS News, NBC News production facility, Mayor of San Francisco, Mayor of San Jose, and many local political campaigns. Mr. Finlay has been specializing in political campaign photography, as he covers news events of interest. He is a member of the National Press Photographers Association.

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